KiwiSaver news and analysis

29 Apr 16, 8:15am
EY Law's Rebecca Sellers says plenty of work is going on to test that New Zealand’s financial services regulation is meeting international best practice, but she warns that technological advances can make laws quickly redundant
28 Apr 16, 4:59pm
Cross-border trade agreement means more investment choices for New Zealanders
28 Apr 16, 4:55pm
Some KiwiSaver investors have now doubled their money after tax and fees; lack of NZ shares and alternative investments are hurting some funds
25 Apr 16, 9:03am
Our comprehensive review of regular savings returns to March 31, 2016 for Aggressive KiwiSaver funds, identifying who has the best long-term returns
23 Apr 16, 5:02am
A look at the AMP KiwiSaver scheme that attempts to fend off circling sharks with an exclusive bundled insurance offering
22 Apr 16, 2:17pm
Our comprehensive review of KiwiSaver Growth funds to March 31, 2016 identifies the top performers
21 Apr 16, 2:38pm
Milford and Super Fund part ways a year after the Fund suspended Milford's $281m mandate further to an FMA investigation
21 Apr 16, 11:11am
Our comprehensive review of Balanced KiwiSaver fund returns to March 31, 2016, identifying who has the best long-term returns
20 Apr 16, 11:17am
Retiring with $1 million in the bank is now no longer enough if you plan to live off the interest. Perhaps you need a new approach
20 Apr 16, 11:04am
Our comprehensive review of Moderate fund regular savings returns as at March 31, 2016, identifying who has the best long-term returns
19 Apr 16, 1:59pm
Our comprehensive review of Conservative KiwiSaver fund performance to March 31, 2016, identifying who has the best long-term returns
13 Apr 16, 12:27pm
Our comprehensive review of Default KiwiSaver fund performance to March 2016, identifying who has the best long-term returns
9 Apr 16, 7:00am
Craig Simpson reviews global markets and sets the scene for what KiwiSaver investors should be expecting from their funds at the end of Q1
7 Apr 16, 9:43am
Gareth Vaughan says the NZ Super Fund & ACC's proposed move onto Kiwibank's share register signals the biggest thing to happen to the state owned bank since it launched
5 Mar 16, 5:02am
FMA CEO Rob Everett suggests KiwiSaver providers are now showing more respect towards their 'privileged position'
2 Mar 16, 2:42pm
ANZ shakes up its wealth strategy in push to 'maximise and liberate' capital
2 Mar 16, 9:56am
Craig Simpson highlights some flaws in the FMA's new risk indicator and the potential for risk under-estimation
23 Feb 16, 1:44pm
Kiwibank CEO Paul Brock sees wealth sector as 'the big dynamic that's shifting in the NZ financial services marketplace'
16 Feb 16, 12:29pm
Simon Swallow says that while the turmoil from changing UK rules for QROPS has died down, new NZ rules will unsettle UK pension transfers again and in a significant way
13 Feb 16, 9:25am
Are fund managers who are heavily weighted to local markets exposing investors to greater levels of risk?


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