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22 Jul 17, 10:52am
Allan Barber calls on the Auckland Council to 'grasp the nettle' to ensure the America's Cup is hosted in Auckland with an infrastructure that makes the most of the event and the years after
19 Jul 17, 12:16pm
Allan Barber reports on how LIC has shown sizeable gains in productivity and income from targeted AI that can deliver even at peak dairy cow populations
13 Jul 17, 8:57am
Allan Barber says the Japan - EU deal makes Japan the key player in reviving the TPP11 deal, which will always be much better than a series of bilateral agreements
4 Jul 17, 2:15pm
High prices are expected to hold in world beef markets as big changes work their way through some producer countries, and China's appetite for beef grows
15 Jun 17, 8:49am
Allan Barber see some huge improvements in agricultural sector fortunes from the work being done now with the Primary Growth Partnership programmes, but most of the benefits are still some way off
31 May 17, 9:52am
Our meat industry sells its products in most export markets, but those prepared to pay what our farmers think they need is still a relatively small set, says Allan Barber
19 May 17, 11:33am
With throughput down by more than a half in the past seven years, keeping the Ashburton plant open has ceased to be a viable option for Silver Fern Farms, explains Allan Barber
17 May 17, 12:51pm
Allan Barber doubts British farmers can adapt their farm practices, increase productivity and apply technology, open up new markets and make the necessary significant land use changes to survive Brexit
10 May 17, 2:25pm
Allan Barber looks at the dire state of British farming and concludes, we don't know how lucky we are
4 May 17, 11:08am
Allan Barber warns of "a hell of a shame" if New Zealand’s reputation was destroyed by farmers, agents and processors succumbing to the temptation to sell and buy out-of-specification product from saleyards
19 Apr 17, 8:44am
Allan Barber reviews a cross-party review of how to achieve climate targets, one that will entail a difficult transition for rural economies
12 Apr 17, 11:43am
The collapse of the Chinese takeover offer leaves the Invercargill meat processor in a tough spot says Allan Barber, and shareholders face 'disappointing results'
6 Apr 17, 9:50am
In identifying carcase quality, Allan Barber says the more cautious New Zealand approach appears to offer farmers better value than an expensive industry investment in an unproven technology to be adopted in Australia
30 Mar 17, 9:51am
Trade agreements for red meat exports are gaining momentum with 'progress' in China, Iran and Indonesia reports Allan Barber
8 Mar 17, 11:03am
Allan Barber assesses the changing meat industry employment landscape and the role of the MWU, seeing a slow improvement despite some recent bumps with Talleys
22 Feb 17, 10:52am
Beef+Lamb NZ is about to launch a new comprehensive strategy that includes building credibility for our red meat with consumers in competition with other forms of protein
9 Feb 17, 8:39am
Allan Barber reviews how large the risk is to New Zealand's beef trade with the USA if the Trump Administration ends the current favourable quota access
27 Jan 17, 9:38am
Allan Barber says SFF needs to bed down its new shareholding, take advantage of its improved balance sheet, and convince its suppliers to stay with it
19 Jan 17, 4:51pm
Allan Barber reviews Silver Fern Farms latest financial results. He puts his microscope on the company's optimistic outlook
12 Jan 17, 10:32am
Allan Barber shows there is no easy route to higher levels of farm profitability as the dark outlook for EU and UK farmers shows. NZ farmers will find it hard to duck global trends
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