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Alex is's political journalist based in the parliamentary press gallery in Wellington.
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Growth lower than expected

Economy grows at half expected pace in Sept qtr; Revisions show June qtr growth cut in half; NZ did have double-dip recession in 2010; But annual growth highest in 4 yrs

Current account deficit narrows

NZ current account deficit narrows to 4.7% of GDP in Sept qtr from June, but more imports this year means more paid to rest of world than a year ago

Taxpayer bill from euro nations may grow

Odds on NZ taxpayers helping fund more European sovereign bailouts via the International Monetary Fund have increased, Treasury says

Govt on track for small surplus

Treasury lowers govt's forecast for 2014/15 surplus to NZ$66 mln from NZ$197 mln on Budget day; DMO increases debt programme; Tax revenue pick down NZ$8 bln

Petrol tax to be hiked 9 cents

Govt to hike petrol taxes and road user charges 9 cents a litre over three years to pay for highway projects; But 'keen to keep overall costs down for households & business'

SOE sales go to Supreme Court

Supreme Court grants leave for Maori Council to appeal High Court ruling that govt's asset sales decisions can't be reviewed

Ross liquidators to look to Madoff

Ross Asset Management liquidators PwC have big task deciding whether investors who received money before collapse can keep it

PwC to liquidate Ross companies

PwC to liquidate Ross Asset Management companies; Warns 'premature to assume anything at this stage in regards to third party recoveries'

'Economy to be worse for longer'

NZIER consensus forecasts show lower growth, OCR on hold till end of 2013, unemployment to stay high, NZ$ to keep rising, Govt won't hit surplus target

Key's 2013 goal: Cut unemployment

PM Key says goal for 2013 is to reduce unemployment rate; Westpac consumer survey shows more 2013 pessimists than optimists; But overall confidence rises

Selling down your home in retirement

NZ needs to look at decumulation in retirement income debate, expat economist says; 'How do you convince retirees to start selling down their homes?'

Upton outlines economic challenges

Ex-Cabinet Minister turned OECD official Simon Upton highlights range of risks facing NZ economy over 40yrs including global warming, pollution, pandemics, war, financial crises, deficits...

Cullen on managing Super costs

Ex-Finance Minister Michael Cullen gives 3 ways to manage Super costs; Tax KiwiSaver withdrawals; Form of income testing; Super levy

Court throws out bid to halt asset sales

High Court rules govt decision to sell shares in four energy SOEs 'not reviewable'; Paves way for Mighty River sale; Maori Council already working on appeal

KiwiSaver as a monetary policy tool?

Could universal KiwiSaver be used for monetary policy means, former Finance Minister Cullen asks

'Housing affordability a key retirement income issue'

Housing affordability a looming retirement income crisis, retiring Retirement Commissioner Crossan says

Billions to fix prone buildings

'Ballpark' cost of upgrading NZ's 15,000-25,000 earthquake-prone buildings between NZ$2 bln & NZ$12 bln, Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment estimates

RBNZ hikes NZ$ forecast

Reserve Bank hikes NZ$ forecast - TWI to stay above 71 into 2015; Says NZ$ higher than it wants; 'Due partly to major economy QE, NZ's relatively good prospects'