Property news and analysis

12 Feb 16, 4:18pm
Colliers recent commercial sales ranged from hot pools and a backpacker's lodge in Queenstown to industrial properties on the North Shore
11 Feb 16, 1:14pm
Downturn hits Auckland housing market with prices and sales volumes falling substantially last month
11 Feb 16, 11:54am
New Colliers report shows capital gains from residential property declining and rental income returns going nowhere
11 Feb 16, 11:38am
Average asking prices on Trade Me Property drop in Auckland, mixed in the rest of the country
10 Feb 16, 11:48am
Bernard's Top 10: The problem with CoCos; Deutsche Bank's astonishingly high leverage; How long will China's currency reserves last?; The problem of China's unpaid migrant workers; Get rid of the big notes; Clarke and Dawe on Europe's debt crisis
9 Feb 16, 2:06pm
International Monetary Fund suggests 'ring-fencing' of tax losses on housing investments
9 Feb 16, 12:02pm
Average house values drop in Auckland, with houses in coastal suburbs of the North Shore leading the fall
9 Feb 16, 10:30am
Yields on Colliers' recent commercial property sales in 7.5% to 8% range, prices from under $1m to $2.75m
6 Feb 16, 12:02pm
Chris Green responds to the RBNZ's criticism of 'some commentators advocating mechanistic rate cuts'; says RBNZ seeing inflationary ghosts and has systematic upward bias; ignoring rise in real interest rates and tightening relative to other central banks
The building at 54 Cook St is slated for refurbishment
6 Feb 16, 12:02am
Augusta's latest property syndicate is a whopper but it's not for everyone
5 Feb 16, 1:33pm
Commercial building consents surged to an all time high of $5.9 billion last year with Auckland and Canterbury neck and neck
4 Feb 16, 10:35am
Barfoot & Thompson's median price took a big drop in January but sales volumes were strong
4 Feb 16, 8:02am
Yield Indicator report show prices rising more quickly than rents in most places but prices and rents both falling in Christchurch
3 Feb 16, 1:04pm
Governor says will interpret 1-3% inflation target flexibly in defiant speech; says won’t be ‘mechanistic’ about cutting rates just because CPI inflation below 1-3% target; Auckland still a financial stability risk
3 Feb 16, 11:11am
PM says 15% dairy price fall this year linked to lower oil prices, which helps consumers; says RBNZ will be monitoring dairy prices; says no need to exclude foreign land buying from TPP as NZ can still impose big taxes on buyers, but no plans to for now
3 Feb 16, 11:04am
Statistics NZ reports unemployment rate of 5.3% in December, down from 6%; But participation rate lower; Annual wage inflation only 1.5%
3 Feb 16, 9:25am
The number of homes being listed for sale on is well down on a year ago, asking prices dropping in Auckland, rising elsewhere
1 Feb 16, 11:10am
Statistics NZ reports record high net migration in 2015 year; seasonally adjusted net migration 5,500 in Dec, down from 6,200 in Nov; Net migration from Australia at 800 in 2015; highest since Oct 1991; Tourism up 10% in 2015
30 Jan 16, 5:02am
RBNZ Bulletin article delves back in time to look at movements in house prices including the 'unprecedented' current divergence between Auckland & the rest of NZ
29 Jan 16, 12:32pm
Bernard's Top 10: The losers are revolting; China's capital flight; The big invoicing scam; China's impossible trinity vs US$3 trln of reserves; The winner-takes-all economy; How Robots will drive interest rates lower; Clarke and Dawe


20 Jan 16, 10:15am
6 Jan 16, 10:50am
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