Bank profits

19 Jul 17, 5:02am
NZ First's Winston Peters blames 'subservient puppetized NZ politicians' for the lack of a probe into the NZ banking system. Says Aussie banks are 'like a hole in the hull of the NZ economy'
11 Jul 17, 9:06am
The Co-operative Bank says CFO Gareth Fleming is leaving after 10 years at the bank; Fleming recently acted as CEO
11 Jul 17, 9:03am
The Co-operative Bank says it is excited to be offering a new way for its customers to pay online as quickly and easily as possible
28 Jun 17, 7:47am
Big 4 New Zealand banks still near the top of the international profit heap, despite a little belt tightening last year
26 Jun 17, 10:00am
South Australian bank levy on the parents of NZ's big 4 banks ratchets up the political risk facing the big Aussie banks, Deutsche Bank analysts say
23 Jun 17, 3:42pm
Total combined assets of SBS Bank, The Co-operative Bank and TSB Bank push past $13 billion as strong residential mortgage lending growth continues
21 Jun 17, 9:35am
A credit card on the agenda at SBS Bank as home loans and consumer lending through Finance Now continue to surge
2 Jun 17, 9:44am
Big banks' net interest margins take a hit in the March quarter with cost-to-income ratios also under some pressure
25 May 17, 12:46pm
Deutsche Bank analysts suggest the Australian Government's bank levy may be hiked given it's set to raise less money than expected
22 May 17, 4:18pm
BNZ March quarter profit slides 26% as expenses grow 4% and operating income falls 16%, breaches banking registration
19 May 17, 9:52am
Heartland Bank's price-to-earnings ratio and dividend yield both at comparable levels to those of the major Australian banks
18 May 17, 9:53am
ASB's March quarter profit grows 21% with solid growth in operating income and lower expenses
17 May 17, 11:48am
IMF chart shows BNZ, by one profitability measure, performing the best for its parent out of NZ's four Australian owned banks
15 May 17, 10:01am
UBS bank analysts point out Australia's big 5 banks are likely stuck with their new A$6.2b tax and it could get worse for them; 'Substantial risk to the Australian housing bubble'
8 May 17, 9:57am
Westpac NZ ekes out 2% rise in half-year cash earnings as loan impairments fade away. Deposits drop $700 mln over half-year
4 May 17, 10:36am
BNZ half-year profit falls 8% as bank's net interest margin sheds 12 basis points. CEO Anthony Healy predicts pressure on bank lending margins will increase customers' loan interest rates
4 May 17, 5:02am
Air has been coming out of the Auckland housing market balloon slowly which is good, ANZ NZ CEO David Hisco says
3 May 17, 10:36am
ANZ Australia trying to catch up to ANZ New Zealand with introduction of 'scaled agile' working approach, ANZ NZ CEO David Hisco says
2 May 17, 10:20am
ANZ NZ half-year profit rises 14% to NZ$869 mln as income rises as expenses and credit impairments fall
1 May 17, 9:38am
Half-year results due over the next week from ANZ, BNZ's parent NAB and Westpac, with a third quarter trading update from ASB's parent CBA


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