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Labour wants universal KiwiSaver at 9%

Labour proposes universal KiwiSaver scheme with exemptions for very low paid, beneficiaries and self employed; sees contributions rising to 9%

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Jason Krupp on Len Brown's politics trumping economics, the taxi cartel, rude retailers, the GFC's birth rate impact, Dilbert and more

Friday's guest Top 10

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Default KiwiSaver providers named

Commerce Minister Craig Foss today announced the selection of nine KiwiSaver default providers for a seven year term starting in July

'Better than finance company debentures'

Heartland boss says constraints on reverse equity mortgages have been supply driven not demand driven; Eyes $90m of new annual lending

Kiwis feeling better off

Statistics NZ's latest household economic survey shows household incomes rising faster than spending

KiwiSaver default provider beauty parade

Craig Simpson says the IRD should offer the only default fund and the proposed fund manager selection criteria is biased against the smaller players

Default providers to stay conservative

KiwiSaver default providers to retain 'conservative' investment approach

Retirement options outlined

Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income says it is 'inevitable' private savings will play a larger role in future

BNZ KiwiSaver scheme reaches $100m

BNZ KiwiSaver scheme reaches $100m in funds under management following February 25 launch

NZ Fund's Super Return

NZ Super Fund makes record return of 25.8% in financial year to June

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How should New Zealand save for its retirement?

Bernard Hickey says the Govt should restart NZ Super Fund contributions now because the country should have the same outlook as a as a 20 yr old

'Average NZer would last 4 months on savings alone'

A quarter of New Zealanders would burn through their savings within a month if their main source of income was lost, a MasterCard survey suggests

Call for Key u-turn on Super

Results in latest reader poll show strong support for PM changing his mind and raising the retirement age to 67

FMA on when it would name KiwiSaver offenders

Financial Markets Authority says 'case closed' satisfactorily after issues were raised with 2 unnamed KiwiSaver providers over possible misleading statements in offer documents

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