Precious metals - spot prices

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Gold, silver and platinum spot prices

These spot price tables are updated daily from Tuesday to Saturday, after the end of the trading in London and New York.

The data is sourced from Kitco in USD and converted into NZD based on the NZD/USD exchange rate at approximately 11.10 am New Zealand time as published by the RBNZ.

Spot prices are per troy ounce (31.1034768 gm) of weight, from the gold and silver prices of the London fixing (pm) and the bid price of gold and platinum on the New York spot market.

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Gold spot price
25 March 2015
 London Fix (p.m)   
week ending 
previous year 
net change 
 USD      1,191.50     1,186.25     1,183.10     1,313.50 -9.29
 NZD      1,629.07     1,548.63     1,564.33     1,532.31 6.31
 New York Spot (bid price) 
 USD      1,150.00     1,154.00     1,183.00
 NZD      1,503.07     1,508.30     1,549.04
Silver spot price
 London Fix (p.m) 
 USD          16.97         16.73         16.17          20.00 -15.15
 NZD          23.20         21.84         21.38          23.33 -0.56
Platinum spot price
 New York Spot (bid price) 
 USD      1,137.00     1,145.00     1,134.00     1,418.00 -19.82
 NZD      1,554.55     1,494.78     1,499.40     1,654.22 -6.03