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23 May 16, 3:57pm
Roger J Kerr says global sentiment is returning in favour of the US dollar
23 May 16, 3:25pm
Roger J Kerr says the Reserve Bank has a great opportunity to catch the markets out with a surprise interest rate cut next month
16 May 16, 1:39pm
Roger J Kerr ponders where the catalysts will come from to start interest rates rising again
16 May 16, 1:20pm
Roger J Kerr says all the Reserve Bank's statements in recent times have sent the Kiwi dollar higher rather than lower - as the RBNZ supposedly wants
9 May 16, 1:18pm
Roger J Kerr says the RBNZ should not lower its inflation outlook as has been done across the Tasman because price rises are coming here
9 May 16, 12:12pm
Roger J Kerr says RBNZ Governor Graeme Wheeler should take his cue from across the Tasman on the timing and finesse of interest rate movements
2 May 16, 10:44am
Roger J Kerr says further interest rate cuts won't be necessary after next month if the Kiwi dollar drops to US65c
2 May 16, 10:24am
Roger J Kerr says inconsistency of the messaging and action is arguably adding to currency volatility and leaving the NZ dollar value much higher than would otherwise be the case
26 Apr 16, 10:25am
Roger J Kerr says speculation on both the NZ and Australian currencies is back in vogue
26 Apr 16, 9:51am
Roger J Kerr says it's more important for the RBNZ to cut interest rates now and get the kiwi dollar down, rather than wait because of concern about the rising house market
18 Apr 16, 1:26pm
Roger J Kerr says at some point the FX markets will realise it is premature for the Australian currency to be strengthening
18 Apr 16, 1:01pm
Roger J Kerr says with the high Kiwi dollar out of whack with low dairy prices, the RBNZ will cut interest rates now and worry about housing bubbles later
11 Apr 16, 10:15am
Roger J Kerr says the Japanese Yen currency market intervention may turn the American currency around
11 Apr 16, 10:02am
Roger J Kerr wonders if the harsh lessons learned from the meltdown of the finance company sector have been forgotten already
4 Apr 16, 11:34am
Roger J Kerr says the caution being expressed by the US Fed is two months out of date
4 Apr 16, 11:09am
Roger J Kerr says financial markets will eventually catch up on the fact that global economic risks have reduced since the start of the year
29 Mar 16, 12:08pm
Roger J Kerr says the NZ dollar has experienced one of its most stable periods for many years
29 Mar 16, 11:37am
Roger J Kerr says the CPI figure to be reported on April 18 will be crucial for the direction of interest rates
21 Mar 16, 12:45pm
Roger J Kerr says the higher NZ dollar reflects our economic out-performance
21 Mar 16, 11:42am
Roger J Kerr says rising commodity prices pose a significant risk to the RBNZ’s 'lower for longer' inflation and interest rate view and policy setting
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