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New Zealand Post

Kiwibank in line for SOE sale cash?

Kiwibank could be in line for cash raised from partial privatisations of SOEs to help grow SME lending, PM Key says

Quake erodes Kiwibank profit

Kiwibank March quarter profit tumbles to $814k from $12.2m

Pressure on Kiwibank owner mounts

Have your say: Pressure on Kiwibank owner NZ Post to close outlets due to unsustainable costs; Is Kiwibank a drain?

Kiwibank push into life insurance

Kiwibank also taps European markets for 'hundreds of millions' of dollars in short-term funds. Your view on SOE foreign borrowing?

Genesis eyeing 'hybrid equity bonds'

Genesis' retail bond offer delayed as S&P mulls equity treatment ahead of govt sell down

Kiwibank half-year profit falls 41%

Kiwibank interim profit drops as bad debt provisions more than double to NZ$45.5 mln

Kiwibank makes finance company push

Kiwibank steps into finance company void, won't rule out tilt at SCF assets

Low 1-year mortgage rate 'very effective'

Kiwibank mortgage book vaults through the NZ$10 billion mark; Bottom line probably not so strong

Kiwibank cuts 1-year mortgage rate

Kiwibank aims to 'kick-start New Year' with mortgage rate cut

Kiwibank calls for compulsory KiwiSaver

Compulsory KiwiSaver with Super Fund investing set percentage of money domestically could boost savings, says state owned bank. Your view?