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Genesis shares top $1.80 on listing; 16.45% profit for investors

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Should the Reserve Bank remove its "speed limit" on banks' high loan to value ratio (LVR) home lending?



Friday's guest Top 10

Matt Nolan on labour market recoveries, regional divergence, structural unemployment, youth unemployment, NZ's real crisis, robots, Dilbert & more

90 seconds at 9 am: OCR rise expected

Get set for OCR increase, US economy adds more jobs than expected, Chinese trade deficit, Ukraine tensions still high; Global debt hits US$100 trillion

Balancing aspirations with the 'for now' jobs

Elizabeth Davies on lies and the career path as young people try to get established in the workforce

The cracker to follow Christmas

Next year will be an economic ripper. David Hargreaves tries to predict just how good it will be.

Broad-based, stronger growth ahead

NZIER consensus forecasts predict broad-based economic growth across household spending, investment & exports

Jobs growth surprise in the US

US jobs growth and positive prior revisions push NZ$ lower; France gets its credit rating cut, China exports more, gold falls

Jobs growth beats forecasts

Jobless rate falls more than forecast to 6.2%; Jobs growth of 1.2% much stronger than forecast; NZ$ rises on talk of earlier and bigger OCR hikes; But wages growth falls

Wage growth seen lower than previously forecast

NZIER quarterly consensus forecasts see average 2.6% economic growth over next 3 years; Wage growth 2.9%, inflation up to 2.4%

Key rubbishes 'Living Wage' proposals

Key says Labour's Living Wage proposal too expensive and would cost jobs; Key agrees Working For Families etc subsidises low wages

Job ads point to employment gains

Latest ANZ job ads survey shows 'a decent lift' in the number of advertisements; points to continuing improvement in job market