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Have rising residential property values left you better or worse off financially?


AMP Capital

Zeacom founder contemplates life after tech

Following the recent sale of his business, Andrew Patterson talks to Zeacom founder Miles Valentine about the software industry, the decision to sell and why the NZ capital markets were a second-best option for the business

Amanda's Take Five for Monday

Pop goes the bond fund balloon; Historical returns; Getting real about investment returns; Ground zero for savings; Becoming unstuck

'Bricks-and-mortar will always dominate'

Mall owner says online spending to top out at 15% of retail sales

KiwiSaver performance explained

KiwiSaver Q&A; unit pricing and your provider's obligations plus a guide to our after fees and after tax performance rankings at

OnePath crowned fund manager of year

OnePath named fund manager of the year and KiwiSaver provider of the year by research house Morningstar. Your view?

If rates are cut, it opens up opportunities for capital gain

National victory may stoke appeal of NZ bonds in uncertain globe, AMP Capital says

Where value lies for seasick investors

In a turbulent world what's fueling fund manager optimism and which Kiwi companies are keeping them happy?

Amanda's Five-fold Friday

How bread and movie prices outsprinted inflation; Fidelity vs AMP on KiwiSaver; Top 10 tax tips for Brits in NZ; "Frankenpants"