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17 Jan 19, 9:33am
Chris Trotter on how imperialism has set Britain apart from its European competitors and landed it in the mess it's in
14 Jan 19, 9:59am
Journey To Aztlan: Chris Trotter on why the Democrats should let Trump build his wall
30 Dec 18, 8:02am
With Jami-Lee Ross gone, Chris Trotter wonders why National Party leaks continue against Simon Bridges. He explores what is really going on
17 Dec 18, 7:47am
Chris Trotter questions whether PM Jacinda Ardern is really running the Government or is merely its figurehead
3 Dec 18, 9:48am
Chris Trotter says employment law reform changes leave Labour’s ideological nakedness covered, business lobbyists quietly satisfied & Winston Peters claiming credit
19 Nov 18, 10:28am
Chris Trotter says National's apparent decline in the polls may be bad news for those relying on tax-free capital gains to maintain their social status
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