Rural news

30 Aug 16, 8:39pm
Nick Smith sets out the Government's "comprehensive plan for improving New Zealand’s management of freshwater"
30 Aug 16, 5:12pm
The Sheep Deer and Cattle Report: Chilled venison export volumes grow as supply tightens and early lamb areas have good survival
30 Aug 16, 4:26pm
Fonterra reduces time from NZ farm to Chinese breakfast table from 100+ days to 34, in bid to claim "freshest imported UHT milk in China"
27 Aug 16, 4:50pm
William Rolleston challenges the many claims that point the finger of blame for the Havelock North water contamination and system failure; calls for science-based evidence gathering
27 Aug 16, 6:02am
Allan Barber notes that the Russia’s meat industry could face a tsunami of bankruptcies across its poultry and red meat processing sectors within the next two years
25 Aug 16, 10:15am
Rabobank NZ sees June quarterly profit drop as impairment losses rise
25 Aug 16, 9:17am
Fonterra increases 2016/17 forecast Farmgate Milk Price by 50 cents to $4.75 per kgMS
24 Aug 16, 3:05pm
The Weekly Dairy Report: Price rises make the busy spring period bearable as the milk flows start
23 Aug 16, 5:09pm
The Sheep Deer and Cattle Report: More farms start lambing but pessimism grows about pricing prospects for the new season
23 Aug 16, 9:29am
Lower demand from China of pruned logs sees export prices fall. Unpruned log prices stabilise. Strong domestic demand gets more pruned logs at stable prices
23 Aug 16, 9:20am
Governor defends flexible inflation targeting regime; sticks with MPS view of another 35 bps of OCR cuts; says holding OCR would push up NZ$; but says more aggressive cuts would not lower NZ$ much and would worsen housing imbalances
22 Aug 16, 2:18pm
Theo Spierings explains why Fonterra is in China in the way it is, reveals its focus, and sets out its strategy in the world's largest dairy import market
18 Aug 16, 1:38pm
Keith Woodford assesses the case for using PKE as a dairy feed supplement, and the wider use of 'vegetable oil' in our food
18 Aug 16, 11:32am
Farm sales have been steady over winter but sales of lifestyle blocks are booming
17 Aug 16, 1:49pm
The Weekly Dairy Report: A great result at auction results in Westpac lifting the payout prediction close to DairyNZ's breakeven level
17 Aug 16, 11:29am
Farmers tell B+LNZ to spend its limited budget less on 'promotion', more on market intelligence, development of the NZ story, new markets and market segmentation, reports Allan Barber
17 Aug 16, 11:24am
AgriHQ hails dairy market 'turning a corner'; Westpac increases farm gate milk price forecast to $5; ANZ sees challenges remaining for dairying
17 Aug 16, 11:16am
Statistics NZ reports unemployment fell to 5.1% in June quarter from revised 5.2% in March quarter; Under-utilisation rate, which includes unemployed and those who want more work, at 12.7%; 342,000 out of work or want more work
16 Aug 16, 3:43pm
The Sheep Deer and Cattle Report: Silver Fern Farms again gets shareholders backing and now awaits OIO approval for partnership deal to commence
16 Aug 16, 1:07pm
English says unfair to say Wheeler has failed to meet his performance target on keeping inflation around 2% when global inflation is very low and NZ economy is growing faster than 3%; says 2nd term up to board


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