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30 Nov 15, 10:07am
Roger J Kerr says credit spreads are now a much more material component of the all-up interest rate paid by borrowers
30 Nov 15, 9:39am
Roger J Kerr says December's currency movements will be all about two key central bank interest rate decisions
23 Nov 15, 12:07pm
Roger J Kerr says if early next month the NZD/USD exchange rate is around 0.6500 and whole milk powder prices near to US$2,200/MT then the RBNZ will be justified in holding off from any further OCR interest rate reductions
23 Nov 15, 11:35am
Roger J Kerr says that in most major industries that make up the NZ economy it is a story of expansion, confidence and hiring more staff
16 Nov 15, 10:37am
Roger J Kerr says it was speculative betting that pushed the NZ dollar up against its trans-Tasman counterpart
16 Nov 15, 10:29am
Roger J Kerr scrutinises what the actual risks are to the economy - and the probability of them occurring
9 Nov 15, 11:45am
Roger J Kerr says the rising US currency on the back of stronger employment figures can be no major surprise
9 Nov 15, 11:31am
Roger J Kerr outlines why the RBNZ Governor needs to 'watch and wait' a while longer
2 Nov 15, 11:31am
Roger J Kerr says the NZ economy and rugby nation are humming – so why would the currency depreciate?
2 Nov 15, 11:15am
Roger J Kerr says a further cut to interest rates in December is not the lay-down misère many economists believe it to be
27 Oct 15, 1:20pm
Roger J Kerr says economic risks and fears have dissipated
27 Oct 15, 12:58pm
Roger J Kerr says higher inflation and a stable NZD/USD rate around 0.6500 to 0.6800 may well result in the Reserve Bank ruling out of further interest rate cuts
19 Oct 15, 1:20pm
Roger J Kerr says 'the charts' provide clear blue sky for the NZ dollar to climb all the way up to 0.7000, but it does feel that the appreciation from 0.6250 to 0.6800 has been too far, too fast
19 Oct 15, 12:52pm
Roger J Kerr says the US Fed just needs to confirm that weaker September jobs data was a one-off; sees January as start point for rate rises
12 Oct 15, 9:50am
Roger J Kerr says the the doomsday merchants on the NZ economy have been exposed to be well wide of the mark with their views
12 Oct 15, 9:26am
Roger J Kerr says we have an emerging economic and market environment starkly different to what the economic protagonists expected
5 Oct 15, 1:15pm
Roger J Kerr says credit spreads are under pressure and moving sharply higher again
5 Oct 15, 12:50pm
Roger J Kerr says the NZ currency is posting gains of its own accord as the market begins to re-rate it again
28 Sep 15, 1:11pm
Roger J Kerr says the question for the interest rate markets is whether price increases by NZ businesses in coming months are more or less than the RBNZ is expecting
28 Sep 15, 12:52pm
Roger J Kerr says foreign exchange markets are recognising that previous negatives for the NZ dollar and economy have reversed
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