1 Dec 16, 12:00pm
House prices nationally rose just 2% in past three months; Auckland average rises to $1.05 mln, but slowest rate of growth in nearly two years
30 Nov 16, 3:34pm
New figures show a slowing in the growth rate of household borrowing, while deposits have picked up after falling away recently
30 Nov 16, 1:18pm
Forget the new smartphone, the latest six-burner bbq or a swanky set of outdoor furniture - there's only one thing on the RBNZ's Christmas shopping list this year
30 Nov 16, 9:18am
RBNZ warns in Financial Stability Report that housing imbalances remain; Wheeler says won't use Debt To Income multiple restriction 'at this time'; RBNZ notes rising use by banks of 'hot' overseas funds
24 Nov 16, 3:39pm
New Reserve Bank figures show housing investors grabbing smallest share of new mortgage lending in at least two years; first home buyers coming on strong
23 Nov 16, 2:12pm
Would-be first home buyers should not agonise over trying to second-guess the direction of the housing market
20 Nov 16, 5:02am
Long term bond yields have risen sharply since Donald Trump's election, which is pushing up mortgage rates and the Government's borrowing costs just as it may have to start borrowing again and just as housing markets are cooling
16 Nov 16, 11:49am
Greg Ninness sees growing evidence Auckland’s housing market could be at a major turning point as it heads into summer, and wonders if other regions would survive a slowdown
15 Nov 16, 8:36am
The new 40% deposit rules for investors have clearly had an impact - but the jury is very much out on how long the impact lasts for
5 Nov 16, 6:02am
ANZ NZ CEO says volume of Auckland apartment developments falling over not a problem yet, debt-to-income ratio limits 'complex,' new LVR investor restrictions working
3 Nov 16, 8:19am
The Government is showing signs of wanting to call all the shots on the housing market itself next year
2 Nov 16, 7:12pm
Finance Minister cautious about Reserve Bank hopes for Debt to Income multiple limits; say looking closely at unintended consequences; Key says Auckland housing market stabilising; points Mt Roskill voters to low interest rates
1 Nov 16, 12:00pm
The average value of a NZ home now $622,309, in Auckland it's $1,045,207
31 Oct 16, 4:50pm
ANZ economists see a slowing of house market activity and say 'this time looks different'; banks 'rationing credit'
31 Oct 16, 3:38pm
New figures indicate the latest RBNZ housing measures may be starting to have some impact on the growth rate of household borrowing
31 Oct 16, 1:21pm
BNZ economists cast doubts on the Reserve Bank being soon able to introduce new income-related mortgage limits
27 Oct 16, 3:42pm
New Reserve Bank figures show the new LVR restrictions have been having an impact on borrowing patterns
27 Oct 16, 10:14am
BNZ annual profit drops $125m; Gross impaired assets top $1b; Capital bolstered; CEO sees increased pressure on lending margins influencing interest rates
27 Oct 16, 7:38am
ANZ senior economist Sharon Zollner crunches some housing numbers and ratios
25 Oct 16, 2:56pm
ANZ economists have changed their call and now see an expected RBNZ cut of the OCR to 1.75% next month as the last one in the current interest rates cycle


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