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According to Statisctics NZ, the labour force category to which a person is assigned depends on their actual activity during a survey reference week. The following definitions, which conform closely... Read full story
Birth and death rate
Data is as published by Statistics NZ quarterly. The "birth rate" is live births per 1,000 mean estimated resident population. The "death rate" is deaths per 1,000 mean estimated resident population... Read full story
Infant mortality and abortions
Data is as published by Statistics NZ, quarterly for the infant mortality rate, but only annually for the abortion rate (and then with about a year's delay). The "infant mortality rate" is the rate... Read full story
Life expectancy in number of years
Life expectancy can be measured from any age, although it is usual to refer to it at birth. Statistics NZ published its Period Life Tables from where this data is sourced. But this data is a record... Read full story
Marriage and divorces
This data is from the Statistics NZ series published every three months. 
Net long term migration
Net permanent and long term migration is the difference between ... - overseas migrants who arrive in New Zealand intending to stay for a period of 12 months or more (or permanently), plus New... Read full story
These charts use data from Statistics NZ's quarterly survey of the estimated resident population. The estimated resident population of New Zealand is an estimate of all people who usually live in New... Read full story
Visitor arrivals
In-bound tourism is a vital part of the New Zealand economy. This chart measures the number of overseas residents arriving in New Zealand for a stay of less than 12 months, based on the arrival cards... Read full story

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