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Selling foreign currency transfers

The rates on this page are the rates each institution uses to BUY foreign currency from you.

(This rate is different to the one used when they SELL foreign currency to you - we have a separate page for that here ».)

The rates on this page almost always apply when you convert foreign currency coming to you in an international wire transfer. (It will not apply if you try to sell the bank notes or travellers cheques.)

Remember, fees and fee minimums will almost always apply.

This page displays the rates showing on banks on-line fx rates pages. You will need to check with them that they actually use those rates when you do a transaction but they most probably will. Remember they can change often - minute-by-minute.

There are other fx dealers who also offer this service, such as XE and OFX they will be worth checking as well.

Rates (and fees) may be negotiable for larger value transactions (NZ$25,000 or more). It always pays to shop around.

The rates on this page are always up-to-date, and are sourced from each institution's web page. REFRESH this page to ensure you have the latest rates.

Code Currency   ANZ ASB BNZ Westpac
AUD Australian dollar   0.9564 0.947 0.9472
CAD Canadian dollar   0.8986 0.8928 0.8909
CHF Swiss franc   0.6696 0.6641 0.6631
EUR Euro   0.6126 0.6098 0.6055
FJD Fiji dollar   1.5178 1.508 1.5055
GBP British pound   0.5278 0.5218 0.5209
HKD Hong Kong dollar   5.7606 5.6975 5.6851
INR Indian rupee   54.4248 53.8982 54.0713
SGD Singapore dollar   0.9899 0.9803 0.9762
THB Thai bhat   23.4064 23.0379 23.0788
USD United States dollar   0.7425 0.7335 0.7317
JPY Japanese yen   81.29 80.3394 80.1551
ZAR South African rand   10.5550 10.3644 10.4223

Rates above are current as at 5:01 PM, May 16, 2021