Bank funding

7 Jun 17, 12:33pm
ANZ's Cameron Bagrie suggests New Zealanders may be ready to 'eat broccoli' by making some hard economic decisions such as implementing a comprehensive capital gains tax
29 May 17, 3:41pm
Westpac NZ's repayment requirement stemming from an APRA directive bounces back up to NZ$900 mln after halving to NZ$500 mln
19 May 17, 10:02am
Gareth Vaughan & David Chaston with charts, charts & more charts; Auckland house prices, gold, Basel & the mortgage boom, 5,000 years of interest rates, credit default swaps & more
16 May 17, 11:30am
ANZ NZ ahead of schedule in repaying parent NZ$8 bln worth of inter-company loans
11 Apr 17, 5:02pm
Latest euro covered bond issue from Westpac NZ prices at tightest margin over swap by a NZ bank to date, Treasurer 'pleased with reception and pricing'
10 Apr 17, 11:03am
Martien Lubberink probes the latest development in the Kiwibank-RBNZ capital impasse & suggests this is a spectacular Kiwibank problem, but not more than that
20 Mar 17, 9:45am
Fitch says Kiwibank cancelling a bond issue & having its capital questioned by the RBNZ, could hinder the bank's funding market access & hit profitability
15 Mar 17, 11:01am
NZ current account deficit narrows as rise in income received from abroad and tourism inflows trumps money spent on car imports and falling oil and log exports
15 Mar 17, 10:04am
Kiwibank 'working urgently' with the RBNZ after a preliminary view from the regulator concludes $250m of its bonds don't comply with bank capital rules
6 Mar 17, 10:33am
Revenue Minister Judith Collins says government yet to decide whether bank capital will be included in the crackdown on corporates' use of hybrid mismatches
5 Mar 17, 5:09pm
We look at the detail of where banks source their funds, how that has changed over time, and what they pay for this money
21 Feb 17, 9:50pm
ASB's Aussie parent details another PERLS debt issue by its NZ branch giving the trifecta of Tier 1 Capital, NZ tax deductibility & Australian franking credits
17 Feb 17, 7:48am
KPMG's annual FIPS says bank bosses are questioning whether the beginnings of a structural change in the way Kiwis invest is hitting their deposit funding
8 Feb 17, 9:37am
John Bolton on how retail banks make money and why mortgage rates are increasing  
26 Jan 17, 4:05pm
Bank lobby group airs concerns for bank funding stemming from government's trust law reform, calls for public information campaign
26 Jan 17, 1:58pm
Morgan Stanley analysts see competition, the impact of lower interest rates & term deposit margin squeeze as the main threats to bank earnings in 2017
16 Jan 17, 4:18pm
RBNZ given free pass to chill, as retail banks expected to continue to raise mortgage and deposit rates to close funding gap
22 Dec 16, 8:12am
After lobbying from NZ's Chinese govt owned banks, the RBNZ clarifies its rules for the dual registration (local subsidiaries & branches) of small, non-systemic foreign banks
8 Dec 16, 10:24am
The Co-operative Bank moves to boost capital through the issue of $30m worth of subordinated notes to institutional investors
1 Dec 16, 5:02pm
RBNZ's Grant Spencer says review of residential mortgage-backed securities aims to make them more attractive for investors and give banks a new funding option


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