20 Oct 16, 5:02am
Low interest rate environment sees more borrowers and less savers complain to the Banking Ombudsman
14 Oct 16, 5:02am
A global perspective on how far off crisis point New Zealand is when it comes to making superannuation sustainable
13 Oct 16, 11:02am
Tax professor calls for independent inquiry into how tax evaders and benefit fraudsters are treated by the justice system
12 Oct 16, 10:02am
ACT's leader tells Commerce & Consumer Affairs Minister Paul Goldsmith to overrule 'over zealous' regulator and make a law change for P2P lender Harmoney
10 Oct 16, 3:01pm
Westpac Group CEO Brian Hartzer estimates New Zealanders reliant on term deposits need interest rates of about 4% to live off 'and that's getting really hard'
10 Oct 16, 10:11am
Rabobank's perpetual, resettable NZ$900 mln 2007 bond issue has turned out a lot better for the bank than for investors
6 Oct 16, 2:28pm
Waikato mobile traders Ace Marketing and Smart Shop fined $150k & $135k, Ace Marketing ordered to refund customer fees from 1,500 contracts
6 Oct 16, 1:28pm
World Gold Council says gold should remain a key investment portfolio component and that the "fundamental environment for gold remains strongly supportive"
5 Oct 16, 12:51pm
Diane Maxwell on protecting retirees vulnerable due to renting, isolation, and not being able to recoup investment losses
5 Oct 16, 9:59am
Yellow metal hits its biggest bump since July 2013 as a range of reasons coalesce to undermine investor precious metals support
30 Sep 16, 5:26pm
New LVR rules expected to slow housing debt, which is growing at its fastest pace in more than eight years
29 Sep 16, 10:55am
How banks take advantage of 'deluded optimists', keep credit card rates high, set honey traps, and confound regulators
27 Sep 16, 2:51pm
Commerce Commission flags concerns over spike in finance company complaints despite new consumer credit laws being introduced
23 Sep 16, 7:52pm
Bernard Hickey looks at whether to fix or float and how long to fix as the Reserve Bank looks to cut the OCR again later this year and as the banks refuse to pass on lower wholesale rates
23 Sep 16, 11:52am
ANZ increases its eight-month term deposit rate by 10 basis points to 3.60%, matching the bank's five-year rate
23 Sep 16, 9:01am
Money remitter shut out by banks due to AML concerns claims it has no choice but to physically ship cash around the world
21 Sep 16, 12:33pm
Government mulling credit, debit card interchange fees charged to businesses and surcharges faced by consumers in retail payments probe
19 Sep 16, 12:00pm
High profile investment adviser Martin Hawes is to front a re-imaging of Forsyth Barr's Kiwisaver product
15 Sep 16, 11:01am
GDP grew 0.9% in June qtr; up 3.6% from June qtr of 2015; slightly below economists' forecasts; unchanged from revised-up March qtr; construction up 5% in June qtr while household consumption up 1.9%
10 Sep 16, 6:02am
Savers need to be as aggressive as borrowers when checking bank rate offers. Rate changes may not be coming everyday, but the landscape is shifting


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