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My top five favourite personal finance links in no particular order

Posted in Personal Finance

By Amanda Morrall

Most of you could probably guess them off the top of your head, however for those stumbling across this column for the first and last time, here's my top favourite personal finance blogs to keep you thinking, amused, saving and dreaming for today and the future.

1) Mr. Money Mustache

You'll never get bored of reading this blog and even if you disagree with his views on money and frugality you'll still get something out of his thoughts on getting out of debt (the faster the better), living within your means, living mindfully and finding meaning in money that transcends buying meaningless stuff that just breaks down or clogs up your closet.

Thanks Mr. Money Moustache. Hope to see you later this year in NZ.

2)  Monevator

For the most astute money manager, or least those with an avid interest in investing, Monevator is another blog you'll want to bookmark and come back to time and again.

Monevator does a great weekend reading round-up to save you the trouble and he's writing style is sharp, witty and usually right on the money.

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3) Ramith "I will teach you to be rich" Sethi

If you disdain the idea of giving up your daily latte habit and refuse to make apologies for your designer handbag, shoe, expensive taste in cars (etc.etc) Ramit Sethi is your man.

He's the anti Mr. Money Moustache in that he focuses on growing your wealth, getting ahead and striving for income growth and expansion in every way possible (that makes most sense to your circumstances) as opposed to scrimping and cutting back. He's brash, bold and more cyncical than a veteran journo but he'll inspire you to go for gold and take stock of your assets both realised and yet to be fulfilled.

His latest on "crafting the life you want" is a goodie.

4) Marketwatch

For a broad mix of news, views, analysis on personal financial topics across the board, The Wall Street Journal's Marketwatch is where it's at.

Being American, you'll get indundated with 401K info but in most instances if you substitute KiwiSaver into the text and your thinking you'll find resonance.

5) Globe and Mail

A Canadian bias I suppose but I'd like it regardless of its origin. The Globe and Mail website (Canada's national newspaper) has one of the best personal finance sections I've come across in terms of practical, informative and sensible stories, interviews and case studies. Yes in some cases, the geography and context won't gib with Kiwi issues however broadly transferable. Smart and mainstream enough to appeal to readers of all levels of financial literacy and wealth. 

May each and everyone of you find your flow, prosper and be happy.  


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Thanks for all the uplifting

Thanks for all the uplifting and enlightening blogs and links over the last few years .... a nice counterbalance to the arch hickeysterical gloomsteriser who dominates the site ...
Gummie's TOP 5 , for what it's worth :
! : Good health : without that , money is meaningless
2 : Loving relationships with friends & family
3 : Something that you love doing , your job , or hobby . A passion .
4 : Money : Have some , it makes life more comfortable , and opens opportunites .
5 : A cave : Tofu , candles , flints , guns & ammo ...... I only threw that one in to keep the gloomsters happy ... and to hope they stay there , in the caves , whilst the rest of us get on with our lives in the sunshine of a robust capitalist system ...
'Bye , Amanda .... don't be a stranger to us !!!!

Ah Gummy..,I just know you

Ah Gummy..,I just know you spent time in a cave sharpening your 
insight, wit and wisdom in a past life preparing for this one. Thank you for 
making me laugh, a lot, over these last two years and for a much needed contrarian  
view and levity.
I will miss your sweetness and light.
Namaste my friend.

Namaste   ....   you must be

Namaste   ....   you must be into spiritual stuff and yoga.... maybe
u might be interested in this book... very..very good. (  right book at right time..for me )


Amandas' Farewell.............Does this mean Amanda is leaving us..??
If so...   long may she prosper

All the very best,

All the very best, Amanda.
Here's a link to a really good book.

All the very best to you

All the very best to you Amanda and thank you for some great articles......I know we have been a tad off topic naughty sometimes , but it doesn't mean your effort wasn't appreciated.
 May success follow you with your choices in this life...
 Now where's Stanley got to at this moment....or Ralph for that matter..?
Stay well XX

... where's Wolly ? .....

... where's Wolly ? ..... might pay if everyone checks their copper pipes and sheeting .... he's a nippy wee varmint when there's some copper loose in the hoose ...

I've done my goodbyes and

I've done my goodbyes and dwelling only leaves me weepy.. ;)

Okay, okay, I'll add

Okay, okay, I'll add this;
When the wind lightens, the earth warms and light lingers in the west we know in our hearts spring draws near.  May we be equal to it's call, raising our eyes from their downward cast and glory in the promise of it.  For even to the oldest place, the driest desert  the most cynical view the dew comes in season and with it the possibility of new life.

Lovely, you guys are gonna

Lovely, you guys are gonna make me cry soon! Thank you all for the kind words and also those who emailed. It means a lot. I'm passing the torch to you lot. A mixed and healthy view on money, life and the meaning of it all.

On you Ralphie.....always the

On you Ralphie.....always the man for a picture in words...
It's Friday....YAY !!! and I can't think of a better place to pop this in.....
I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go, but what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye.
Not hilarious I admit, but should make you smile if kept in mind.

That is sad news you are

That is sad news you are leaving us Amanda. Do stop by eh?

Best wishes Amanda, always

Best wishes Amanda, always enjoyed reading your columns.

Amanda saw the truth

Amanda saw the truth eventually.
She is now the editor of the monthly New Zealand Property Investor magazine.

An update for you... like

An update for you... like many previous editors at New Zealand Property Investor Magazine, it seems Amanda has left the magazine after just a few issues.