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24 Jul 17, 9:20am
National promises $600m for housing infrastructure investment alongside private sector for projects to be owned by SPVs, repaid through targeted rates and volumetric charges; Labour says this was its policy from 2015
23 Jul 17, 6:02am
Steven Joyce came very close last week to saying he wanted a big fall in Auckland house values. So would he take action after the election if government moves to boost housing supply come up short?
21 Jul 17, 12:38pm
Social Housing Register waiting list hits new record high in June; Amy Adams says rising rents partly to blame but AS boost could help; Labour's Twyford highlights NZ homelessness as worst in OECD
21 Jul 17, 5:02am
Home owners vs renters: Life satisfaction, living conditions, health and financial position differences laid bare by Stats NZ survey
20 Jul 17, 5:02am
Labour's Robertson holds fast on opposition to tax threshold changes to account for inflation bracket creep, even if 2016/17 tax take comes in above expectations; Says coalition talks could involve reprioritising spending plans
19 Jul 17, 11:00am
Labour fiscal plan includes $20bn spending boost, $10bn more in revenue over next four years while keeping Crown expenses steady and repaying debt; Gives itself $10bn for campaign policies
19 Jul 17, 5:02am
Labour to announce high-level spending projections Wednesday with focus on health; Work done on how to deflect 'tax and spend' and 'dodgy accounting' criticisms of previous years
18 Jul 17, 1:39pm
Gareth Morgan's TOP proposes universal income for 18-23 year-olds of $200 per week; Will scrap student allowances and living costs, and first $10,000 of annual benefits for the age group
18 Jul 17, 10:55am
Flat prices in June quarter bring annual inflation rate back to 1.7% as cheaper petrol, domestic airfares offset rising rent, food and electricity prices
6 Jul 17, 10:29am
Two instances of the government wrongly defending its Auckland First Home Buyer track record has Alex Tarrant warning: Beware Ministers bearing affordability data
5 Jul 17, 11:13am
Green Party says would prioritise light rail from Auckland CBD to airport for 2021; Would look to partially fund it through land value capture
5 Jul 17, 5:02am
Affordable housing front-and-centre in Parliament Tuesday: Amy Adams announces building programme in (marginal) Hutt Valley; English says Nick Smith and his team are doing a great job
4 Jul 17, 11:57am
A Labour-Greens-NZ First coalition would be a 'very good government' for NZ, Andrew Little says; Attacks Maori Party, says he would rather have NZ First in the fold over them if choice was there
4 Jul 17, 9:36am
Nick Smith says housing affordability is in the eye of the beholder; Defends government’s track record on Auckland affordable housing supply; Says can't regulate prices in SHA developments, despite desire for 10% affordable
4 Jul 17, 7:31am
America's Cup, APEC in 2021 could make Auckland infrastructure planning "a little bit complex," PM English says. Possible to bring projects forward, but focus is on how much the funding gap has grown over past 12-18 months
4 Jul 17, 6:08am
Maori Party ready to put aside ‘old-school’ animosity towards Labour as it eyes alternative Kingmaker role; Alex Tarrant speaks to Marama Fox about coalitions, Labour’s treatment of its Maori MPs, policy lines & Grandad Winston
2 Jul 17, 7:02am
Does Auckland have the infrastructure capacity to host the America's Cup? Alex Tarrant reviews two of the Mexican stand-offs involving central government, the Auckland Council, the Airport and Watercare
30 Jun 17, 1:40pm
Former Labour Cabinet Minister Shane Jones to stand for New Zealand First in Whangarei; Winston Peters says Jones has full caucus backing
30 Jun 17, 9:21am
BNZ pushes OCR hike track from Q1 to mid-2018 with 'trepidation'; Says Governor change, election makes forecasting harder; Notes weak Q2 inflation guides, but maintains capacity pressure & growth mean tightening bias is needed
29 Jun 17, 12:55pm
Labour promises minimum wage boost, aims to link it to two-thirds of average wage; Reveals employment relations proposals; Little says working people’s slice of the economy has shrunk under National
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