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The pressures and incentives to commit fraud have increased

NZ jumps to 4th place worldwide for reported fraud, PwC survey says

BNZ gets $23.2m back from Pike River

Pike River Coal insurers agree to cough up NZ$80 mln to settle damage & business interruption insurance claims

Allied Farmers capital notes D-Day nears

Allied Farmers may issue yet more shares to replace its soon to mature capital notes

Bank costs rising despite flat lending

IT, branch costs, GST, new regulation and a hunt for new business in a weak lending environment drive up bank costs

At last, crumbs for Bridgecorp investors

Four year's after Bridgecorp collapse debenture holders get 1st repayment of just 3.5 cents in dollar

S&P threat to bank credit ratings

Analysts warn market singling out Australian & NZ banks for potential S&P downgrade

Bollard's bank profit warning shot

RBNZ's Bollard tells Aussie banks to expect lower NZ profits due to regulatory changes & deleveraging

Home loan price war brewing?

PwC says mortgage market competition among the major banks likely to heat up as rates rise

Strategic Finance probe: Aug 08-??

Crumbs for Strategic Finance investors as probe into collapse heads towards 4th year

First Bridgecorp repayment

Bridgecorp investors to get 1st repayment; But no more than 3.5c in dollar 4 years after collapse