Double Shot interview

8 Apr 15, 3:55pm
HiFX's Dan Bell says Kiwi-Aussie dollar parity still on the cards, any delay to expected Fed rate hike will boost NZ dollar
3 Apr 15, 7:00am
Property Investors Association president says experienced investors are wary of Auckland housing market but mums and dads are rushing in
23 Mar 15, 7:24am
SBS CEO Wayne Evans says headline grabbing 5-year home loan offer designed to buy his bank time with customers
9 Mar 15, 3:08pm
First US rate hike in 9 years to keep pressure on NZ dollar, HiFX's Dan Bell says in our never a dull moment monthly currencies report
5 Mar 15, 11:58am
Olly Newland says property investors are making the same mistakes they did before the 2008 downturn and more should consider investing in commercial property
26 Feb 15, 8:02am
Harmoney CEO 'getting excited' about potential move into the residential mortgage market
23 Jan 15, 2:26pm
HiFX's Dan Bell says NZ$ could swing 20% against the greenback this year, sees global ramifications from ECB move
21 Jan 15, 1:13pm
Brian Gaynor says he's not quite as positive as he was a year ago, warns of damage from house price correction at some point
16 Dec 14, 7:30am
Interest rates, house prices, regulation, costs among the key focuses for banking in 2015, Co-operative Bank CEO Bruce McLachlan says
9 Dec 14, 3:22pm
HiFX's Dan Bell reviews the world of currencies in 2014 and looks ahead at what to expect in 2015
9 Dec 14, 11:13am
The way people receive valuations when applying for a mortgage is changing
9 Dec 14, 10:04am
Oil price to remain weak for 3 years, helping restrain both interest rates and inflation, Macquarie's Brad Gordon says
6 Dec 14, 8:00am
Could the RBNZ look to a Bank of England style debt-to-income ratio to cool the runaway train of the Auckland housing market?
5 Dec 14, 2:39pm
NZIER's Shamubeel Eaqub on what to expect from an economic perspective in 2015
27 Nov 14, 2:08pm
RBNZ seen potentially introducing another macro-prudential tool to try and rein in housing market building a new head of steam
25 Nov 14, 4:43pm
Squirrel Mortgages owner eyes P2P licence for 'Squirrel Money' offering loans to home owners, investment opportunities for retail investors
18 Nov 14, 9:04am
Victoria University's Siah Hwee Ang argues expecting the Chinese economy to grow 7% annually is like asking WalMart to grow by 7% a year
13 Oct 14, 11:14am
Roger J Kerr wonders whether the yields for US Treasury bonds are defying logic, and points to the non-economic drivers that may be behind the falls
27 Sep 14, 8:54am
Prosper president Ron Suber tells to expect NZ P2P lending to branch into real estate, student loans and insurance
26 Sep 14, 7:05am
Despite concern over banks' KiwiSaver behaviour, FMA boss says the regulator doesn't see a systemic problem
14 Sep 14, 5:27pm
12 Sep 14, 6:50pm
9 Sep 14, 6:53pm
28 Aug 14, 12:34pm
11 Jul 14, 1:38pm
27 Jun 14, 10:00am
23 May 14, 12:28pm