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5 Dec 16, 12:51pm
Roger J Kerr analyses the events likely to have an impact on the Kiwi currency
5 Dec 16, 12:08pm
Roger J Kerr asks if the Trump sell-off in bonds will continue
28 Nov 16, 9:42am
Roger J Kerr says the halt of the Kiwi dollar's decline at US70c would appear only temporary
28 Nov 16, 9:27am
Roger J Kerr sees RBNZ looking at rate rises around this time next year
21 Nov 16, 12:03pm
Roger J Kerr says how far the NZ dollar drops below US70c will depend on any further US dollar gains and whether the RBNZ believe recent falls in the Kiwi dollar value will be enough for them to meet their inflation target next year
21 Nov 16, 11:38am
Roger J Kerr sees interest rates potentially increasing a lot more than they already have
14 Nov 16, 12:01pm
Roger J Kerr saw a possible hint of RBNZ intervention in the sharp fall of our currency late last week
14 Nov 16, 10:52am
Roger J Kerr argues that Trumponomics has already spelt the end of the artificially low interest rate environment borrowers have enjoyed over the last four years
7 Nov 16, 11:20am
Roger J Kerr says the outcome of the Presidential election may well determine how aggressive RBNZ Governor Graeme Wheeler is with his OCR statements this week
7 Nov 16, 10:54am
Roger J Kerr outlines the scenarios, probabilities and likely impact in a big week for economic news and ramifications
31 Oct 16, 10:33am
Roger J Kerr says a combination of global factors with the perception that the next RBNZ interest rate cut may be the last helps firm the view that we have finally seen the bottom of the cycle
31 Oct 16, 10:18am
Roger J Kerr says the Clinton emails saga has injected some uncertainty into the US election outcome and therefore the outlook for the Kiwi dollar
25 Oct 16, 1:20pm
Roger J Kerr says the Reserve Bank now has the market conditions it wanted in order to nudge the New Zealand dollar lower again
25 Oct 16, 11:56am
Roger J Kerr says the outcome of the Reserve Bank's latest survey of inflationary expectations next week will be crucial in deciding the approach our central bank takes
17 Oct 16, 11:48am
Roger J Kerr says the New Zealand dollar had been overdue a sizeable downward correction
17 Oct 16, 11:33am
Roger J Kerr says corporate borrowers who face major debt refinancing over the next year will be looking at significantly higher pricing
10 Oct 16, 12:01pm
Roger J Kerr says the New Zealand dollar may fall as low as US68c sooner than most people expect
10 Oct 16, 11:46am
Roger J Kerr says after an expected RBNZ cut to the OCR in early November, borrowers may be looking into 2017 and contemplating higher long-term interest rates
3 Oct 16, 2:53pm
Roger J Kerr says events outside of New Zealand are likely to be the catalyst for an expected fall in the value of the Kiwi dollar
3 Oct 16, 2:34pm
Roger J Kerr says a crunch point is rapidly approaching as the demand for credit starts to exceed the supply
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