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Govt debt heading to 200% of GDP?

An ACT candidate sets out how we can afford to pay for rising heathcare costs as our population ages without reducing services

The inflation tax

Matt Nolan takes a final look at tax and explores 'monetary financing', and ramping up the inflation rate as a form of taxation

How to enforce taxation on overseas retail purchases

Benje Patterson looks at how taxes can be collected for online shipments from offshore retailers, and the difficulties that Customs will face in enforcing any policy change

Amanda's Take Five for Tuesday

Making time for the future; The faithful employee; Tips for the anti-shopper; NZ Super fund's top 10 holdings; I.T. innovations that will help the taxman

Amanda's Take Five for Thursday

Can you trust your bank?; Pets for the super rich (and the rest of us plebes); Corporate tax dodge; Mortgage dieting in Oz; Strange sales in the U.S. 

Aussies finally move on super portability

Draft legislation allowing for portability of superannuation funds across the Tasman passed; expected to become law in July 2013

Farming bears

Farmers have turned pessimistic according to Fed Farmers' Bruce Wills and he wonders why politicians continue to 'redistribute' money we clearly don't have

Amanda's Take Five for Monday

Amanda's renewed optimism; super rich tax havens; fees on managed funds; stretching your time and imagination to make money; financial feuds

'Tax tweaks late additions to Budget'

Tax columnist Terry Baucher does the sums on the "zero" 2012 budget and uncovers the unreported $1.4 billion 'bracket creep' that will put more money in Govt's pocket.

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Mortgage fast-tracking (a case study of hair ironing); Cracking down on bad debt behaviour; 34 ways to spend less; Start-up smarts; Laughing at billionaires in love

Amanda's Take Five for Tuesday

20 new rules for money; I'm not worthy; Be grateful for what you have; Don't shoot the messenger; An economist eats lunch; Budgeting blunders; Ipad Dad

OECD warns on debt, but gets it wrong

NZ faces 2nd largest fiscal consolidation effort in OECD to get gross public debt under 50% of GDP by 2050; But OECD uses old figures

Possibility of 2012 'zero' Budget

PM now talking of ‘zero’ 2012 Budget; How the situation’s changed since saying govt committed to NZ$800m spending increase two months ago

Amanda's Take Five for Wednesday

Profiting from quantitative easing; The psychology of stress; Tax servitude and charitable causes; Home economics and the working mother; The perils of lifestyle property

Take Five for personal finance

Saving with a purpose; Here's a thought Mr.Key; Emergency money?; Falling up; Dan Carter's good cause underwear sale

Take Five for personal finance

Too sexy or perhaps too poor for lipstick; All that glitters is gold to the taxman; Underground economists; Too much savings? 10 tips for the successful long-term investor

Take Five for personal finance

The Kiwi/Canuck business advantage; Unsung small businesses; 10 principles to avoid early bankruptcy; international growth funds; spotlight on China

A tale of two trusting surgeons

Columnist Michael Coote retells the Penny and Hooper tax tale and exposes the perils of tax arbitrage

Amanda's Five-fold Fridays

Five-fold Friday: Our "fat, lazy and monopolistic" energy suppliers; Debt noose tightens on middle NZ; KiwiSaver enrollment slows; Tax revolt; A Parable of Wealth

Amanda's Five-Fold Friday

Top 10 NZ Super holdings listed; Minimum Credit payments crunched; Many clueless in KiwiSaver; Amanda's tax rage; Jean Luc Godard's Greek debt solution