Double Shot interview

6 Jun 16, 7:32am
To get serious about climate change we must recognise the role trade plays in enabling & exacerbating it, says Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy
31 May 16, 8:31am
Retirement Commissioner red flags lack of financial products aimed at helping retirees convert savings into income
28 May 16, 5:02am
Siah Hwee Ang on the Government's bid to use foreign investors to plug NZ's hotel shortage, and claims those doing business with China should expect to be hacked online
28 Apr 16, 1:33pm
A look at how a court judgement, making landlords responsible for damage their tenants accidentally cause to their properties, affects you
27 Apr 16, 1:15pm
"The warning bells are well and truly ringing but no one is listening," says veteran property investor Olly Newland
20 Apr 16, 1:06pm
UN whistle-blower and WorldRemit CEO warns banks' refusal to do business with money remitters is driving them underground, heightening the laundering risks they pose
18 Apr 16, 9:00am
The head of NZ's largest real estate agency says there may not be a slowdown over winter this year as more mums and dads become property investors
17 Mar 16, 3:58pm
HiFX's Dan Bell on the Fed's 'breathing room', Brexit, Donald Trump, NZ GDP & the RBNZ's surprise OCR cut
17 Mar 16, 12:57pm
How should millennials be planning for their retirement when they can't see beyond their hefty student loans and high-sky property prices? Diane Maxwell gives her two cents
16 Mar 16, 2:04pm
Economists Julie Fry & Hayden Glass argue the impact of migration on our economy is overstated & we need to broaden our migration policy to welcome more entrepreneurial foreigners to NZ
14 Mar 16, 9:45am
Siah Hwee Ang urges NZ businesses to better capitalise on the growing market of Asians in NZ; says China's capital controls can't tighten much more so the money will keep rolling out
8 Mar 16, 2:21pm
International Co-operative Alliance president Monique Leroux says today's challenges make staying close to members even more important
8 Mar 16, 7:30am
CEO Rob Everett seeking clarity from MBIE review into abuse of Financial Service Providers Register so FMA can 'get on with the job'
7 Mar 16, 7:02am
FMA CEO Rob Everett says licensing P2P lenders a 'challenge' but no point looking at any regulatory changes until after a downturn
5 Mar 16, 5:02am
FMA CEO Rob Everett suggests KiwiSaver providers are now showing more respect towards their 'privileged position'
10 Feb 16, 1:55pm
HiFX's Dan Bell expects a 'very volatile year on all fronts' with RBNZ reluctance to cut the OCR propping the Kiwi dollar up
3 Feb 16, 4:11pm
Ando Insurance CEO John Lyon discusses how what you look at on Facebook or buy from the supermarket could influence what you pay for insurance
21 Dec 15, 3:30pm
HiFX's Dan Bell says businesses with currency exposure need a plan with more NZ dollar volatility ahead in 2016
14 Dec 15, 10:41am
Squirrel Money's John Bolton on the drive for retail investors to fund loans facilitated by the P2P lender
12 Dec 15, 5:02am
Phil Goff on addressing Auckland's housing shortage without upsetting the NIMBYs; getting cosy with the Government; giving Auckland Council more decision-making powers & implementing road tolls


13 Nov 15, 11:06am
6 Jul 15, 5:44pm
30 May 15, 7:02am