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Milford Asset Management

'House prices will drop by up to 25%'

Brian Gaynor says he's not quite as positive as he was a year ago on NZ economy, warns of damage from house price correction at some point

Review of KiwiSaver returns to December 31

KiwiSaver returns show equity dominant strategies continuing to outperform; Actively managed bank schemes superior across many categories

2014 'a once in a generation year'

Milford Asset Management's Brian Gaynor on his expectations for the economy, sharemarket, house prices, interest rates and the NZ$ in 2014

Chorus – Maximum uncertainty?

Chorus at 'the maximum point of uncertainty' says Milford Asset Management's Mark Warminger who is a new investor, as he asks what could be done to help Chorus

Milford's September KiwiSaver results

Milford Asset Management's KiwiSaver returns likely to be the envy of many competitors

Brian Gaynor on the Govt's SOE selldowns

'Mighty River Power share sale has had negative impact, Meridian price too high, govt not attracting enough retail investors, Genesis may be a struggle, Air NZ attractive'

Star fund now 'too big for NZ market'

Milford closes one big flagship fund to new investors, launches another one with different mandate

All good things must come to an end

Milford Asset Management's KiwiSaver Active Growth Fund records a negative return after a dream run of 20 consecutive positive months

Milford number one, daylight second

Milford Asset Management's KiwiSaver fund returns making Kiwi's better off

Amanda's Take Five for Monday

Samurai shares; A great rotation?; Mood and momentum; Across the Tasman; Will fortune favour the brave?