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Latest News

Lifestyle blocks set price record in Auckland

The median price of Auckland lifestyle blocks rose 17.2% last year to hit an all time high of $958,000

Auckland apartment price up 55% in less than 3yrs

A 45 square metre apartment in Parnell increases in value by 55% in less than three years

Double digit rent increases for many in December

Rental housing market tightens as rents rise and the number of new lettings declines

Bernard's Top 10

Good deflation or bad deflation?; Did MTV cut America's teen pregnancy rate?; National's new tax hike; John Oliver and New Year's Eve; Dilbert

Smith plans big RMA re-write

Smith proposes 10 part re-write of RMA focused on increasing housing supply; says RMA responsible for extra $30 bln of housing cost and 40,000 fewer homes

Planners say housing affordability not just about land supply

Just opening up more land for housing won't solve affordability problems, NZ Planning Institute says

Real estate agency commissions top $1 billion

Real estate agencies earned an estimated $1.234 billion from residential sales commissions last year but on average each agent only earned $44,713

$551,689 house, $1 million in mortgage repayments

Even lower priced homes are now likely to require total mortgage payments of $1 million or more for many buyers in the main centres

Christchurch housing market regaining balance

Christchurch's housing market is returning to normal as more homes are repaired, more new homes being built

Fitch predicts lower house price growth

Fitch picks lower NZ house price growth but is confused about our flag

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