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Fonterra's required run-rate problem

Peter Redward points out that for Fonterra to achieve its latest farm gate payout expectation, either a significant decline in the value of the NZD and/or a sharp rise in prices is needed

Cunliffe seen winner on points in debate

Cunliffe seen winning on points in first leaders debate with Key, who seemed flat and rattled; Your view?; Collins denies plot to roll Key and calls Winston a liar

90 seconds at 9 am: Russian tanks spook markets

US growth better than expected; more houses sell; fewer jobless claims; EU confidence sinks; German jobless rise; dairy prices fall; yields drop as risk rises; NZ$1 = US$0.83.7, TWI = 79.0

What happened Thursday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; home loan rates down, td rates up, big Auckland budget, Westland cuts dairy payout guidance hard, swap rates flatten further

Review of Beef+Lamb promotional spending

Should levy funds be used for country of origin marketing or be targeted at farm gate issues? Allan Barber reviews the choices ahead of the Beef+LambNZ referendum

Labour down in Digipoll

Winston Peters firming up as Kingmaker; Key says Peters may have big shopping list; Eyes ahead to leaders debate; Peters slams Chinese land-bankers; Labour down in Digipoll

90 seconds at 9 am: Bond yields keep falling

US deficit shrinks again; IMF's Lagarde in 'graft' charge; Fonterra's move gets attention; bond yields fall further; Russia invades; NZ$1 = US$0.83.7, TWI = 79.0

Rabobank lending growth resumes

Rabobank June quarter profit up 25% as income grows faster than expenses and a lid's kept on bad debts

What happened Wednesday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Wednesday; RaboDirect raises term deposit rates, food prices fall, Fonterra payout price holds, home loan affordability improves

Fonterra bets big on China formula

Fonterra to invest NZ$615 mln in buying 20% of Chinese infant formula group Beingmate; Keeps milk payout forecast at NZ$6/kg; Will invest NZ$555 mln in new NZ plants

These charts report the growth in credit used by the rural sector in New Zealand. The data is provided by the RBNZ about one month after the end of each period.