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Actually they should ban high LVR lending, where the borrower doesn't have a deposit of at least 20%, altogether.
36% (217 votes)
Yes, as soon as possible.
24% (142 votes)
They should leave the restriction as it is for at least another year.
14% (82 votes)
No, but they should increase the limit from 10% to 15%.
13% (80 votes)
No, they should leave the 10% limit there permanently.
12% (74 votes)
Total voters: 595

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Insurance news

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AM Best sees NZ insurers' RoE rising

Credit rating agency sees potential for 'significant' underwriting-led improvement in return on equity for NZ general insurers

Insurer payouts exceed $11 bln in Christchurch

Canterbury earthquake claims payouts now exceed $7.3 bln for commercial claims and $3.7 bln for residential claims

A pear shaped insurance claim

Andrew Hooker tells a recent story of how a car theft claim went very badly wrong, and is still unresolved even after a trial clearing the customer

Graeme Wheeler's statistics wish list

Governor Graeme Wheeler says RBNZ wants more data on performance metrics from banks, is reviewing exchange rate measures & gives Stats NZ a wish list

Competition snag for IAG's Lumley takeover?

Commerce Commission pushes out deadline for its ruling on NZI, AMI & State Insurance owner IAG's takeover bid for Lumley for a 2nd time

When 'woohoo' became 'what the...?'

Elizabeth Davies would like to see more people helping, rather than taking advantage of, the financially naïve

Sum insured policies

Andrew Hooker says there is more you should know about the value you insure your house for, and the limits of quantity surveyor reports

'IAG overstates banks' insurance power'

Opponents of IAG's proposed Lumley takeover cite anti-competitive 'tipping point' for NZ insurance market & an 'unprecedented' level of response

Govt wide risk financing, insurance may be unified

MBIE looks to centralise the Government's risk financing and insurance strategies

Give me my cash!

Elizabeth Davies wonders exactly when and why it became so difficult to access your own savings

'A failure to perform'

Southern Response to face a class action lawsuit over "failure to meet its contractual obligations"

Conservative homeowners fear risk shift

Cam Preston says both homeowners and insurers are frustrated with the slow progress of the Canterbury rebuild

'2,630 dwelling claims still undetermined'

Most insurer-mandated Canterbury quake rebuilds are completed or underway says ICNZ

Income insurance fine print

When you have an income protection insurance claim it is too late to fight about the details. Andrew Hooker points out one key thing to check up front

IAG performs strongly in NZ

Insurer posts 75.5% gain in profits ahead of takeover of Lumley

ANZ settles frozen funds issue with insurers

ANZ getting A$85 mln from insurers in ING frozen funds settlement

AMP 'passing on' life insurance cost rises

AMP Financial Services says changes to the taxation of life insurance will cut profit by $20m annually from 2015; Is 'passing on premium increases'

RBNZ 'not running zero failure insurance regime'

RBNZ says insurance regulation will focus on big insurers and/or those deemed to be at higher risk of failure; 'Reactive' approach to insurers deemed low risk

Majority of claims now settled

The Insurance Council reports insurers have now paid out $10 billion in claim settlements for the Canterbury earthquakes

ASB half-year profit rises 14%

ASB half-year net profit after tax rises 14% to a record high NZ$416 mln; CEO Barbara Chapman sees momentum continuing, says NZ's in 'a very good position'