National Party

26 Sep 17, 4:31pm
Labour Party puts front bench to work on policy comparisons; Ardern and Davis to lead on talks with Winston Peters; Separate talks to be held with the Greens
26 Sep 17, 12:48pm
National leader Bill English not giving much away ahead of talks with New Zealand First 'to show the respect to Mr Peters'; Plays down Super saga leak speculation
23 Sep 17, 7:00pm
Election 2017: We bring you the key updates from the night's coverage; Comments are back on - share your thoughts here
22 Sep 17, 2:01pm
Greens call for report on fuel pipeline vulnerabilities to be released; Judith Collins says Auckland Airport disruption will be over before school holidays
22 Sep 17, 12:36pm
With the environment the backbone of the NZ economy, is a National/Green government a possibility in the future? Andrew Campbell and Bryce Edwards share their views
22 Sep 17, 12:16pm
I thought this was going to be the housing election but housing affordability has struggled for airtime. Gareth Vaughan is very disappointed about this
22 Sep 17, 10:12am
Alex Tarrant presents a Top 10 of final election thoughts: Parker vs Collins; NZ First vs the Greens; Who's going to call for house price falls next term?; Rural-urban divide; Nick Smith's knob; Cartoon wrap
21 Sep 17, 6:30pm
Winston Peters holds the balance for National vs Labour-Greens in Newshub-Reid poll; Greens recover, NZ First up slightly; Bill English up in preferred PM stakes
21 Sep 17, 5:13pm
ACT’s David Seymour says he will work with Winston Peters if that’s what National needs to form centre-right govt; Says he won't take Ministerial post next-term to allow for time to get his euthanasia bill through
20 Sep 17, 6:06pm
National is on top while Labour has dropped below 40% in latest 1 News Colmar Brunton poll; Winston Peters kingmaker, although now at risk of falling below 5%; Greens steady the ship
20 Sep 17, 1:01pm
English tackled on government's housing demand and supply record; Says construction industry telling him 10,000 houses a year in Auckland "as fast as they can" go; Says cutting immigration wouldn't help; Rules out looking at asset taxes
20 Sep 17, 12:45pm
The Government's announced the convening of a joint industry-government group to oversee full re-instalment of jet fuel supplies into Auckland Airport
20 Sep 17, 9:11am
National, Labour and the Greens want to reduce government debt. But is it the right time for political parties to be campaigning on tightening the government’s purse strings?
20 Sep 17, 5:00am
Labour keeps focus on health spending, while National says election is a clear choice for voters; Winston rallies against Communist China takeover of NZ; TOP has a go at Labour over water tax
19 Sep 17, 2:55pm
Auckland fuel crisis gets political; Ardern says extra storage a good idea; Labour's Nash says exports are now being taken off planes; Collins says govt doing everything possible
19 Sep 17, 10:16am
Greens release costed manifesto; National touts economic plan; Labour tackled on water tax by RNZ and Peters; Harawira calls for MANA-Maori alliance to be power broker; Auckland fuel crisis update; The Block's Auckland house price mirror
18 Sep 17, 12:16pm
Ardern calls out National over Auckland fuel crisis, attacks govt for setting up working group to look at fuel security over action; Deputy PM Bennett notes pipeline not owned by govt; Damage done over "months or years"; 2012 report contained warnings
18 Sep 17, 7:36am
English defends campaign ads, looks to seniors & families; Ardern defends tax U-turn; Greens want landlords registered & maintenance bonds; Seymour touts positive poll; TOP says 5% in reach, gets qualified Eaqub support
17 Sep 17, 6:02am
With a week to go, Alex Tarrant reckons it’s advantage Labour; National’s still in it – why a few thousand voters could be the difference; Also, what would Winston want, and could the 'London vote' be the final straw for changing the govt?
14 Sep 17, 6:22pm
Labour and Greens could form govt together, 1 News Colmar Brunton poll shows; NZ First not in Kingmaker position any more; Greens couple of points above threshold


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