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28 Nov 14, 10:00am
Friday's Top 10: Andrew Patterson’s Top 10 business reads for 2014
3 Mar 14, 11:50am
Andrew Patterson talks to Chris White who followed his market validation research to find a huge international audience for his movies and music education products
20 Feb 14, 4:00pm
Andrew Patterson talks to Wade Jackson who has taken storytelling 'away from the stage and put it into a business context'
11 Feb 14, 4:45pm
Andrew Patterson talks to Aaron Carter about what it took to develop a successful participation-based recreational sport event company
5 Feb 14, 5:01pm
Andrew Patterson talks to Mike Pervan about how his business became a world leader in airplane fitouts
28 Jan 14, 1:23pm
Andrew Patterson explores the growth and marketing transformation of the Auckland real estate powerhouse, Barfoot & Thompson
20 Jan 14, 2:15pm
Andrew Patterson talks to Craig Smith who is using a gaming approach to online learning, which young users love worldwide
7 Jan 14, 1:53pm
Andrew Patterson talks to Ian Clarke who is chasing growth as the rush to the cloud gains momentum
11 Dec 13, 1:17pm
Andrew Patterson talks to Stefan Preston whose company has won this year’s Entrepreneurs Challenge with 'ridiculously affordable', beautifully designed lingerie
3 Dec 13, 3:34pm
Andrew Patterson talks to Justin Mahy a CEO developing a multimedia interactive presentation builder, with a never-give-up growth focus
25 Nov 13, 5:02pm
Andrew Patterson talks to Sam Ovens, one of a new breed of young entrepreneur; smart, savvy, with a command of technology
11 Nov 13, 1:02pm
Andrew Patterson talks to Ben O'Brien who found the lure of commercialisation drove his PhD project to achieve an outstanding result
4 Nov 13, 2:47pm
Andrew Patterson talks to Sam Gribben of Serato about high value skills, strong brand leadership, and expertise in a defined space making a classic weightless export
29 Oct 13, 2:55pm
Andrew Patterson talks to David Darling of Pacific Edge about making a key bio-tech partnership with the University of Otago pay off in a big way
24 Oct 13, 10:20am
Andrew Patterson talks to James Mayo of SOS Hydration about how he is building his business using key sports people as investors and endorsers
18 Oct 13, 10:30am
Friday's Top 10: Andrew Patterson takes us through ten of the best business reads of 2013; Dilbert & more
15 Oct 13, 4:21pm
Andrew Patterson talks to Hapara's Jan Zawadzki and how they won the 2013 NYC Schools Gap App Challenge with innovative classroom tools
7 Oct 13, 10:42am
Andrew Patterson talks to Dacey Nicoletti about how the online travel agency Expedia works to stand out in the travel trade
30 Sep 13, 2:44pm
Andrew Patterson meets ex-pat kiwi marketing superstar Sarah Robb O’Hagan who talks about how businesses should harness social media
23 Sep 13, 12:03pm
Andrew Patterson talks to Mike Bennetts of Z Energy about how he has re-positioned the old Shell brand and is re-engaging with customers
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