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Rural News / Opinion
Rural News / Opinion
21st May 24, 10:15am
David Hargreaves fully understands why Fonterra's looking to take the money and exit the consumer business. But such a sale is going to leave a very empty feeling
Public Policy / News
Public Policy / News
21st May 24, 10:24am
A short-sighted Budget 2024 will leave 'deep economic scars' for the next Labour Government to fix, finance spokesperson Barbara Edmonds says
Public Policy / Analysis
Public Policy / Analysis
21st May 24, 11:55am
The New Zealand Tax Podcast: Major tax cuts in the Australian Budget; the problem with Facebook; and Treasury suggests a capital gains tax as part of 'structural reform'
Economy / News
Economy / News
21st May 24, 7:22am
China leaves key rates unchanged but markets not convinced on property sector actions; some commodities jump; Taiwan export orders rise; UST 10yr 4.44%; gold up again; oil slips; NZ$1 = 61.1 USc; TWI-5 = 70.42

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Technology / News
20th May 24, 1:30pm
Shareholders of cybersecurity vendor Palo Alto Networks take legal action against director John Key and others, alleging insider trading. Key says no merit to any of the claims
Economy / Analysis
19th May 24, 6:01am
Everyone wants to know when the RBNZ will cut the OCR, but the central bank's likely to want to give as few clues as possible at its latest OCR review in the coming week
Personal Finance / Analysis
16th May 24, 9:22am
While most borrowers are focused on 6 and 12 month fixed mortgage rates, there is suddenly more competition among banks at the three year fixed rate level. It might make sense to consider that option
Banking / Analysis
17th May 24, 5:00am
David Chaston looks at the rise and rise of mortgage broking in New Zealand, which is now a dominant force in controlling home loan origination activity
Property / Analysis
17th May 24, 9:57am
A huge overhang of unsold properties is squeezing the housing market in buyers' favour
Rural News / News
16th May 24, 9:35am
In a surprising announcement, dairy giant Fonterra plans to divest its consumer business, along with operations in Australia and Sri Lanka
Economy / News
15th May 24, 7:19am
US sentiment and data better, Powell sings same tune; China sees insurance company stress; German sentiment up; Australia gets a pre-election budget; UST 10yr 4.45%; gold up and oil weaker; NZ$1 = 60.3 USc; TWI-5 = 69.6

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