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20 Mar 17, 1:47pm
Roger J Kerr says dairy prices remain the wildcard in the performance of the NZ currency against its US counterpart
20 Mar 17, 12:25pm
Roger J Kerr says the real conundrum facing the Reserve Bank this week when looking at inflation forecasts is deciding when we will see wage increases feeding into higher costs
13 Mar 17, 11:28am
Roger J Kerr believes the Kiwi dollar selling interest is all but exhausted for the meantime
13 Mar 17, 10:59am
Roger J Kerr says if the $NZ exchange rate stays at current lower levels inflation may lift a lot quicker than everyone expected
6 Mar 17, 1:01pm
Roger J Kerr says the rapidly closing interest rate differential between the US and NZ currencies is coming right back into the market’s focus and prompting Kiwi dollar selling
6 Mar 17, 11:49am
Roger J Kerr says interest rate fixing decisions just got harder
27 Feb 17, 12:55pm
Roger J Kerr says New Zealand companies manage their currency risks more actively than companies elsewhere
27 Feb 17, 12:45pm
Roger J Kerr says the conditions are currently ripe for both corporates and investors to reap a mutually beneficial harvest
20 Feb 17, 9:14am
Roger J Kerr says the forces affecting the New Zealand dollar are evenly balanced
20 Feb 17, 9:05am
Roger J Kerr says the Government's inquiry into fuel profit margins seems more politically motivated than discovering a major rip-off from the fuel companies
13 Feb 17, 3:06pm
Roger J Kerr says the Reserve Bank finally got the NZ dollar to behave the way it wanted
7 Feb 17, 4:45pm
Roger J Kerr says there are several economic trends for the Reserve Bank to consider when it reviews interest rates this week
7 Feb 17, 2:42pm
Roger J Kerr believes the Kiwi dollar will fall from its current highs; sees potential weakness in dairy prices at this week's auction
31 Jan 17, 10:32am
Roger J Kerr finds it surprising so many pundits thought record low interest rates would continue
31 Jan 17, 10:18am
Roger J Kerr says it will be interesting to see what the Reserve Bank says next week about the New Zealand dollar, which is much higher than our central bank was forecasting
23 Jan 17, 2:19pm
Roger J Kerr says Trumponomics are likely to further strengthen the US dollar
23 Jan 17, 1:13pm
Roger J Kerr outlines the potential risks that could disrupt the good times the New Zealand economy is currently enjoying
16 Jan 17, 1:25pm
Roger J Kerr says it is hard to say the NZ dollar should be declining as the economy stays strong, while questions are being asked whether the new US administration can deliver on election promises
16 Jan 17, 1:00pm
Roger J Kerr looks at the three key things that will determine how far and how fast interest rates increase this year, including the revelation of the real inflation picture
19 Dec 16, 1:29pm
Roger J Kerr recounts where the NZ dollar has been in a topsy turvy year and looks ahead
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