Understanding China

26 Apr 17, 1:04pm
Siah Hwee Ang says education and communication are still key in health-related value propositions in China
12 Apr 17, 11:43am
The collapse of the Chinese takeover offer leaves the Invercargill meat processor in a tough spot says Allan Barber, and shareholders face 'disappointing results'
10 Apr 17, 10:20am
Siah Hwee Ang says it makes no sense for the US and China to engage in a trade war
5 Apr 17, 1:14pm
What New Zealand can learn from South Korea about being mates with both China and the US
5 Apr 17, 11:58am
George Friedman & Jacob Shapiro preview the Trump-Xi meeting noting China is in no position to play hardball and the US can't simply do whatever it wants
23 Mar 17, 9:08am
Lee Jong-Wha thinks China has as much to lose as South Korea if they use trade as pressure to solve a secondary problem. The primary problem needs their attention
21 Mar 17, 9:04am
Xi Jinping is defending globalisation and "inclusive, sustainable development". But can China really provide the leadership and solutions needed?
16 Mar 17, 10:13am
Zhang Jun expects the US will be economically tougher on China, potentially triggering a trade war. But he says the new American portrayal of China is both inaccurate and illogical
7 Mar 17, 10:26am
Yu-Ming Wang of Nikko Asset Management says the real trade war is for IP, innovation, and talent, and is being fought on the turf that is Asia’s burgeoning class of middle income consumers
23 Feb 17, 8:55am
Keyu Jin says that although China exports more to the US than the US exports to China, Chinese leaders are unlikely to yield to Trump pressure on trade
10 Feb 17, 9:32am
Minxin Pei shows that while China may be relieved at the waning challenge from the West's concepts of a liberal democracy, they fear the new trade and globalisation challenges, and are very anxious about the security risks
14 Jan 17, 10:07am
Minxin Pei shows that the 'core leader' of China faces some steadfast internal political resistance, the risk of a real-estate market crash, and the corrosion of capital flight
11 Jan 17, 11:04am
Donald Trump's popularity in China has plummeted after statements on contentious issues. The abrupt change in the way the US projects its power may now involve "throwing a few elbows" by both leaders, says Jeffrey Wasserstom
4 Jan 17, 2:37pm
Keith Woodford says that Bellamys infant formula woes has lessons both for New Zealand 's organic dairy farmers and the broader New Zealand infant formula trade with China
4 Jan 17, 9:25am
With US President-elect Donald Trump’s help, the “Chinese Century” may arrive sooner than anyone expected. By openly engaging with Taiwan, pointlessly pillorying China, and dismantling the TPP, Trump is simultaneously provoking and empowering China
3 Jan 17, 9:02am
Zhang Jun shows it is not easy being a Chinese company, with surcharges and taxes hobbling profitability, encouraging avoidance, and incentivising moves offshore. Inefficient SOEs impose large extra costs too
16 Dec 16, 9:54am
New protections of land and intellectual-property rights in China are welcomed says Shang-Jin Wei. But the real work to protect these rights has a long way to go
7 Dec 16, 9:06am
Zaynab el Bernoussi says the People's Republic is using its shared colonial history with the global South strategically
1 Dec 16, 1:34pm
Trump’s victory in the US presidential election has shaken the world. But China has remained largely unmoved, despite having been one of the president-elect's favourite targets on the campaign trail
29 Nov 16, 4:03pm
Keith Woodford says that dairy volatility is still with us, and there is lots of uncertainty over the coming months


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