social indicators charts

Road deaths

Data for this chart is sourced from the NZTA. It is subject to revision when the badly injured... Read full story


This data is published weekly in a Public Notice by the Insolvency and Trustee Service of the Ministry of Economic Development.

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Benefits Numbers

The data in this chart series is sourced from the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) quarterly benefit Factsheets, which are released about 4 weeks after... Read full story

Birth and death rate

Data is as published by Statistics NZ quarterly.

The "birth rate" is live births per 1,000 mean estimated resident population... Read full story

Infant mortality and abortions

Data is as published by Statistics NZ, quarterly for the infant mortality rate, but only annually for the abortion rate (and then with about a year's delay).

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Life expectancy in number of years

Life expectancy can be measured from any age, although it is usual to refer to it at birth.

Statistics NZ published its Period Life Tables from where this data is sourced. But this data is... Read full story

Marriage and divorces

This data is from the Statistics NZ series published every three months. 

Crime and Fraud

Crime data is published by the NZ Police, as "Reported Crime". Note that the sub-areas of "violence" and "fraud" are both included in the overall "crime" data.

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