John Key

18 Oct 17, 10:28am
ANZ NZ, the country's biggest bank, to have ex-PM John Key as its chairman from January 2018
13 Sep 17, 1:19pm
The news organisation that broke the Todd Barclay story is reporting that National List MP Jian Yang has attracted the interest of our Security Intelligence Service; Yang says claims 'defamatory'
11 Jul 17, 10:28am
Government shares out $1 billion Housing Infrastructure Fund among five councils - mostly in the top half of the North Island
2 Jul 17, 8:41am
Has the Government's Welcome Home Loan scheme under-performed because of banks' relaxed credit policies?
25 May 17, 3:04pm
Budget 2017 - Summary of all tax collections
22 Mar 17, 6:47pm
Key on economic policy successes, regrets including flag debate and TPP, Christchurch quake and Pike River, losing troops overseas and life in Parliament
8 Mar 17, 5:00pm
The Superannuation issue is just one example of a Government continually pushing problems out into the future for others to deal with
11 Feb 17, 7:44am
The RBNZ was late to the debt-to-income limit party which is why this tool won't be added to its macro-prudential toolkit anytime soon, Gareth Vaughan argues
1 Feb 17, 3:51pm
Government says its Housing Infrastructure Fund has received indicative proposals for $1.79 billion of infrastructure; Ministers say few of the proposals so far would increase the development speed of proposed projects
23 Dec 16, 5:02am
The 2016 Interesties featuring John Key, Donald Trump, Graeme Wheeler, 'maniping,' Metiria Turei, Tony Alexander, Nathan Penny, Nelson's stock exchange, Andrew Little, Chloe Swarbrick, David Hisco, bad hair & a dictator
22 Dec 16, 5:02am
The new Commerce & Consumer Affairs Minister is once again outside Cabinet. Does this mean National doesn't take oversight of our savings & improving the lot of SMEs seriously?
14 Dec 16, 11:58am
Migration now accounts for two thirds of Auckland's population growth and is the main reason for the region's housing shortage
11 Dec 16, 5:02am
Bill English should refocus economic policy on increasing GDP per hour worked, rather than just total GDP
10 Dec 16, 9:55am
Eric Crampton assesses the legacy of John Key and finds a bar set low and a long list of issues and decisions avoided
10 Dec 16, 9:55am
Roger Partridge assesses the legacy of John Key as Prime Minister and finds an impressive record given the constraints of MMP
6 Dec 16, 11:29am
English and Coleman to contest bid for National Party leadership in Caucus vote next Monday; English's hopes for quick and cohesive leadership change dashed; Coleman wants 'generational change'; English says NZ Super options open
5 Dec 16, 2:20pm
Regardless of what John Key says, his resignation has just opened next year's election race right up
5 Dec 16, 1:59pm
Key says will vote for English as National leader in December 12 caucus vote; says National can win 4th and 5th terms with English as leader; Key says wants quieter life with family; eyes board positions in Australasia or Asia
5 Dec 16, 12:58pm
Prime Minister John Key steps down
4 Dec 16, 5:02am
The PM doesn’t trust the Treasury’s forecasts for the very long term and the very short term, but he thinks we should rely on the medium term one that says we can afford tax cuts, extra social spending, the quake rebuilds and debt repayment


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