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More mortgage free homeowners

More people are paying off their mortgages than are signing up for new ones

Key says National still needs partners

Key brushes aside talk National could govern alone; says coalition partners needed; McCully rejects talk he would let Craig win East Coast Bays; Cunliffe admits lapse of judgement

Anti-money laundering spotlight on trusts

Family trusts face greater scrutiny from banks when NZ's anti-money laundering law comes into force next June

'Parliament wrong place to make law'

After 30-40 years of NZ 'not being very smart' leads to finance company meltdown, Tony Molloy QC suggests simplifying legislation

NZICA slams IRD on holiday homes

NZICA says IRD's plans to stop holiday home owners from claiming tax for private use of homes will create complexity and inefficiency. Your view?

Take Five for personal finance

A whole lot of house, a whole lot of waste; House swaps and other cheap travel techniques; Good as gold?; Fail-safe start-ups; What gift duty abolition might mean?

EY, IRD square off over Penny and Hooper

Fresh from Penny & Hooper win, E&Y says IRD may put figure on profit a firm can pay shareholder-employees; IRD hits back

Morning Marcus: Trusts, Euro, Waste

Bernard Hickey talks with Marcus Lush on Radio Live just after 6.50 am about family trusts, more Euro drama and another debt-funded disaster

Trusts for tax avoidance? Think twice

Supreme Court ruling on Penny and Hooper in favour of IRD will put trust use by small businesses under microscope. Your experience?

Two thirds of MPs have trusts

Two thirds of MPs have interests in trusts, while 58% have interests in more than one property. See the list here.

It's time to catch the tax cheats

Bernard Hickey argues NZ Inc should crack down on tax cheating via family trusts and tax havens to avoid national bankruptcy

Monday's Top 10 with NZ Mint

Mood shifting against family trusts; Gaynor on foreign ownership again; Property outperforms NZX (really); How America writes NZ's laws; Cartoon-fest Dilbert

Family trusts threatened in law review

Michael Coote warns a narrow clique of bureacrats believe family trust law should be fixed to stop tax cheats and money launderers. Your view?