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While you were sleeping: Oil sinks as OPEC holds

 OPEC holds production targets, gold and other commodity prices drop, surprise German unemployment fall

Debunking the post-rebuild hole myth

ANZ economists argue the eventual waning of the Christchurch rebuild won't spell doom & gloom for the wider NZ economy

'Young immigrants could prop up provinces'

NZIER's Shamubeel Eaqub says recruiting young immigrants could help address problems in NZ provinces where there are more old people, compared with the working age population, than Japan

'Regions not being plundered for city benefit'

ANZ says 'knife-and-fork economics' shows talk of cities surging & the regions being down in the dumps is just hubris. Actually many of the regions are doing well

Immigration policy is handicapping much of the country

If policy was less skill-qualification oriented & more honest-hardworking orientated, the regions would have more chance of competing for immigrants

Desperate times call for misguided promises

Rodney Dickens shows why targeting 4% unemployment is misguided and would backfire. He says it is political nonsense

NZ jobless rate higher than forecast

Unemployment rate steady at 6.0% in March quarter despite stronger-than-expected jobs growth as participation rises to record high; wage inflation benign despite strong GDP growth

Consumer stress drops to a 2 yr low

Kiwis’ financial position strengthens despite rate hikes, says credit information bureau Dun & Bradstreet

Parker's RBNZ recipe

Labour finance spokesman promising 'broader' objectives for Reserve Bank

Friday's guest Top 10

Matt Nolan on labour market recoveries, regional divergence, structural unemployment, youth unemployment, NZ's real crisis, robots, Dilbert & more