Personal Finance

17 Aug 18, 12:23pm
Kiwibank drops one-year 'special' mortgage rate to equal lowest advertised rate for the term from a bank
17 Aug 18, 9:46am
Westpac NZ cuts five-year mortgage rate giving it the lowest advertised rate for that term from a bank, also cuts savings rates
14 Aug 18, 12:42pm
BNZ and SBS Bank trim some rates for terms one year and longer. Kiwibank raises its 200 day 'special offer' rate. These changes come as wholesale interest rates shift sharply lower
12 Aug 18, 3:44pm
Confidence in the economy is wavering, and there are at least five key reasons, most related to some big public policy changes, and how households have reacted to the consequences
9 Aug 18, 4:00pm
FMA not keen to embed supervisors in banks like its Aussie counterpart, but sees logic of prudential regulators - IE the Reserve Bank - doing so
9 Aug 18, 5:00am
Gareth Vaughan conducts a stocktake on just how involved retail investors are in NZ peer-to-peer lending, checking to see if banks are in danger of being disintermediated
8 Aug 18, 12:22pm
ANZ to become first bank in NZ to stop incentivising frontline retail staff with sales targets, acknowledging the 'environment is clearly changing'
31 Jul 18, 5:53pm
Rate cuts by ANZ reduce its one year rate to main-bank level low, but the reduction is masked by an eight month 'special' promoting Daffodil Day
30 Jul 18, 11:29am
Rate cuts at Kiwibank bring their term deposit offers to similar levels as their major rivals. Range between banks remains very narrow
25 Jul 18, 1:14pm
Boutique fund manager and investment magazine publisher launch KiwiSaver scheme with subscription-style fee structure and 'genuine' active management
24 Jul 18, 5:08pm
Government launches campaign to keep public in the loop as lawyers, accountants and real estate agents need to start complying with anti-money laundering rules
23 Jul 18, 7:32am
The anxieties over our overseas debt obligations have faded significantly over the past generation. David Chaston updates the data and explores why we are less worried now
21 Jul 18, 10:16am
Should you invest in an asset class at a bad time in the market cycle just to achieve diversification? Jenée Tibshraeny asks Martin Hawes
21 Jul 18, 9:31am
The World Gold Council says three key macro trends will influence gold’s behaviour, and combined with attractive entry levels, will increase gold’s relevance for investors
12 Jul 18, 2:13pm
Share market investors more upbeat on NZ's financial markets than property investors despite jitters in both markets; KiwiSaver investor confidence subpar
11 Jul 18, 8:53am
ANZ's continuing to advance more and more money to its NZ finance arm - ironically at a time when it's trying to offload it
7 Jul 18, 8:09am
Henry Chueh's top nine tips for those keen to invest in cryptocurrencies
6 Jul 18, 12:59pm
The shift from a US dollar dominant world to a multipolar one where the Chinese yuan is rising could provoke considerable geopolitical turmoil. For nations seeking to mitigate their risks, gold has much to offer, says Andrew Sheng
5 Jul 18, 2:52pm
Are young people that earn decent salaries too privileged to be thrown a bone by the Government? Jenée Tibshraeny thinks not
4 Jul 18, 3:00pm
NZ warned open banking in the UK isn't all it's cracked up to be, with the tech giants rather the garage start-ups best placed to capitalise on having access to banks' data


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