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Double Shot interview

Expecting 7% GDP growth 'a big ask'

Victoria University's Siah Hwee Ang argues expecting the Chinese economy to grow 7% annually is like asking WalMart to grow by 7% a year; And 'massaging' economic data

US Treasury Bond yields hit new lows

Roger J Kerr wonders whether the yields for US Treasury bonds are defying logic, and points to the non-economic drivers that may be behind the falls

A look at the future of P2P lending

Prosper president Ron Suber tells to expect NZ P2P lending to branch into real estate, student loans and insurance

What keeps FMA CEO awake at night

FMA boss Rob Everett says complacency is his biggest regulatory fear

Harmoney rejecting 70-80% of loan applications

Harmoney has lent $2 million to date, aims to lend more than $100 million in first year

FMA keen KiwiSaver 'switching scandal' is avoided

Despite some concern over banks' KiwiSaver behaviour, FMA boss says the regulator doesn't see a systemic problem

Russel pitches for Interest voters

Russel Norman talks about quantitative easing and argues for a capital gains tax, irrigation charges, swimmable rivers and a carbon tax in this Election Double Shot with Bernard Hickey

David pitches for Interest voters

Labour's David Parker argues for new monetary policy, compulsory KiwiSaver, a Capital Gains Tax and a turnover tax on Google and Facebook

Bill pitches for Interest voters

English says 1st home buyers are unlikely to see a repeat of the big windfall capital gains seen by Baby Boomers; National's investment-led approach set for extension to Health, Education

'Going smoothly isn't about people not suffering loss'

FMA director of compliance Elaine Campbell says peer-to-peer lending is for investors with a good understanding of risk & an appetite to take that risk on