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Yes. The price of crude oil globally is falling so this means the price has to naturally go below $2 at the pump.
52% (153 votes)
No. The oil companies won't let it drop that low.
23% (69 votes)
No. When you take into account the various taxes and duties the price of oil has to drop even further to warrant a sub $2 price at the pump and that is not going to happen.
19% (56 votes)
No. The oil price has bottomed.
6% (17 votes)
Total voters: 295

Will the price of unleaded 91 petrol fall below $2 at the pump?

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Kiwibank puts brakes on high LVR lending

Kiwibank temporarily halts high LVR home lending that's not exempt from the RBNZ restrictions to 'rebalance the book'

Westpac economist supports RBNZ's LVRs

Westpac's chief economist says he 'more than agrees' with the Reserve Bank's decision to keep LVR limits in place

Methinks they doth protest too much

Gareth Vaughan argues the RBNZ's LVR 'speed limit' policy stacks up favourably against its hysterical opposition

Auckland house prices to keep rising

BNZ's Tony Alexander thinks Auckland house prices will keep rising and agrees with the Reserve Bank that it's too early to ease LVR restrictions

What happened Thursday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; house prices up, transaction levels stable, factories busy hiring, consumer sentiment falls but high, food price rises low

RBNZ eyes house price 'speed limit'

RBNZ's Wheeler says wouldn't want to see house price inflation faster than household income growth of around 5%; repeats that NZ house price ratios are 65% above long term averages

Wheeler says Auckland now "not a bubble"

Wheeler says Auckland house price inflation of 8.5% now "not a bubble", but would have been at over 20% without LVRs; rejects talk LVRs hit first home buyers and regions much harder; calls for more Auckland housing supply

What happened Wednesday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Wednesday; RaboDirect cuts deposit rates; LVR restrictions stay; RBNZ wants banks to hold more capital, sees no property bubble in Auckland

RBNZ keeps LVR handbrake on

RBNZ leaves high LVR speed limit in place for now because of risk of resurgence of house price inflation; warns of risks from dairy debt and China slowdown; Labour blames National for LVR staying

1st home buyers account for 10% of new mortgage lending

First home buyers account for 10% of new mortgage lending while investors account for less than 30%, according to new Reserve Bank figures