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24 Apr 17, 12:02pm
Roger J Kerr says higher commodity prices and inflation are positive for the Kiwi dollar
24 Apr 17, 10:36am
Roger J Kerr thinks we need to be watching 'the three Cs'; says nobody believes interest rates are going to stay low now - the only question is how much they will rise by
18 Apr 17, 9:44am
Roger J Kerr expects the New Zealand dollar will remain comfortably above US70c in coming months
18 Apr 17, 9:30am
Roger J Kerr doesn't see the 'geo-political risk' inspired reversal of interest rates continuing for long, but says the recent drop has provided an opportunity
10 Apr 17, 10:54am
Roger J Kerr says periods of escalated geo-political tensions generally translate into a stronger US dollar
10 Apr 17, 9:42am
Roger J Kerr says with price pressures building in the domestic economy, non-tradable inflation will not continue to decline as it has done over recent times and the RBNZ may have to bring forward the timing for interest rate rises
3 Apr 17, 9:50am
Roger J Kerr says global currency markets will be heavily focused on the trade relationships between the US and China this week
3 Apr 17, 9:11am
Roger J Kerr says residential property developers with land and consents in hand are now turning to the non-bank lending providers to source the finance they need to make the projects happen
27 Mar 17, 9:21am
Roger J Kerr sees the positives and negatives for the New Zealand currency as balanced
27 Mar 17, 9:00am
Roger J Kerr says borrowers should be taking advantage of the recent pull-back in US long-term bond yields
20 Mar 17, 1:47pm
Roger J Kerr says dairy prices remain the wildcard in the performance of the NZ currency against its US counterpart
20 Mar 17, 12:25pm
Roger J Kerr says the real conundrum facing the Reserve Bank this week when looking at inflation forecasts is deciding when we will see wage increases feeding into higher costs
13 Mar 17, 11:28am
Roger J Kerr believes the Kiwi dollar selling interest is all but exhausted for the meantime
13 Mar 17, 10:59am
Roger J Kerr says if the $NZ exchange rate stays at current lower levels inflation may lift a lot quicker than everyone expected
6 Mar 17, 1:01pm
Roger J Kerr says the rapidly closing interest rate differential between the US and NZ currencies is coming right back into the market’s focus and prompting Kiwi dollar selling
6 Mar 17, 11:49am
Roger J Kerr says interest rate fixing decisions just got harder
27 Feb 17, 12:55pm
Roger J Kerr says New Zealand companies manage their currency risks more actively than companies elsewhere
27 Feb 17, 12:45pm
Roger J Kerr says the conditions are currently ripe for both corporates and investors to reap a mutually beneficial harvest
20 Feb 17, 9:14am
Roger J Kerr says the forces affecting the New Zealand dollar are evenly balanced
20 Feb 17, 9:05am
Roger J Kerr says the Government's inquiry into fuel profit margins seems more politically motivated than discovering a major rip-off from the fuel companies
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