confidence charts

BNZ confidence - survey

The BNZ Confidence Survey is usually run on the first Thursday of each month by Tony Alexander, by polling the 20,000 non-BNZ email addresses on his database. Of... Read full story

Business confidence - Activity outlook

The ANZ monthly business confidence series includes this important component - Activity Outlook. While the Business Confidence series records the results of a... Read full story

Business confidence - General

Every month (except January), the ANZ surveys business managers, recording their opinions in a broad range of areas, and reporting them in their Business Outlook... Read full story

Business confidence - Interest rates

This chart tracks responses from the ANZ Bank monthly business confidence series. Specifically, it tracks responses to what... Read full story

Consumer confidence

This series measures the results of a set of five questions asked monthly of a random telephone sample of over 1,000 people.

... Read full story