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29 Aug 16, 1:24pm
Roger J Kerr says the Kiwi dollar should now come under downward pressure from a resurgent American currency
29 Aug 16, 12:45pm
Roger J Kerr sees little downside for the RBNZ to now surprise the markets with another 0.25% OCR cut at the next review date in September
22 Aug 16, 4:19pm
Roger J Kerr is holding his view that the NZD will revert back to the 67/69 USc range despite recent history. He explains why a decline is still coming
22 Aug 16, 12:36pm
Roger J Kerr calls for a comprehensive study into the current components of CPI to disentangle 'technology advances' from 'price movements' to ensure it is still fit-for-purpose
15 Aug 16, 2:15pm
Roger J Kerr says fear and greed are seeing some fixed interest investors taking higher liquidity and market risks to get a yield return they want in a two-tier interest rate market
15 Aug 16, 12:17pm
Roger J Kerr says interest rate differentials still matter in currency markets. But the bout between the RBNZ and the markets is stalemated at 72 USc and will need a circuit-breaker
8 Aug 16, 11:21am
Roger J Kerr sees reasons to believe the US dollar will start to force down the value of the New Zealand currency
8 Aug 16, 11:04am
Roger J Kerr says having been forced to do a u-turn last month with their monetary policy stance, the RBNZ will be very conscious to deliver to market expectations this week
1 Aug 16, 12:42pm
Roger J Kerr says while the US dollar is weaker for now, giving the Kiwi currency a boost, this situation will reverse
1 Aug 16, 11:50am
Roger J Kerr argues that the RBNZ should bite the bullet and cut interest rates by half a percentage point next week to a new low of 1.75%
25 Jul 16, 1:16pm
Roger J Kerr wonders if it will again be a case of 'up by the stairs and down by the elevator shaft' for the New Zealand currency
25 Jul 16, 12:58pm
Roger J Kerr sees the RBNZ's monetary policy u-turn as fully justified
18 Jul 16, 12:05pm
Roger J Kerr says a still-lower Kiwi dollar in coming weeks is likely, particularly if the RBNZ revises its inflation forecasts down again
18 Jul 16, 11:51am
Roger J Kerr hopes this week's RBNZ economic assessment doesn't end up going all around the houses
11 Jul 16, 1:53pm
Roger J Kerr says if upcoming dairy auctions and inflation data are stronger than expected the 'greater likelihood' is that the RBNZ will not cut interest rates next month
11 Jul 16, 1:34pm
Roger J Kerr says the balance of risks and importance between monetary policy and financial stability has been tilted in favour of the latter 'with the poor exporter paying the price'
4 Jul 16, 11:59am
Roger J Kerr says investors are looking for exposure to the NZ dollar exchange rate and our enhanced interest yield returns
4 Jul 16, 11:22am
Roger J Kerr says likely selling of the Australian currency in the next few days due to political uncertainty raises the question of whether our currency will also fall against the American dollar
27 Jun 16, 12:55pm
Roger J Kerr says the Brexit reactions have caused further over-valuation of the NZ dollar
27 Jun 16, 12:43pm
Roger J Kerr looks at the implications of Britain's 'leave' vote for the interest rate outlook
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