Rural news

25 May 17, 4:18pm
Our compilation of some of the key business, property, farming, retailing and economic comment made in response to the 2017 Budget
25 May 17, 12:03pm
China log market balanced. Indian market recovering. Local market demand remains strong. Log price index rises to a new record
24 May 17, 2:06pm
The Weekly Dairy Report: Fonterra surprises with a more optimistic forecast for next year and a strong one for this
24 May 17, 8:39am
Fonterra is now forecasting a $6.15 milk price for farmers this season, up from $6; opening forecast price for next season is $6.50, which is higher than economists thought likely
23 May 17, 4:19pm
The Sheep Deer and Cattle Report: Winter rotations start in wet conditions up north and another processing plant closes
22 May 17, 3:56pm
IRD 2017 average market livestock prices show increasing value this year: Dairy cattle and deer lead the way
22 May 17, 9:14am
Keith Woodford says there are lessons to learn from Oregon dairy farming
19 May 17, 11:33am
With throughput down by more than a half in the past seven years, keeping the Ashburton plant open has ceased to be a viable option for Silver Fern Farms, explains Allan Barber
18 May 17, 10:48am
Latest rural sales figures from REINZ show farm sale numbers at healthy levels; overall prices ease slightly compared with a year ago, but dairy prices up
17 May 17, 3:29pm
The Weekly Dairy Report: Five increases in a row at auction sets next years forecast up for an increase
17 May 17, 12:51pm
Allan Barber doubts British farmers can adapt their farm practices, increase productivity and apply technology, open up new markets and make the necessary significant land use changes to survive Brexit
17 May 17, 9:01am
ANZ economists now pick an opening forecast milk price of $6.75 per kilogram of milk solids following the fifth consecutive rise of prices at the GlobalDairyTrade auction
16 May 17, 2:47pm
The Sheep, Deer and Cattle Report: Lamb schedules keep on rising as does demand for in calf beef heifers and cows 
10 May 17, 2:26pm
The Weekly Dairy Report: Dry off draws near with the dairy regions reporting a big variability in yearly production success
10 May 17, 2:25pm
Allan Barber looks at the dire state of British farming and concludes, we don't know how lucky we are
9 May 17, 4:08pm
The Sheep Deer and Cattle Report: Dairy cow processing in full swing as weaned beef calf market finishes a record season
9 May 17, 9:48am
Keith Woodford says that the challenges of finding alternatives to dairying are under-estimated by urban New Zealand
4 May 17, 11:08am
Allan Barber warns of "a hell of a shame" if New Zealand’s reputation was destroyed by farmers, agents and processors succumbing to the temptation to sell and buy out-of-specification product from saleyards
3 May 17, 11:20am
The Weekly Dairy Report: Another positive auction and forecast for next year sets up the sector for a profitable period ahead
3 May 17, 8:14am
Economists see results at latest dairy auction as boding well for the milk price to farmers in the upcoming season; overnight overall dairy prices lifted 3.6%, while Whole Milk Powder gained 5.2%


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