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In defence of high LVR restrictions

Limits to banks' high LVR residential mortgage lending helping keep a lid on the growth of household debt, RBNZ says

Banks playing safe on LVRs

Banks still sticking well under the 10% limit on high LVR lending despite the resurgence of the housing market

Housing affordable for first home buyers everywhere but Auckland

First home buyers should have no trouble being able to afford a house anywhere but Auckland - AMP360 Home Loan Affordability report

'Treat houses like other assets'

Geoff Simmons says the Reserve Bank is just throwing another pail of water on the house price inferno because John Key won't act

Is Graeme Wheeler a control freak?

Rodney Dickens looks at the RBNZ's housing experiments, its exchange rate game, and assesses what sort of a Governor Graeme Wheeler is

Key says RBNZ capital move logical

Key says RBNZ move on capital for landlord mortgages sensible, given falling inflation means non-OCR tools needed; notes inflation below 2% target, but will cut Governor some slack

Will RBNZ move slow Auckland market?

Bank CEO sees 'very, very limited impact' from RBNZ move on residential property loans; Fitch sees banks protected from themselves, household debt growth restrained

BNZ strikes with a hot 3 year rate

Classic rate set to 5.29% trumping its main rivals by a substantial margin for that term

RBNZ's 'pretty reasonable set of options'

Has the RBNZ come up with a way of making banks hold more capital against loans to property investors that's palatable to the banks?

Trying to keep the run rate up

Gareth Kiernan has a cricket themed look at likely economic developments & concludes NZ's big hitting is going to give way to more stolid accumulation