KiwiSaver news and analysis

22 Apr 17, 9:46am
As Australia's government prepares to formally review banking competition in its oligopolistic market, should NZ be doing the same?
10 Apr 17, 5:02am
ANZ keen to keep KiwiSaver business to itself, Group CEO Shayne Elliott says, as bank mulls future of its wealth operations
27 Mar 17, 3:37pm
FMA report highlights financial advice inequality and raises questions around breadth of financial advice on offer to even those who can afford it
19 Mar 17, 7:35pm
We look at the data of how much of New Zealand is owned by foreigners. It turns out current levels have been stable for more than 15 years. It is not growing. But our investment offshore is
8 Mar 17, 11:28am
Chapman Tripp partners see the Mark Warminger decision on market manipulation as providing useful clarification of a difficult law
8 Mar 17, 7:38am
FMA criticised for compromising quality by trying to increase the quantity of KiwiSaver advice on offer
18 Feb 17, 9:30am
Vanguard's Dan Newhall makes the case that with the right criteria, investors in actively managed funds can achieve higher returns than market benchmarks
15 Feb 17, 10:05am
ASB breaks the half billion dollar mark for six month profit; chief executive lauds 'strong momentum'
7 Feb 17, 2:15pm
Housing a key focus for National-led govt this year, PM English says; Targets KiwiSaver fees, overseas investment & trade
6 Feb 17, 8:19pm
As technology continues to upend established business models, Clayton Coplestone questions how index investors will fare during the era of disruption
2 Feb 17, 7:00am
Whistleblowing, fees, incentives and disclosure; the FMA tackles the tough stuff as it details its approach to regulating financial service providers
1 Feb 17, 10:23am
Gareth Vaughan questions whether ANZ NZ will benefit from the ANZ group selling UDC, and would benefit from selling its KiwiSaver heavy wealth unit
26 Jan 17, 4:05pm
Bank lobby group airs concerns for bank funding stemming from government's trust law reform, calls for public information campaign
22 Dec 16, 5:02am
The new Commerce & Consumer Affairs Minister is once again outside Cabinet. Does this mean National doesn't take oversight of our savings & improving the lot of SMEs seriously?
14 Dec 16, 7:50am
Goldsmith takes pity on banks for having to invest $1 million on IT upgrades needed to disclose KiwiSaver members' fees in dollar terms
8 Dec 16, 1:12pm
Diane Maxwell urges Govt to increase the minimum KiwiSaver contribution rate from 3% to 4%; Calls for over-65s to be allowed to join KiwiSaver & more contribution rate options to be put on the table
21 Nov 16, 1:09pm
David Scobie, senior consultant at Mercer, reflects on the risk and return outcomes experienced by KiwiSaver members since inception
17 Nov 16, 9:47am
Craig Simpson sees the US election result as being broadly positive for more aggressive KiwiSaver investor balances
16 Nov 16, 12:02pm
Bank lobby group says banks unable to include KiwiSaver fees in dollar terms and retirement income projections in their annual KiwiSaver statements until 2018
8 Nov 16, 3:01pm
FMA keen to crack down on KiwiSaver providers distracting investors with flashy incentives


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