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Housing costs rising faster than incomes

Housing costs are rising faster than household incomes but people are also putting more emphasis on paying down their mortgages

Mortgage broker eyes P2P licence

Squirrel Mortgages owner John Bolton eyes peer-to-peer licence for 'Squirrel Money' offering loans to home owners, investment opportunities for retail investors

Stop being house greedy - keep the change instead

Elizabeth Kerr says the social pressure to keep 'buying up' stops people from utilising their money and time to their best advantage

Not even IRD can prevail against compound interest's power

Terry Baucher reveals the IRD's failing tax penalty system, says the taxman faces a growing problem with debt management

What is a money machine?

Elizabeth Kerr outlines her ideas on how you can create a money machine that spits out exactly what you need each year

Step forward for responsible lending

Govt releases draft Responsible Lending Code in move to crack down on 'a percentage of lenders who engage in irresponsible or predatory practices'

RBNZ eyes house price 'speed limit'

RBNZ's Wheeler says wouldn't want to see house price inflation faster than household income growth of around 5%; repeats that NZ house price ratios are 65% above long term averages

'Old School is the New Cool'

Elizabeth wants you to treat debt like the hair you pull out of the plug hole in the shower – its gross, you don’t want to touch it but you have to get rid of it

Sums insured, again

Andrew Hooker questions whether sum-insured policies actually work, calls for better underwriting standards, wonders how households can work with two different approaches

Here come prescribed credit card warnings

MBIE discussion document sets out proposals for prescribing the costs of borrowing and minimum repayment warnings on credit cards

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