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Petrol prices
31% (76 votes)
29% (71 votes)
Term deposit interest rates
18% (44 votes)
The NZX50
15% (36 votes)
Mortgage interest rates
7% (16 votes)
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What happened Tuesday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Tuesday; more home loan rate drops, more credit card balance transfer extensions, swaps rise, NZD falls, farms drier

No expectation of dramatic change from RBNZ

Roger J Kerr does not expect a dovish stance from the RBNZ on Thursday and does not expect him to follow the Canadians

A 50% chance of a cut?

Market pricing challenges the RBNZ based on offshore settings, but today we should see upward and steepening curve pressure

90 seconds at 9 am: Now the Greek creditors turn

Greek voters choose 'easy' but their creditors have other ideas; eurozone PMI's perk up; UST 10yr yields fall; kiwi dollar sinks; NZ$1 = 74.3 USc, TWI = 77.4

What happened Monday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Monday; NZ service sector strong, calls for more irrigation, ANZ to issue hybrids, Japan factories expanding, NZ swap rates fall, NZD lowest in 4 years

"A rate curve inversion is coming"

Even though a negative rate slope is not likely in the next few weeks, Westpac picks an inversion to happen after that and last maybe a year

Markets view diverges from the pros

Markets move to price in an OCR cut in 2015, although BNZ see this as unlikely. German 10yr bonds now yield 0.36%

Holiday briefing: Greece decides

Greeks reject austerity; Europeans worry the ECB stimulus is not enough; US housing and growth picks up; China stocks up on oil; NZ$1 = 77.4 USc, TWI = 77.9

What happened Friday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Friday; down, down, down; five year mortgage rates fall below 6%, Govt deficit smaller, Govt bond yields below cash, NZD lower

Budget deficit lower than forecast

Treasury reports deficit was NZ$121 mln below forecast; higher tobacco excise, lower spending more than offset lower than expected GST, PAYE
22 Jan 15, 4:00pm What happened Thursday
22 Jan 15, 1:00pm Bernard's Top 10
22 Jan 15, 7:47am Below cash
21 Jan 15, 4:00pm What happened Wednesday
21 Jan 15, 10:57am Inflation below RBNZ target
21 Jan 15, 8:17am Low rates attract borrowers
20 Jan 15, 4:00pm What happened Tuesday
20 Jan 15, 7:58am Consolidating lower
19 Jan 15, 4:00pm What happened Monday

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