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Where do you think the NZ dollar could end up against the Aussie dollar by the end of the year?



BNZ strikes with a hot 3 year rate

Classic rate set to 5.29% trumping its main rivals by a substantial margin for that term

RBNZ's 'pretty reasonable set of options'

Has the RBNZ come up with a way of making banks hold more capital against loans to property investors that's palatable to the banks?

Trying to keep the run rate up

Gareth Kiernan has a cricket themed look at likely economic developments & concludes NZ's big hitting is going to give way to more stolid accumulation

Co-op Bank profit, mortgages grow

The Co-operative Bank delivers 12% rise in December quarter profit as home loan growth tops system

LendMe eyes peer-to-peer licence

LendMe eyes rural sector and top up loans for home buyers with peer-to-peer licence from the FMA expected 'shortly.' Commercial property, equipment sectors also in the plans

The stakes are high

The home loan market is set up for an intense bout of competition. Low rates and slow-growing mortgage books putting pressure on all banks to 'grow'

Harmoney eyes mortgage market

Harmoney CEO Neil Roberts 'getting excited' about potential move into mortgage market, says would-be 1st home buyers among Harmoney's investors

Kiwibank eyes leaner capital position

Kiwibank seeks to mimic Aussie owned banks and hold less capital against assets in move that would boost profit

A Friday rate reduction

TSB Bank cuts two 'special' home loan rates further, adds a new 'special' for five years

ANZ NZ Q1 profit up 8%

ANZ NZ posts 8% rise in first quarter profit to $425 million. Income growth outstrips expense growth but credit impairments rise