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9 Feb 16, 9:50am
Roger J Kerr says the next important local piece in 'the Kiwi dollar jig-saw' will be the CPI inflation in mid-April
9 Feb 16, 9:08am
Roger J Kerr has no problem with the RBNZ reminding everyone that the markets’ interpretation of monetary policy intentions or settings is sometimes off beam and not helpful to what the RBNZ is trying to do
1 Feb 16, 8:47am
Roger J Kerr sees the Kiwi dollar again resilient to a barrage of negative news
1 Feb 16, 8:31am
Roger J Kerr says high and rising inflation favour borrowers over savers and that is not what the economy needs
25 Jan 16, 1:09pm
Roger J Kerr says calls for the RBNZ to immediately cut the OCR further based on the very low actual inflation rate for 2015 will have to be rebutted
25 Jan 16, 12:48pm
Roger J Kerr says our currency has 'weathered the storm' well
18 Jan 16, 11:50am
Roger J Kerr sees our currency remaining 'broadly' in the mid-US 65 cents range this year
18 Jan 16, 11:20am
Roger J Kerr sees the RBNZ holding the Official Cash Rate at 2.5% this year and says global oil prices will recover eventually, while inflation - possibly stronger than the RBNZ forecasts - will emerge in NZ
22 Dec 15, 9:34am
Roger J Kerr sees much less chance of market interest rate decreases over coming years and says if borrowers are not already highly fixed, they need to act to get into that position
22 Dec 15, 5:02am
Roger J Kerr says the RBNZ might have been better advised to not cut the OCR and preserve some bullets for when they might be really needed in the New Year
14 Dec 15, 1:06pm
Roger J Kerr sees risks to the Reserve Bank's inflation forecasts
14 Dec 15, 12:46pm
Roger J Kerr says the foreign exchange markets are looking further ahead than the Reserve Bank's interest rate cut
7 Dec 15, 9:31am
As the RBNZ deliberates over the Official Cash Rate, Roger J Kerr asks: Who actually needs lower interest rates?
7 Dec 15, 9:07am
Roger J Kerr says all the buying interest in the New Zealand dollar may have occurred ahead of this week's interest rate decision from the RBNZ
30 Nov 15, 10:07am
Roger J Kerr says credit spreads are now a much more material component of the all-up interest rate paid by borrowers
30 Nov 15, 9:39am
Roger J Kerr says December's currency movements will be all about two key central bank interest rate decisions
23 Nov 15, 12:07pm
Roger J Kerr says if early next month the NZD/USD exchange rate is around 0.6500 and whole milk powder prices near to US$2,200/MT then the RBNZ will be justified in holding off from any further OCR interest rate reductions
23 Nov 15, 11:35am
Roger J Kerr says that in most major industries that make up the NZ economy it is a story of expansion, confidence and hiring more staff
16 Nov 15, 10:37am
Roger J Kerr says it was speculative betting that pushed the NZ dollar up against its trans-Tasman counterpart
16 Nov 15, 10:29am
Roger J Kerr scrutinises what the actual risks are to the economy - and the probability of them occurring
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