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Have rising residential property values left you better or worse off financially?


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KiwiSaver first time home buying queries

We look at one couple's disqualification for a first time home withdrawal from KiwiSaver and a plan by another to square Auckland's over-priced market with KiwiSaver.

KiwiSaver Q&A "Hero to zero funds"

KiwiSaver Q&A: I am getting married and buying a house but want assurances, in the event of a split, that I get my share of the deposit back. How does this work?

To repay debt or save, that is the question

KiwiSaver Q&A: We explore the rules around first time home purchase and the pros and cons of fast tracking the mortgage versus saving

'Build houses to reduce landlord subsidy'

Accommodation Supplement: Landlord subsidy punching a big hole in govt books due to unaffordable housing, or an essential benefit?

KiwiSaver Q&A

Can  KiwiSaver funds be tapped by property investors for the purposes of a first-time home and can it be used in conjunction with a Welcome Home Loan?