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22 Feb 17, 7:55am
People hopefully getting the message on housing, Finance Minister Joyce says; Notes interest rates set to rise, Auckland house prices high and starting to fall; Some demand measures but supply the big issue
21 Feb 17, 3:16pm
OECD in town for 2017 economic review; Focus on medium-term fiscal risks; Finance Minister Joyce is ‘sure they’ll talk about housing’
21 Feb 17, 2:55pm
Govt launches first social bond after raising $1.5m from four investors, focused on getting South Aucklanders with medium-level mental health conditions back into work
21 Feb 17, 7:27am
PM English says RBNZ, Super Fund, ACC Fund and Housing NZ CEOs' pay-rise regimes set to change following outcry over Super Fund CEO Adrian Orr's 36% raise
20 Feb 17, 4:23pm
Govt and fast-growing councils are in 'gritty talks' over use of $1bn housing infrastructure fund, PM English says; 'Councils don't seem to have projects ready to go'
20 Feb 17, 9:38am
Labour's 'employment goal' for RBNZ monetary policy to remain open without specific nominal jobs target; Set to follow US example of not telling central bank which of price stability and employment goals to prioritise
17 Feb 17, 10:06am
NZ govt finances like ship sailing towards distant reef, Treasury deputy secretary says; Govt currently in very strong position; Risks include ageing population
15 Feb 17, 3:55pm
Govt building boom claim fueled by 137% rise in building costs since 2004, Labour says; Twyford vs Smith in Parliament take-two
15 Feb 17, 6:29am
Smith, Twyford & Peters battle over housing figures as consents-to-builds rates, state house building and shortfall estimates are aired in Parliament
14 Feb 17, 3:40pm
Govt opens consultation on urban development authorities, Building and Construction Minister Smith announces
14 Feb 17, 11:07am
Building and Construction Minister Smith says getting better estimates of NZ housing shortage is tough without becoming Soviet-style economy
14 Feb 17, 9:34am
Green Party won't stand candidate in Wellington's Ohariu electorate, in move giving Labour better chance to oust United Future's Peter Dunne
13 Feb 17, 5:50pm
PM English welcomes Auckland unitary plan ruling; Eyes development on govt land in Mt Roskill, Avondale and South Auckland in addition to existing projects
10 Feb 17, 9:32am
RBNZ Governor tells MPs sceptical about debt-to-income restrictions they could distort the housing market, which the government's tax policies already do
9 Feb 17, 12:41pm
Unprecedented net migration has little effect on monetary policy as younger people arrive, but macro-prudential tools may help if it feeds through to higher house prices, RBNZ says
9 Feb 17, 7:46am
Risks to NZ economy include Chinese financial stability, NZ housing and dairy sectors, Treasury and Joyce say; Treasury pencils in dairy price rises
8 Feb 17, 4:02pm
NZ house prices look to have peaked, Joyce says as Treasury warns borrowers on rising interest rates; Greens eye BC-style stamp duty
8 Feb 17, 1:09pm
Finance Minister says he wants full 'cost benefit analysis' and public consultation before considering introduction of debt-to-income ratios for house buying; DTIs now very unlikely before election
8 Feb 17, 11:46am
Housing NZ's $2 bln, 3-year building & acquisition programme to see net gain of 1,400 houses in Auckland
8 Feb 17, 9:35am
Labour OK with 6-month interim RBNZ governor after election, but could be cut short by PTA review if in govt, Robertson says. Wants to include employment focus in PTA
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