31 Aug 16, 3:36pm
The imposition of new loan to value ratios by the Reserve Bank doesn't appear to be slowing the housing debt surge just yet
22 Aug 16, 10:01am
How Auckland house flipping can be used to rort the RBNZ restrictions on high LVR mortgages
16 Aug 16, 5:02am
More people think it's a bad time to buy a house, but they also think prices will keep rising
12 Aug 16, 1:21pm
NZ Bankers' Association completes about face on 'weak tool with low welfare gains', but is wary of RBNZ move towards debt-to-income ratio limits & making banks hold more capital against housing loans
12 Aug 16, 5:01am
The economic indicators and ASB's economists suggest the housing market is not going to correct sharply, ASB CEO Barbara Chapman says
11 Aug 16, 11:11am
RBNZ's Wheeler expects banks to pass on most of OCR cut; says RBNZ will send debt to income multiple limit plan to English in next week or two, but unlikely to be introduced this year; says migration putting downward pressure on wages
11 Aug 16, 9:12am
RBNZ cuts OCR by 25 bps to 2.0% and forecasts just one more cut; NZ$ sprints over 73 USc after markets had forecast chance of 50 bps cut
8 Aug 16, 7:12pm
PM expects banks to be good corporate citizens and pass on all of OCR in full if they can; Key deflects calls for migration review; says migration needed with 5.2% unemployment; says RBNZ has flexibility with inflation target, but can use LVRs and cut OCR
8 Aug 16, 8:07am
Jason Krupp says Auckland's proposed Unitary Plan is a step in the right direction, but expecting it to be a silver bullet for homelessness is naïve
2 Aug 16, 2:29pm
Gareth Kiernan says the third attempt to restrain the housing market with LVR restrictions may slash house sales by at least 15%, but probably only temporarily in Auckland
29 Jul 16, 3:21pm
The household debt party is continuing to gather pace, with rates of growth last seen before the Global Financial Crisis
25 Jul 16, 4:21pm
Kiwibank economists are now picking the Reserve Bank will have to drop the Official Cash Rate to as low as 1.5%
23 Jul 16, 9:10am
ANZ CEO David Hisco says NZ needs 'a number of parties to fly in formation together to navigate our way through a time where NZ's under pressure on a number of fronts'
21 Jul 16, 12:02pm
ANZ CEO David Hisco and The Co-operative Bank CEO Bruce McLachlan say the RBNZ should hit residential property investors harder than it's proposing to
21 Jul 16, 9:00am
ANZ CEO David Hisco argues several levers must be pulled to take heat out of the property market and put the NZ economy on a firmer footing
20 Jul 16, 4:24pm
ANZ, ASB and Westpac have now pulled the shutters down now on lending to investors over 60% LVR ahead of introduction of new RBNZ rules
20 Jul 16, 3:09pm
The Reserve Bank's decision to bring forward implementation of the new round of LVR restrictions gives it the edge over the Government in the game of chess that the two parties are playing
20 Jul 16, 12:00pm
Gareth Vaughan looks at why even the Third Coming of the RBNZ's high-LVR restrictions on home loans is merely fiddling around the fringes of the housing bubble
20 Jul 16, 5:00am
We asked eight of the big banks whether they provide interest-only loans for residential mortgages - and they all do
19 Jul 16, 1:59pm
Property Institute suggests political interference in the Reserve Bank's plans to introduce new LVR restrictions for property investors


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