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Reader poll

Where do you think the NZ dollar could end up against the Aussie dollar by the end of the year?


Double Shot interview

Olly Newland warns there will be tears

Olly Newland says property investors are repeating mistakes from before the 2008 downturn & more should consider investing in commercial property; Warns against Blue Chip type schemes

Harmoney eyes mortgage market

Harmoney CEO Neil Roberts 'getting excited' about potential move into mortgage market, says would-be 1st home buyers among Harmoney's investors

Volatile year for the NZ$ seen

HiFX's Dan Bell says NZ dollar could swing 20% against the greenback this year, sees global ramifications from ECB move

'House prices will drop by up to 25%'

Brian Gaynor says he's not quite as positive as he was a year ago on NZ economy, warns of damage from house price correction at some point

'Value transfer' from savers to borrowers expected

Interest rates, house prices, regulation, costs among the key focuses for banking in 2015, Co-operative Bank CEO Bruce McLachlan says

2015; NZ$ at US70c and above A95c?

HiFX's Dan Bell reviews the world of currencies in 2014 and looks ahead at what to expect in 2015

Changing the valuation landscape

The way people receive valuations when applying for a mortgage is changing

Slumping oil price 'game changer for investors'

Oil price to remain weak for 3 years, helping restrain both interest rates and inflation, Macquarie's Brad Gordon says

Gazing into 2015's crystal ball

NZIER's Shamubeel Eaqub on what to expect from an economic perspective in 2015 globally, domestically, from commodity prices, house prices, NZ$, interest rates, inflation & more

What about debt-to-income limits?

Could the RBNZ look to a Bank of England style debt-to-income ratio to cool the runaway train of the Auckland housing market?