Labour Party

17 Oct 17, 5:51pm
NZ First board agrees on what each policy platform would mean, hasn't discussed which way to go, Winston Peters says; Board heading home; Caucus to finalise finer points with Labour and National
17 Oct 17, 4:14pm
Jacinda Ardern better be hoping Winston Peters and James Shaw enjoy those surprise make-over shows; And why the Greens don't need a final decision from NZ First before ratifying Labour agreement
17 Oct 17, 9:36am
Progress being made by NZ First board and caucus as meeting enters day 2, MP Shane Jones says: References Bible proverb relating to a King's throne being established forever if he is fair to the poor
16 Oct 17, 9:01am
Outstanding issues, including Cabinet positions, mean NZ First board not debating completed agreements Monday, PM English says; Govt formation could come later this week
11 Oct 17, 2:44pm
Winston Peters says we're now in compromise territory; National wasn't a fan of the Auckland Port to Whangarei move, but something has to be shifted up there; Is the answer across the water?
11 Oct 17, 1:06pm
Peters says we need to consider if NZ needs a deposit guarantee scheme like in Australia, but won't be drawn on whether the NZ First policy has been discussed with National or Labour
11 Oct 17, 11:55am
Shaw: Strong and responsible government that will go the distance is top priority for Greens
11 Oct 17, 9:49am
Allan Barber reviews the current attempts to form a coalition government, its fractured history, and the lessons from abroad, all from a rural point of view
10 Oct 17, 4:40pm
Winston Peters indicates he's treating Labour and the Greens as one party in response to question on why he won't meet with James Shaw; 'They've hugged each other for years'; Greens tried to reach out to NZ First - no answer
10 Oct 17, 1:34pm
NZ First leader Winston Peters discusses overvalued & volatile NZ dollar, housing affordability and coalitions - with the media at least
9 Oct 17, 12:26pm
Foreign ownership rules, post-1984 economic paradigm up for debate in NZ First talks with National and Labour; Peters still not a fan of HNA-UDC deal
9 Oct 17, 7:34am
'Policy is everything,' Kingmaker Winston Peters says after first heavy round of talks held Sunday; English and Ardern say talks were positive, set to carry on through Monday
7 Oct 17, 2:02pm
National loses 2 seats after special votes, Labour and Greens gain 1 each; NZ First unmoved - Peters keeps Kingmaker position
5 Oct 17, 7:32pm
Alex Tarrant re-lives Thursday's epic political events as Peters, English and Ardern try to navigate Parliament's notorious internal transport systems. It was a day for the history books
5 Oct 17, 8:34am
New Zealand First's two previous govt agreements were vastly different. Alex Tarrant considers whether either could be a blue-print this time around. He also wonders whether NZ First has been sending smoke signals the last week
3 Oct 17, 8:21am
National should be loving the 'teal deal' speculation around a Blue-Greens tie-up, Alex Tarrant writes. It could draw Peters closer in giving him another rural vote 'headline win' of stopping National going with the Greens
2 Oct 17, 6:02am
Jenée Tibshraeny considers the extent to which the migrant vote has propped up National, particularly in Auckland's traditional Labour strongholds
1 Oct 17, 6:02am
Could NZ First decide to sit on the cross benches and give support issue-by-issue? Turning Right and Left has hurt Peters before; Alex Tarrant sifts through the clues
29 Sep 17, 11:05am
Terry Baucher argues any political party wanting a fairer, more productive New Zealand needs to address the issue of the taxation of capital
27 Sep 17, 4:32pm
Winston Peters says there are 9 possible outcomes based on election night and will wait until 7 October special votes are in before further comments; Options are understood to include issue-by-issue minority govt situation


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