House prices

28 May 16, 5:02am
A million dollars was not enough to buy a two bedroom home unit in the overheated Auckland market
26 May 16, 7:41pm
New official Reserve Bank figures definitively show that investors accounted for nearly 46% of all mortgage monies advanced in Auckland last month
23 May 16, 10:01am
The NZ Initiative's Jason Krupp says whatever your views on foreign investors, the bare fact is that the cure to New Zealand’s housing crisis is supply
22 May 16, 5:02am
New Zealand's risk-averse savers would dearly love to invest in infrastructure bonds to fund Auckland's growth. The Auckland Council and the Government should help make that happen
21 May 16, 5:02am
Prices at Bayleys' latest auctions ranged from $270,000 for an apartment in student alley to $4.125m for a house in Mission Bay
19 May 16, 4:00pm
The US Federal Reserve's apparent determination to raise American interest rates next month may well encourage the Reserve Bank here to hold fire on any more cuts
19 May 16, 9:06am
Our central bank's starting to resemble an eccentric scientist, with macro-prudential tools its chemistry set. The worry is that too many ingredients will get mixed together with unpredictable results, says David Hargreaves
18 May 16, 11:07am
Harcourts' latest auction results from Auckland, Hamilton, Taupo, Palmy, Wellington, Christchurch and Blenheim
16 May 16, 4:08pm
ANZ economists 'wouldn't be surprised' to see RBNZ announce debt-to-income measures soon though believe the central bank may struggle to sell the idea politically
16 May 16, 12:24pm
Big falls in average prices and the number of homes sold by Harcourts in April - Auckland's average price falls $77,919
15 May 16, 5:02am
Circle August 19 and November 30 in your 2016 calendars because decisions on those days by the Auckland Council and the Reserve Bank respectively could determine house prices, interest rates, the Kiwi dollar and mortgage lending limits for years to come
14 May 16, 5:02am
Prices at Bayleys' latest auctions ranged from $220,000 for a house at Ngatea to $3.625m for a pad in Kohi
12 May 16, 8:50am
Reserve Bank looks to play catch-up with the runaway house market
11 May 16, 12:20pm
Median house prices declined in many centres, including Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington, in April
11 May 16, 9:07am
Reserve Bank points to housing and dairy as increased risk factors but stops short of introducing any new macro-prudential measures
10 May 16, 6:05am
Not much under $600,000 in Auckland at Harcourts' latest auctions, but you could get a house on a big spread in Invercargill for $200,000
9 May 16, 3:39pm
Economists say the Reserve Bank will be hoping the Government's forthcoming Budget will provide some support to rein in the housing market
7 May 16, 6:02am
The NZ Initiative's Jason Krupp urges Auckland voters to closely examine how this year's mayoral candidates plan to improve housing affordability
5 May 16, 4:36pm
The Reserve Bank has some tough decisions to face this coming week on the runaway housing market
4 May 16, 12:01pm
Rising housing values in Hamilton and Tauranga are now leaving Auckland in the shade - QV's latest figures


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