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What will Fonterra's 2014-15 dairy season payout (Farmgate Milk Price that excludes dividends) ultimately be?



What happened today

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; rates rise after OCR hike, Chinese PMI up, NZ trade balance strong, high LVR lending rises, swap rates fall, and more

HSBC cuts 1, 2 & 3 yr mortgage rates

HSBC introduces lowest carded 3-year mortgage rate, is for the bank's "Premier" customers

Westpac picks house prices to fall

Westpac says housing market could be heading into a period of falling prices; Sees 'period of declining house prices during middle part of this decade'

More bank mortgage rate changes

TSB Bank re-jigs its home loan rates, focusing its key offer on a hot two year 'special'

Median house prices drop sharply

Median house prices fell sharply in June with Auckland prices leading the decline

ANZ's 6.09% 2-yr mortgage offer

ANZ introduces 2-year, fixed-term mortgage 'special' with carrot of up to $3,000 cash; 3-year 'special' dropped

Landlords being squeezed

Johnny come lately property speculators and new lending rules are putting the squeeze on many landlords

Kiwibank welcomes levelled playing field

Removal by RBNZ of requirement for Kiwibank 'double dipping' for capital requirements, and alignment with big 4, cheered by state owned bank

'New UK mortgage limit better than RBNZ's'

NZIER says Bank of England's new tool to manage financial stability is better than RBNZ's high LVR limits which don't take into account households’ long-term ability to service debt

Home loan affordability gets tougher

NZ home loan affordability worsens in May after rise in interest rates, Roost Home Loan Affordability Reports show