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Five year fixed rates slip below 6%

Westpac pushes long-term fixed mortgage rates lower; other banks signal they will follow with even lower rates

From the beach 2015

Gareth Kiernan looks at some key trends we will face this year, and suggests that the RBNZ will launch new housing loan restrictions

TSB Bank claims lowest 2yr mortgage rate

Unique 'Facebook exclusive' limited and conditional offer launched today for a one week run

ASB matches ANZ, Kiwibank

ASB cuts 20 basis points from its advertised two-year, fixed-term home loan rates

Home loan rate cuts from ANZ and Co-op Bank

Two more banks slice home loan rates as mortgage market competition heats up. New market lows breached

BNZ cuts 3-year mortgage rate

BNZ lops 40 basis points off advertised 3-year mortgage rate for borrowers with 20% equity

RBNZ wins gong for LVRs, hiking OCR

London-based publisher names RBNZ its central bank of the year; RBNZ's Wheeler describes award as an honour

High LVR rules derisking bank balance sheets

Banks' net high LVR residential mortgage lending down nearly $5 bln in 1st year of 10% 'speed limit'

BNZ NIM drops in September quarter

BNZ records decline in quarterly net interest margin but improvement in cost to income ratio

ANZ's auditor aboard Kiwibank

Kiwibank edging cautiously back into high LVR home loan market