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Property investment

RBNZ defers property investment changes

Banks and multiple house owners have been given more time before implementation of new rules on treatment of loans to residential property investors

Spruiker alert

Property investing is a game you win by beating averages says Peter Aranyi. Do not fall for the sizzle aimed at the gullible, he warns

RBNZ goes into reverse on LVR calculations

Reserve Bank stages complete back down on plans to have all banks include personal loans and credit card debts in LVR calculations

LVRs 'could raise house prices'

ANZ survey finds significant number of housing investors believe 'speed limits' on high LVR lending could actually increase the value of their properties

House investors brimming with confidence

ANZ's 2013 Property Investment Survey shows 92% of residential property investors expect house price rises in the next year

RBNZ eyes level LVR playing field

RBNZ wants big 4 banks to include personal loans & credit card debts in LVR calculations; Eyes also on banks' treatment of raft of other lending

Capital Gains Tax — it's no magic bullet

Olly Newland says any form of tax imposed feeds into prices and reminds regulators to remember the laws of supply and demand. Your view?

Auckland house boom as deposit rates drop

Auckland housing heading back to boom territory as investors sick of low deposit rates turn back to property, BNZ's Tony Alexander says; Plus, fix or float?

...And property like it's 2007

National residential property values push on above the 2007 market peak led by Auckland and Christchurch, QV says

'House prices to double over next few years'

Opinion: Olly Newland looks at the year in retrospect and reviews what is to come. Your view?