23 Jun 16, 11:55am
The Government's desire to keep pumping the economy with a flow of immigrants is increasingly at odds with Auckland's housing shortage
20 Jun 16, 5:02pm
Mystery shop finds Aussie banks have tightened lending criteria but the more aggressive are still prepared to lend 9.4x income for investor mortgages & 6.2x for owner-occupiers
17 Jun 16, 8:22am
We could again very soon be confronted by our powerlessness in the face of global upheavals
14 Jun 16, 5:00pm
Shaun Drylie, who 'successfully' led ASB's home loan operations through the RBNZ's introduction of LVR restrictions in 2013, named new SBS CEO
9 Jun 16, 3:17pm
The Reserve Bank's in a big hurry to place more controls on housing lending - but what role does it want the Government to play in helping?
9 Jun 16, 1:05pm
RBNZ's Wheeler signals tougher loan to value ratio controls for investors 'towards the end of the year, or before that'; says debt to income controls a longer term prospect; confirms already in talks with English
9 Jun 16, 12:02pm
Westpac NZ halts lending to offshore residential mortgage borrowers with overseas income
7 Jun 16, 5:30pm
Gareth Morgan presents fresh case for the taxing of capital and of foreign entities; residential property in the spotlight
7 Jun 16, 11:52am
NZIER's monetary policy 'Shadow Board' says the Reserve Bank should hold interest rates at current levels this Thursday
5 Jun 16, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey argues Auckland's leaders need to aim more for growth per capita rather than just growth for the sake of it. The current low-to-no productivity growth model isn't working for most in the city and that's bad for New Zealand
1 Jun 16, 2:18pm
Each new piece of housing-related data coming out at the moment is increasing the pressure on our central bank
26 May 16, 7:41pm
New official Reserve Bank figures definitively show that investors accounted for nearly 46% of all mortgage monies advanced in Auckland last month
22 May 16, 5:02am
New Zealand's risk-averse savers would dearly love to invest in infrastructure bonds to fund Auckland's growth. The Auckland Council and the Government should help make that happen
15 May 16, 5:02am
Circle August 19 and November 30 in your 2016 calendars because decisions on those days by the Auckland Council and the Reserve Bank respectively could determine house prices, interest rates, the Kiwi dollar and mortgage lending limits for years to come
11 May 16, 4:13pm
PM and Finance Minister say they're open to RBNZ proposal for new Macro-Prudential measures, including debt-to-income limits
11 May 16, 12:00pm
RBNZ says increasingly concerned about Auckland housing resurgence; says seriously considering new Macro-Prudential measures to improve financial stability; looking at debt-to-income ratio limits
10 May 16, 11:42am
Finance Minister says RBNZ takes financial stability seriously and will use lending control tools if needed; says he assumes RBNZ will use controls if needed; has been advised generally on RBNZ plans, but watch for more direction tomorrow
3 May 16, 7:47pm
Westpac CEO David McLean sanguine about possibility of new RBNZ macro-prudential tools on housing lending, has no plans to stop lending to foreign buyers
27 Apr 16, 3:33pm
New figures show the RBNZ attempts to dampen rampant housing investment have failed
12 Apr 16, 5:02am
Punters are splashing the cash with sales of motor vehicles at record highs but how much of the money are they borrowing, and how are vehicle financiers faring?


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