Personal Finance

14 Feb 19, 5:00am
KPMG warns banks of threats to their lucrative credit card business from rivals and regulators if they don't get on the front foot and assist struggling borrowers
13 Feb 19, 3:14pm
Salvation Army’s State of the Nation report lumps debt and fringe lending in with alcohol consumption, drug taking and gambling in the social hazards section
13 Feb 19, 11:46am
The World Gold Council reviews a Ken Rogoff book and finds support for the role of gold in an increasingly cash-less system
13 Feb 19, 11:30am
A big Aussie-owned bank sneaks in a term deposit rate cut, setting some of its rate offers below its main rivals. We review what is behind the move and how bank margins are tracking
12 Feb 19, 8:29pm
James Shaw goes in to bat for a capital gains tax during parliamentary debate; Amy Adams doesn't miss the opportunity to hit back
11 Feb 19, 10:51am
Both BNZ and Kiwibank change fixed mortgage rates for one and two years to open the bidding for the new week, hard on the heals of HSBC's market leading challenge
8 Feb 19, 10:16am
HSBC cuts three home loan rate offers with some new 3.95% 'specials', restoring its market-leading positions after others had moved to challenge it
8 Feb 19, 9:43am
Wellington mortgage broker Andrew Perry spells out how consumers would be hurt if Aussie banks weren't allowed to pay brokers commission 
6 Feb 19, 8:59am
A closer look at the pending commission crackdown Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Kris Faafoi sees when he glances across the Tasman
6 Feb 19, 8:01am
The Co-operative Bank takes a knife to most fixed mortgage rates, ending up with market leading positions at 6 months and for those three years and longer
4 Feb 19, 8:25am
Mercer's David Scobie says financial markets have delivered investors a reality check
2 Feb 19, 9:49am
David Chaston suggests that if you want to know where mortgage rates are headed next, watch what the big banks do with term deposit rates rather than where swap rates go
1 Feb 19, 12:16pm
The emergence and growth of 'buy now, pay later' services has caught the eye of competitors and regulators. Stephen Forbes takes a look at the fast growing sector
1 Feb 19, 11:25am
Finance Minister Grant Robertson and Revenue Minister Stuart Nash say they've received the Tax Working Group's final report, which will be considered by Cabinet
1 Feb 19, 8:54am
Another bank raises its key term deposit rates, even in the face of sharply falling wholesale swap rates. A finance company raised a key rate too
31 Jan 19, 11:54am
The World Gold Council says cryptos failed to act like a safe haven in the Q4-2018 equity market downturn. Only gold did its job as a counter to risky assets
30 Jan 19, 3:03pm
Bridges targets middle class by committing to changing income tax brackets in line with inflation; Robertson says Bridges has found Joyce's fiscal hole in his backyard
30 Jan 19, 5:00am
Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Kris Faafoi establishing new regulatory powers targeting new credit products
29 Jan 19, 4:38pm
Despite mortgage rates trending lower, recent moves on term deposit rates by two major banks suggest a rising trend
29 Jan 19, 3:11pm
Robertson and Faafoi commit to plugging legal gap that sees bank and insurance conduct go unregulated


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