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Big bank KiwiSaver performance assessed

ANZ the winner among the big banks in the KiwiSaver market, actuaries declare

Closing the gender gap in financial literacy

The NZ Initiative's Jason Krupp questions whether NZ's Commission for Financial Capability is gender blind. He argues the gender financial literacy gap must be closed

On the first day of Christmas...

Here's Elizabeth Kerr's version of The Twelve Days of Christmas to keep you on the right financial path over the holiday season

How cavemen & women's descendants became shopaholics

Just because something is on sale does not mean you should buy it. Elizabeth Kerr asks if you are 'spaving' - spending to save

You are entitled to nothing

Elizabeth Kerr thinks a good life is getting tangled up with a goods life; Says gratitude is the antidote to entitlement

Stop being house greedy - keep the change instead

Elizabeth Kerr says the social pressure to keep 'buying up' stops people from utilising their money and time to their best advantage

What is a money machine?

Elizabeth Kerr outlines her ideas on how you can create a money machine that spits out exactly what you need each year

'Old School is the New Cool'

Elizabeth wants you to treat debt like the hair you pull out of the plug hole in the shower – its gross, you don’t want to touch it but you have to get rid of it

Change your perspective - change your life

Elizabeth Kerr suggests categorising your 'non-negotiable needs' and 'everything else' will help with money management

Your luck will run out

Your everyday behavioural choices will make a big difference to your ability to retire early and wealthy, Elizabeth Kerr says. Starting with the right habits is crucial

My favourite topic – your golden watch

Elizabeth Kerr says achieving your own golden watch is the penultimate in financial security

Introducing Elizabeth Kerr

New columnist Elizabeth Kerr outlines how and why she will be writing about money and how to accumulate it

The hunt for a socially responsible KiwiSaver

Craig Simpson reviews the Socially Responsible Funds available in KiwiSaver in the wake of ASB closing the FirstChoice Global Sustainability Fund

KiwiSaver money go-round

FMA concerned transfers between KiwiSaver providers have almost doubled over past 12 months

FMA keen KiwiSaver 'switching scandal' is avoided

Despite some concern over banks' KiwiSaver behaviour, FMA boss says the regulator doesn't see a systemic problem

Labour wants universal KiwiSaver at 9%

Labour proposes universal KiwiSaver scheme with exemptions for very low paid, beneficiaries and self employed; sees contributions rising to 9%

Friday's guest Top 10

Jason Krupp on Len Brown's politics trumping economics, the taxi cartel, rude retailers, the GFC's birth rate impact, Dilbert and more

Friday's guest Top 10

Oliver Hartwich on how broadband impacts Z, back to Greece, perspective on Australia's housing bubble, QE as financial morphine, who suffers from inflation, Dilbert & more

Default KiwiSaver providers named

Commerce Minister Craig Foss today announced the selection of nine KiwiSaver default providers for a seven year term starting in July

'Better than finance company debentures'

Heartland boss says constraints on reverse equity mortgages have been supply driven not demand driven; Eyes $90m of new annual lending