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Dairy prices fall another -7.3% in Fonterra auction, led by big declines in SMP, WMP and butter; no NZD reaction yet

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Latest News

Winners and losers at apartment auction

Plenty of penthouse passion but some leasehold pain at latest apartment auction

Building consents fall in August

The number of new dwelling consents dropped in August led by falls in Auckland and Canterbury

Housing unaffordability a key factor in child poverty

The NZ Initiative's Eric Crampton says improving housing affordability is a key step the Government can take to reduce child poverty

Key gives green light for RBNZ intervention

Key says 'Goldilocks' level for NZ$ around 65 USc; agrees with RBNZ that NZ$ over-valued; agrees intervention "would be logical"; doesn't know if RBNZ has intervened

Banks launch funding scheme for leaky units

Banks launch an escrow-based scheme to manage payment of repairs to leaky multi-unit complexes

Auckland landlords expect to raise rents 5% or less

Barfoots says most landlords are expecting to raise their rents by 5% or less, driving yields down even lower

Apartment price jumps $60k in 2 months

An Auckland apartment purchased for $290,000 sells for $350,000 two months later

Auckland development land up for grabs

Bayleys expects a surge of land suitable for housing to start coming on to the market

Fix for one year says ANZ

ANZ says fixing your mortgage for one year is probably the best strategy at the moment

Planners not a handbrake on developments

Town planners blow their own trumpet on processing resource consents

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