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Residential property

QV property values up in most places

Residential property values still rising in most parts of country, but rate of increase is slowing, QV says

Aussie banks 'loosen' lending standards

Lending standards on mortgages and corporate loans loosening in Australia, UBS says

$7.5 mln sought for Auckland house scheme

City Sales owner launches investment vehicle that will buy 10 Auckland houses; aims for annualised 8.4% gross return on cash

Property boom has 'three years to run'

BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander believes  the property upturn probably has another three years to run and he says Auckland house prices are already up 27% from the low-point of 2009

Head of the class?

Term deposits vs, property vs the NZX; a simple case study

"Television is a cruel mistress''

Tax man could pour cold water on Block TV show winners' party and profits. Terry Baucher says those looking to make a quick buck on a 'do up job' should take heed.

Residential property 0.4% off peak

Nationwide residential property values rose in August & are now just 0.4% below the 2007 peak, QV says; Auckland now 6.5% above 2007 levels

Landcorp sells farm for lifestyle blocks

Landcorp to divide Northland sheep and beef farm into coastal lifestyle blocks and sell to highest bidders. Your view?

Why Olly likes 'hard assets' most

Olly Newland argues hard assets such as property are better than stocks in an era of possible hyper-inflation. Your view?

Thin returns on rental property

National return on investment for residential property less than 2%; rents will have to rise or property values to fall "significantly" to make a difference