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11 May 15, 3:01pm
Roger J Kerr says he doubts recent economic developments will suddenly change the RBNZ’s official line of completely stable OCR interest rates over the next 12 months
11 May 15, 2:34pm
Roger J Kerr says our 'rock star' has moved away from its successful repertoire and many fans are already heading for the exit gates
4 May 15, 11:33am
Roger J Kerr says the Kiwi dollar now likely to test the bottom end of its trading range
4 May 15, 11:23am
Roger J Kerr says the risk of increasing three to 10 year interest rates is very real and immediately upon us
28 Apr 15, 9:50pm
Roger J Kerr says the reasons traders bought Kiwi dollars are evaporating; a parity party is now unlikely
28 Apr 15, 3:25pm
Roger J Kerr says Governor Wheeler has three options now, but only one will bring the lowest 'collateral damage'
20 Apr 15, 2:44pm
Roger J Kerr says in 12 to 18 months lower rural incomes will start feeding through to the 'bubble sub-economies' of Auckland and Christchurch
20 Apr 15, 10:44am
Roger J Kerr argues the only monetary policy option left for the RBNZ is to force the NZ dollar's value down by intervening in the currency markets
13 Apr 15, 1:07pm
Roger J Kerr says low interest rates won't last forever and when they reverse the impact could be 'swift and severe'
13 Apr 15, 9:28am
Roger J Kerr says it is not acceptable to be caught with the consequences of a high NZD when there are hedging strategies and tools easily available
7 Apr 15, 8:28am
Cheaper money will be here for a long time says Roger J Kerr. That means investment hurdle rates can be lower. Now is the time to take advantage he says
7 Apr 15, 7:49am
Roger J Kerr says markets don't expect NZD-AUD parity is sustainable because income differentials can't support it and the AUD is due for a 'long overdue' correction higher
31 Mar 15, 6:32am
Inflation is not dead, it is heading for 5% says Roger J Kerr who has 'a thousand words' to support that in two short images
30 Mar 15, 12:26pm
Roger J Kerr assesses how the strong greenback and its upcoming positives will impact the NZD and finds much of the USD strength already priced in, and the RBNZ looking ahead
23 Mar 15, 9:04am
Roger J Kerr says local importers should be topping-up hedging levels with current NZD/USD rates near the top end of the range
23 Mar 15, 8:07am
Roger J Kerr sees US rate rises just 3 or 4 months away. He is also very sceptical on 'inflation expectation' surveys, even the RBNZ's one
16 Mar 15, 4:36pm
Roger J Kerr says the risk of medium to long term rates increasing is dependent upon US bond market movements, not the RBNZ or the NZ economy or our inflation
16 Mar 15, 2:37pm
Roger J Kerr sees the NZD-USD rate holding between 72 and 76 USc and sees the reasons in the US and Australia as much as local influences
10 Mar 15, 8:55am
Don't allow deflation doomsayers to dissuade you from prudent risk management of interest costs, says Roger J Kerr
9 Mar 15, 2:36pm
Roger J Kerr points out the strong relationship we have with rainfall and why the current dry sets the tone for the currency
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