Property news and analysis

24 Aug 16, 4:14pm
Latest results from Harcourts' auctions in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch, Blenheim and Invercargill
23 Aug 16, 12:22pm
Trade Me Property says Christchurch has become a tenant's market with rents declining for 15 months in a row
22 Aug 16, 3:46pm
UMR poll finds 60% of Aucklanders over 18 would prefer house prices fell a bit or dramatically; 63% of NZers want lower house prices; 55% of home owners would like lower prices; 85% of Aucklanders see housing crisis
22 Aug 16, 10:01am
How Auckland house flipping can be used to rort the RBNZ restrictions on high LVR mortgages
19 Aug 16, 6:46pm
Auckland Council's 'decision version' of the Unitary Plan, including maps, notified and open to appeal through the court
19 Aug 16, 11:24am
A 23-month long streak of increasing annual migration gains finally comes to an end
19 Aug 16, 10:57am
Productivity Commission report recommends major changes to planning regime aimed at freeing up development in urban areas
17 Aug 16, 3:19pm
Prices range from $185,000 to $3.27m at Harcourts auctions throughout the country
17 Aug 16, 5:01am
Harcourts says prices are continuing to climb but sales volumes have fallen
16 Aug 16, 2:54pm
Yields on the latest commercial property sales range from 4.31% for small office on the North Shore to 7.5% for a commercial property in Rotorua
16 Aug 16, 1:07pm
English says unfair to say Wheeler has failed to meet his performance target on keeping inflation around 2% when global inflation is very low and NZ economy is growing faster than 3%; says 2nd term up to board
16 Aug 16, 5:02am
More people think it's a bad time to buy a house, but they also think prices will keep rising
14 Aug 16, 10:35am
Brendon Harre and David Lupton set out the case for more, and more variety of intensive housing options in New Zealand's urban areas
13 Aug 16, 5:00pm
By their actions, the four main banks show the claim that they are encouraging New Zealand businesses and supporting the New Zealand economy comes second to their own private interests
12 Aug 16, 3:02pm
NZ's population grows at fastest rate ever in year to June on the back of surging migration
12 Aug 16, 1:21pm
NZ Bankers' Association completes about face on 'weak tool with low welfare gains', but is wary of RBNZ move towards debt-to-income ratio limits & making banks hold more capital against housing loans
12 Aug 16, 5:01am
The economic indicators and ASB's economists suggest the housing market is not going to correct sharply, ASB CEO Barbara Chapman says
11 Aug 16, 11:24am
Trade Me Property says the housing market has slowed but it's too early to say if it's at a turning point
11 Aug 16, 11:11am
RBNZ's Wheeler expects banks to pass on most of OCR cut; says RBNZ will send debt to income multiple limit plan to English in next week or two, but unlikely to be introduced this year; says migration putting downward pressure on wages
11 Aug 16, 10:33am
Half sell under the hammer, half passed in at latest City Sales apartment auction


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