Rural news

29 Jul 16, 2:00pm
Statistics NZ has taken the most unusual step of delaying release of the Household Labour Force Survey for two weeks
27 Jul 16, 11:17am
Survey showed farmers’ spending intentions for the coming year remain negative and have barely budged since the last survey
27 Jul 16, 11:00am
The Weekly Dairy Report: Most start new season with sound feed and cow condition but are apprehensive about slow arrival of market upturn
26 Jul 16, 3:34pm
The Sheep Deer and Cattle Report: The currency is still ruling all returns from our products but supply shortages are helping to drive demand
26 Jul 16, 10:09am
Domestic log prices suffer as export prices under pressure especially from China. Quality supplied into export markets may bite back and limit pricing offers
24 Jul 16, 3:44pm
Keith Woodford says that with Silver Fern Farms drowning in financial underperformance, it is time to "get on with it". If OIO approval comes, there will be a wide variety of ownership models as options for farmers
24 Jul 16, 1:56pm
Allan Barber accuses those calling for a new Silver Fern Farms vote on the Shanghai Mailing merger are risking the viability of the whole company just as its circumstances turn down
21 Jul 16, 5:17pm
Treasury says the government should consider including agriculture in the Emissions Trading Scheme
21 Jul 16, 2:56pm
OECD-FAO report suggests only gradual improvements in global dairy prices over next 10 years; Labour's finance spokesperson says dairy farmers won't see breakeven till 2019 at earliest
21 Jul 16, 11:44am
Allan Barber says next season will be murky for farmers, processors, or exporters as the risks pile up even though in the longer term, the fundamentals are positive
21 Jul 16, 9:09am
RBNZ says inflation outlook has weakened due to 6% rise in NZ$ since June 9; says 'decline in exchange rate needed' as it's making it hard for RBNZ to meet inflation target; says likely further easing required
20 Jul 16, 2:48pm
The Weekly Dairy Report: Early calving in the north starts well and cow condition on track in the south, but dairy prices still dragging along the bottom
20 Jul 16, 8:47am
Dairy prices were flat at the global auction overnight, though the key Wholemilk Powder price rose by 1.9%
19 Jul 16, 11:55am
The Sheep, Deer and Cattle Report: Big prices paid for in lamb ewes at Temuka but the new seasons lamb prospects look flat
19 Jul 16, 9:14am
RBNZ acts to urgently tighten lending to investors; proposes 60% LVR limit for rental property investors nation-wide from Sept 1; also plans to tighten LVR lending above 80% for other borrowers
18 Jul 16, 12:35pm
Dairy farm sales and prices have fallen sharply but the rest of the rural market is stable, lifestyle block prices at record high - REINZ
18 Jul 16, 10:52am
CPI up 0.4% in June quarter and up 0.4% from a year ago; Economists had expected around 0.5% for both; RBNZ had forecast 0.6%; Auckland rents up 3.5% and Auckland new house costs up 7.6% from year ago
13 Jul 16, 11:48am
Recommendations for foreign trusts having stronger initial registration rules and need for annual returns with distribution details will be 'moved on quickly' by Govt
13 Jul 16, 11:20am
The Weekly Dairy Report: Early calves focus farmers of new welfare rules as nutrient issues influences management in the South
13 Jul 16, 7:37am
Keith Woodford says that if New Zealand wants to capture an increasing share of the branded dairy markets, it will need to figure out how to make non-seasonal production systems work in our pasture-based environment


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