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26 Sep 16, 12:57pm
Roger J Kerr says it's quite possible the Kiwi dollar will drop to below US70c in coming weeks
26 Sep 16, 12:40pm
Roger J Kerr questions how the Reserve Bank can keep missing its inflation target with no apparent ramifications
19 Sep 16, 1:29pm
Roger J Kerr says conditions are now finally in place for a strengthening of the American currency and retreat of the Kiwi dollar
19 Sep 16, 12:58pm
Roger J Kerr says the case for long-term interest rates having finally bottomed is a growing one
12 Sep 16, 2:36pm
Roger J Kerr says the implications of US interest rate increases and a stronger US dollar in international currency markets over coming months are numerous and generally negative for the Kiwi dollar
12 Sep 16, 1:57pm
Roger J Kerr bemoans the unwillingness of the Reserve Bank to catch out the markets with an unexpected rate cut
5 Sep 16, 1:38pm
Roger J Kerr says a fall of about 7% to 10% in the TWI exchange rate would be needed for the RBNZ's inflation forecasts to be accurate
5 Sep 16, 1:22pm
Roger J Kerr says failure of the Reserve Bank to act on September 22 could see the Kiwi dollar rise to US75c
29 Aug 16, 1:24pm
Roger J Kerr says the Kiwi dollar should now come under downward pressure from a resurgent American currency
29 Aug 16, 12:45pm
Roger J Kerr sees little downside for the RBNZ to now surprise the markets with another 0.25% OCR cut at the next review date in September
22 Aug 16, 4:19pm
Roger J Kerr is holding his view that the NZD will revert back to the 67/69 USc range despite recent history. He explains why a decline is still coming
22 Aug 16, 12:36pm
Roger J Kerr calls for a comprehensive study into the current components of CPI to disentangle 'technology advances' from 'price movements' to ensure it is still fit-for-purpose
15 Aug 16, 2:15pm
Roger J Kerr says fear and greed are seeing some fixed interest investors taking higher liquidity and market risks to get a yield return they want in a two-tier interest rate market
15 Aug 16, 12:17pm
Roger J Kerr says interest rate differentials still matter in currency markets. But the bout between the RBNZ and the markets is stalemated at 72 USc and will need a circuit-breaker
8 Aug 16, 11:21am
Roger J Kerr sees reasons to believe the US dollar will start to force down the value of the New Zealand currency
8 Aug 16, 11:04am
Roger J Kerr says having been forced to do a u-turn last month with their monetary policy stance, the RBNZ will be very conscious to deliver to market expectations this week
1 Aug 16, 12:42pm
Roger J Kerr says while the US dollar is weaker for now, giving the Kiwi currency a boost, this situation will reverse
1 Aug 16, 11:50am
Roger J Kerr argues that the RBNZ should bite the bullet and cut interest rates by half a percentage point next week to a new low of 1.75%
25 Jul 16, 1:16pm
Roger J Kerr wonders if it will again be a case of 'up by the stairs and down by the elevator shaft' for the New Zealand currency
25 Jul 16, 12:58pm
Roger J Kerr sees the RBNZ's monetary policy u-turn as fully justified
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