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Farms sold in New Zealand

November 22, 2021

These details are drawn from the Real Estate Institute monthly reports for October 2021, and focus only on farm sales - excluding lifestyle blocks.

The market recorded 120 sales, which is more than the 123 in the same month last year and +29% below the average October over the prior four years.

The median price per hectare was $34,265 in October 2021, up +9.5% from September 2021, and up +23% from October 2020.

10 arable farms,
16 dairy farms,
22 finishing units,
24 forestry blocks,
34 grazing farms, (incl 'others')
14 horticultural farms.

You can find current farms for sale and listed on the market here. Please note that in March 2021, the REINZ changed the way it reports farms sales, so comparisons with prior periods may not be on exactly the same basis.

[ REINZ have asked us to remove the price/ha data. They have also ceased supplying regional data for the chart below, but the national data is up-to-date.]

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Farm sales

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Why have you been asked to remove data? And why are you doing it?


Because reinz want you to pay for it