12 Dec 17, 10:14am
ANZ becomes primary source of funding for UDC's lending business with investors collectively withdrawing over $550m during the past year
8 Dec 17, 5:02am
Smartshares cuts cost of investing in ETFs in drive to streamline investment process; Move comes as new kids on the block offering Smartshares ETFs gain traction 
6 Dec 17, 1:45pm
Govt to further probe petrol prices and beef up Commerce Commission powers by enabling the consumer watchdog to undertake broad market studies
29 Nov 17, 11:11am
Investors looking for enhanced returns from alternative assets need a market platform that can link buyers and sellers with transparency, providing the liquidity both need
29 Nov 17, 6:39am
Household debt to disposable income comes off its peak; Low interest rates keep debt servicing costs down
28 Nov 17, 5:08pm
Everything you need to know about the P2P lending market - who's lending, who's borrowing, how reliable they are, and what the differences are between the platforms
28 Nov 17, 11:14am
A 'fast cash short term loan' finance company tempts investors with 10% pa for a first ranking security position, to fund loans that carry a cost of credit more than twenty times as high
27 Nov 17, 2:24pm
Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Kris Faafoi on how to get New Zealand up to speed on open banking, what the Aussies are doing, and the feasibility of digital identities
21 Nov 17, 7:36am
FMA puts KiwiSaver funds side-by-side to illustrate whether investors are getting bang for their buck; KiwiSaver providers unapologetic for charging the fees they do, saying investment is needed to provide quality advice
19 Nov 17, 7:20am
Credit Suisse argues a run of bad luck is seeing Millennials do it tougher than their parents did when they were young
15 Nov 17, 7:48am
David Chaston reviews the effective cost of credit, being interest plus standard fees, of taking out a payday loan
8 Nov 17, 9:26am
Mercer's David Scobie assesses how KiwiSaver has worked out for members over the past decade on an after-tax, after-fees basis across the various risk categories
4 Nov 17, 7:30am
The newly-minted Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister commits to championing open banking, capping payday lenders' interest rates, and writing a code of conduct for the supermarket industry
3 Nov 17, 10:02am
Money blogger Ryan Johnson on the 'getting rich from property' trap, sustainable frugality, automating your financial plan, the paying off debt vs investing debate, growing wealth to buy back time and more
28 Oct 17, 9:05am
It is capacity and speed, rather than cost that drives choices for broadband plans. We want full service from our UFB connection
26 Oct 17, 12:22pm
FMA charges Auckland man for allegedly taking money he told his clients he would invest for them, and withdrawing money from their credit card accounts without them knowing
21 Oct 17, 10:01am
Faster broadband allows users to access much more data. Comparing plan prices and performance will keep these costs under control
19 Oct 17, 5:16pm
Broadband use surges in 2017 on a flood of data usage, doubling in a year as we consumer vastly more online services and adopt UFB to power our lives
19 Oct 17, 5:02am
Banking Ombudsman cases involving Kiwibank and Heartland Bank surge as cases featuring the 4 Australian owned banks drop
18 Oct 17, 7:25am
FMA fast-tracks access to robo-advice at a rate slower than expected; Prioritises greater oversight at the expense of more red tape


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