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Contrasting peer-to-peer lending applicants

NZMEA CEO John Walley, entrepreneur Selwyn Pellett apply to FMA for peer-to-peer lending licence; Harmoney, led by ex-Pacific Retail Finance GM, also applying

Data on bank switching may go public

Payments NZ mulls making data on the volume of customers changing banks public as ING Direct lobbies for UK type switching system in Australia

Govt scales back Genesis bids sharply

Bids for more than NZ$2,500 of Genesis shares scaled back sharply after strong demand surprises Government; Shares set for 10% plus premium on debut on Friday

English says planning rules hiked rents

English says Auckland's excessive planning rules on minimum apartment size and balconies boost rents by NZ$80/week; rules a factor in interest rates and inequality

Westpac completes finger print scanning testing

Westpac NZ says customers should be able to access mobile banking via finger print scanning 'very soon'

Fancy carrying a tax residence licence?

Here come the tax acronyms; FATCA, AEOI, specified US persons & the potential for a tax residence licence in your wallet alongside your driver's licence

UK pension muddle deepens

Simon Swallow points out there are more changes coming for UK pensions, and their government is defending its tax base

In for the long haul

Elizabeth Davies is trying to overcome her 'driving ambivalence'

Gen Y feels 'locked out of housing market'

Veda says Generation Y is turning to personal loans for cars and consumer goods because they feel locked out of the housing market

New way around LVR restrictions?

FMA says peer-to-peer loans could be used to help fund house purchases

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