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Andrew Patterson is a contributing editor to the Business section.
He is also the business correspondent for RadioLIVE and presents Sunday Business, the network’s weekly programme dedicated to business and economic issues.
Previously, Andrew was based in Sydney for six years where he worked as a business presenter for Australia’s leading news network, ABC NewsRadio.
Andrew holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Auckland where he is currently undertaking a Master’s in Business Commercialisation & Entrepreneurship.

Articles by Andrew Patterson

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A big year for lingerie brand Rose & Thorne

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Young, successful, and still in his 20s

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Stretching innovation into the future

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Global success for DJ software

Andrew Patterson talks to Sam Gribben of Serato about high value skills, strong brand leadership, and expertise in a defined space making a classic weightless export

NZ's hot new bio-tech stock

Andrew Patterson talks to David Darling of Pacific Edge about making a key bio-tech partnership with the University of Otago pay off in a big way

Sporting heroes back new sports drink

Andrew Patterson talks to James Mayo of SOS Hydration about how he is building his business using key sports people as investors and endorsers

Friday's Top 10 at 10

Andrew Patterson takes us through ten of the best business reads of 2013; Dilbert & more

Riding the global education revolution from NZ

Andrew Patterson talks to Hapara's Jan Zawadzki and how they won the 2013 NYC Schools Gap App Challenge with innovative classroom tools

Social media drives Expedia's growth

Andrew Patterson talks to Dacey Nicoletti about how the online travel agency Expedia works to stand out in the travel trade

Being social, not socially awkward

Andrew Patterson meets ex-pat kiwi marketing superstar Sarah Robb O’Hagan who talks about how businesses should harness social media

Back to a future of service

Andrew Patterson talks to Mike Bennetts of Z Energy about how he has re-positioned the old Shell brand and is re-engaging with customers