Green Party

25 Sep 17, 5:05pm
Labour leader Ardern opens up on common ground with NZ First; Cites shifting Ports of Auckland alongside tertiary education & forestry; Says Labour would stick to govt spending and debt track rules; Might shift on water tax
23 Sep 17, 7:00pm
Election 2017: We bring you the key updates from the night's coverage; Comments are back on - share your thoughts here
22 Sep 17, 2:01pm
Greens call for report on fuel pipeline vulnerabilities to be released; Judith Collins says Auckland Airport disruption will be over before school holidays
22 Sep 17, 12:36pm
With the environment the backbone of the NZ economy, is a National/Green government a possibility in the future? Andrew Campbell and Bryce Edwards share their views
22 Sep 17, 10:12am
Alex Tarrant presents a Top 10 of final election thoughts: Parker vs Collins; NZ First vs the Greens; Who's going to call for house price falls next term?; Rural-urban divide; Nick Smith's knob; Cartoon wrap
21 Sep 17, 6:30pm
Winston Peters holds the balance for National vs Labour-Greens in Newshub-Reid poll; Greens recover, NZ First up slightly; Bill English up in preferred PM stakes
20 Sep 17, 6:06pm
National is on top while Labour has dropped below 40% in latest 1 News Colmar Brunton poll; Winston Peters kingmaker, although now at risk of falling below 5%; Greens steady the ship
20 Sep 17, 12:45pm
The Government's announced the convening of a joint industry-government group to oversee full re-instalment of jet fuel supplies into Auckland Airport
19 Sep 17, 2:55pm
Auckland fuel crisis gets political; Ardern says extra storage a good idea; Labour's Nash says exports are now being taken off planes; Collins says govt doing everything possible
19 Sep 17, 10:16am
Greens release costed manifesto; National touts economic plan; Labour tackled on water tax by RNZ and Peters; Harawira calls for MANA-Maori alliance to be power broker; Auckland fuel crisis update; The Block's Auckland house price mirror
18 Sep 17, 7:36am
English defends campaign ads, looks to seniors & families; Ardern defends tax U-turn; Greens want landlords registered & maintenance bonds; Seymour touts positive poll; TOP says 5% in reach, gets qualified Eaqub support
17 Sep 17, 6:02am
With a week to go, Alex Tarrant reckons it’s advantage Labour; National’s still in it – why a few thousand voters could be the difference; Also, what would Winston want, and could the 'London vote' be the final straw for changing the govt?
14 Sep 17, 6:22pm
Labour and Greens could form govt together, 1 News Colmar Brunton poll shows; NZ First not in Kingmaker position any more; Greens couple of points above threshold
14 Sep 17, 4:38pm
James Shaw says the Greens are in the fight of their lives; Alex Tarrant asks him about monetary policy, income, savings and capital gains taxes, potential Cabinet posts and Kiwibank
13 Sep 17, 1:33pm
National may have steadied the ship this past week with its tax attacks on Labour; Alex Tarrant reviews the polls, potential coalitions and what we've seen on the campaign trail the last few days
12 Sep 17, 6:28pm
National may have won back support last week; Newshub poll shows them able to govern alone; Labour down slightly, Greens below 5%
11 Sep 17, 9:42am
English defends move to increase first home buyer deposit subsidies, says we need to sustain current building levels for 5 years; Peters takes aim squarely at Labour over tax policy with Kingmaker status on the line
10 Sep 17, 6:02am
Labour is now in a position of choice. The ball is in National’s court to respond, perhaps with a lurch across the centre line, Alex Tarrant writes
5 Sep 17, 11:44am
Green Party slams National's plan to allow developers to bypass the RMA to speed up home and infrastructure building
4 Sep 17, 5:02am
Labour targets rental law overhaul; Nats to get even tougher on gangs and drugs; Greens target leached nitrates levy at dairy, could shave 5% off average dairy farm's profitability


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