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What is the single most important topic for you going into this year's election?


Double Shot interview

'Auckland housing doesn't make sense'

NZIER's Shamubeel Eaqub on Auckland housing market not making sense, danger of housing over supply & 3 things for debate in election year

'The carry trade is still relevant'

HiFX's Dan Bell on the rising interest rate differential between NZ & the US, and the potential for 'engineered products' to attract offshore investors to the NZ$

'As few things as possible should find their way into a courtroom'

Caution for bank customers over 'some measure of danger' in litigation funder led bank penalty fees cases; 'Clients protected' by court, Fair Play on Fees says

Confidence taken from Google, Apple

Westpac digital chief Simon Pomeroy on the bank's plans for wearable technology, biometrics, and big data

'A lot of good quality above 80% LVR lending out there'

Banks may be back promoting high LVR home loans from next month after adapting to 'brutal' change

'Any leader who thinks they know what they're doing is an idiot'

Tom Peters on business excellence in the digital age, 'crap head' corporate tax dodgers, Telecom's name change, falling in love with bankers & how to keep the All Blacks at the top

'Ludditism doesn't work in 2014'

Management guru Tom Peters says bankers have a tough job in 2014, needing to innovate to a level  they haven't before

Never a dull moment for the NZ$

 HiFX's Dan Bell on the Crimean crisis, US non-farm payrolls, Australia's Dutch Disease, & the RBNZ's interesting and challenging year

Education gaming a big hit

Andrew Patterson talks to Chris White who followed his market validation research to find a huge international audience for his movies and music education products

Banks' net cash outflow with customers

NZ's big 5 banks lending more money than they're taking in through deposits for 1st time in 4 years