House prices

7 May 16, 6:02am
The NZ Initiative's Jason Krupp urges Auckland voters to closely examine how this year's mayoral candidates plan to improve housing affordability
5 May 16, 4:36pm
The Reserve Bank has some tough decisions to face this coming week on the runaway housing market
4 May 16, 12:01pm
Rising housing values in Hamilton and Tauranga are now leaving Auckland in the shade - QV's latest figures
4 May 16, 10:06am
Asking prices on flat in Auckland, down in most other regions in April
3 May 16, 7:47pm
Westpac CEO David McLean sanguine about possibility of new RBNZ macro-prudential tools on housing lending, has no plans to stop lending to foreign buyers
3 May 16, 2:36pm
A couple of homes hit the $3m mark at Harcourts' auctions last week and a house at Mangere Bridge went for $416,500
2 May 16, 11:57am
ASB economists see the Reserve Bank trying to keep the market 'tantalised' with the prospect of an eventual OCR cut
2 May 16, 11:15am
Bayleys' auction prices last week ranged from $382,000 in Cambridge to $2.26m for lifestyle property in Warkworth
29 Apr 16, 8:23am
The Reserve Bank's decision not to cut interest rates looked like a central bank trying to buy more time while decisions are made on the housing market, David Hargreaves believes
27 Apr 16, 3:33pm
New figures show the RBNZ attempts to dampen rampant housing investment have failed
27 Apr 16, 9:54am
Harcourts' auction rooms busy from Auckland to Invercargill last week: The full results
23 Apr 16, 7:14am
A busy week in Bayleys auction rooms from Auckland to Havelock North
22 Apr 16, 9:39am
With the market mostly expecting the Reserve Bank to sit on its hands next week, David Hargreaves speculates that the central bank will aim to to catch out the market - with another OCR cut
20 Apr 16, 1:40pm
Central Otago/Lakes joins Auckland as the second region in NZ where housing is now unaffordable for typical first home buyers
19 Apr 16, 2:08pm
At Harcourts' auctions last week only two Auckland homes sold for less than $500,000, the same number that sold for $3m or more
19 Apr 16, 11:24am
Speculation is mounting that the Reserve Bank might signal further cooling measures against the overheating housing market as soon as next month
19 Apr 16, 9:14am
Economist Rodney Dickens thinks recent volatility in reported house prices was due to changes in the mix of what is selling due to demand-supply imbalances
18 Apr 16, 9:00am
The head of NZ's largest real estate agency says there may not be a slowdown over winter this year as more mums and dads become property investors
16 Apr 16, 6:02am
Prices ranged $430,000 to $6.52 million at Bayleys' latest auctions
15 Apr 16, 1:13pm
Westpac almost doubles its forecast for house price growth this year to 11.5%, but warns there could be consequences with new mortgage lending restrictions possible


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