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Closing the gender gap in financial literacy

The NZ Initiative's Jason Krupp questions whether NZ's Commission for Financial Capability is gender blind. He argues the gender financial literacy gap must be closed

Financial freedom means being radically different

Elizabeth Kerr suggests that you behave differently to everyone by committing to financial independence with your everyday lifestyle choices

Welcome to the Brave New World of Tax

Terry Baucher says a 'rare generational shift' is taking place in international tax - and the implications will be felt for decades

How to think about how long to fix

Bernard Hickey looks at how to think about whether to fix or float, how long to fix, and what the Reserve Bank may do about house prices

Property mentoring: Are two heads better than one?

Elizabeth Kerr questions if property mentoring companies are a waste of money - or could they in fact boost your money machine?

Beware the bank gift

Elizabeth Kerr says you should always take the money when banks offer you non-rate home loan incentive choices

When a term deposit really means a term deposit

Banks toughening rules around making early withdrawals from term deposits; Ombudsman says think of term deposits like a fixed term loan with a contract for a specific time

Big banks not jumping on TSB bandwagon

ASB's Barbara Chapman sceptical on 10-year home loans saying 'locking yourself up isn't attractive for everyone'

RBNZ building case for Macro-Pru, says English

Finance Minister says Governor Wheeler's speech was building case for more Macro-Prudential measures to slow Auckland housing inflation; agrees 'correction' possible

'Solid' growth set to continue

ASB economists see GDP growing by 3% both this year and next; reiterate view that official interest rates won't rise for next two years

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