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31 Aug 15, 11:05am
Roger J Kerr is encouraged by the NZ dollar's resilience amidst market turmoil
31 Aug 15, 10:48am
Roger J Kerr says corporate bond issuers are cashing-in on strong investor demand
24 Aug 15, 9:17am
Roger J Kerr sees a potential double-whammy interest rate risk with NZ Govt bond yields rising from 3.25% to over 4.75% over the next year
24 Aug 15, 8:13am
Roger J Kerr sees further gains for the NZD especially if the US Fed delays its September rate hike. The Kiwi may have passed the bottom
17 Aug 15, 1:54pm
Roger J Kerr sees no return to a 2.5% OCR, with the current low interest rates "as good as it gets for borrowers", and a fourth OCR cut probably not warranted
17 Aug 15, 11:55am
Roger J Kerr analyses the three main influences on the NZD/USD exchange rate and finds further weakness is the least likely probability
11 Aug 15, 8:57am
Roger J Kerr says markets pricing in all expected news, suggesting that they see no more significant downside from dairy
10 Aug 15, 5:31pm
Roger J Kerr says key decisions from the RBNZ and US Fed next month will drive interest rate direction over the next 12 months
4 Aug 15, 9:51am
Roger J Kerr says those that think inflation is dead are looking backwards, not forwards
3 Aug 15, 8:55am
Roger J Kerr says the fall in the NZD is giving a real boost to local exporters. However, lower volatility may see the NZD hold, even rise from here
28 Jul 15, 8:15am
Roger J Kerr likes the latest RBNZ approach to the Auckland property 'boom' but does see some risks with this new policy direction
27 Jul 15, 3:00pm
Roger J Kerr looks ahead for what may be in store for the Kiwi dollar, and the balance of local and global influences
21 Jul 15, 8:48am
Roger J Kerr sees a local economy well-placed to face stresses, sees inflation as a risk, and suggests how corporate borrowers can hedge interest rate risk
20 Jul 15, 12:59pm
Roger J Kerr says we must be approaching a level where fresh new speculative sellers of the currency should start to dwindle in number
13 Jul 15, 4:13pm
Lower is not better if it is volatile says Roger J Kerr. He is worried that currency markets have a habit of overshooting
13 Jul 15, 2:01pm
Roger J Kerr says says neither Greece nor China are "any kind of threat" to the New Zealand economy and how it performs over the coming months
11 May 15, 3:01pm
Roger J Kerr says he doubts recent economic developments will suddenly change the RBNZ’s official line of completely stable OCR interest rates over the next 12 months
11 May 15, 2:34pm
Roger J Kerr says our 'rock star' has moved away from its successful repertoire and many fans are already heading for the exit gates
4 May 15, 11:33am
Roger J Kerr says the Kiwi dollar now likely to test the bottom end of its trading range
4 May 15, 11:23am
Roger J Kerr says the risk of increasing three to 10 year interest rates is very real and immediately upon us
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