24 Aug 17, 3:42pm
New Reserve Bank figures show the amount borrowed by first home buyers was up last month compared with a year ago - while investors borrowed $1 bln less than they did in July 2016
22 Aug 17, 1:01pm
Bill English doesn't want Winston Peters anywhere near NZ's monetary policy settings but can't rule him out becoming Finance Minister - says that's up to voters to decide
22 Aug 17, 5:02am
Where's all the inflation gone, and where's it going to come from? Alex Tarrant chats to RBNZ Deputy Governor Geoff Bascand about importing low global prices, the need for domestic inflation to pick up, and whether he's going for the top job
21 Aug 17, 11:26am
Westpac economists say there is no compelling case at the moment for the Reserve Bank to loosen the limits on high loan to value ratio lending
18 Aug 17, 10:02am
Martien Lubberink on lessons learnt 10 years after the GFC, the RBNZ's capital review & peace breaking out between the RBNZ & Kiwibank
18 Aug 17, 9:26am
BNZ's Tony Alexander says first home buyers are buying fewer homes because house prices are 'too high' and the loans they would need are 'too frighteningly big'
17 Aug 17, 12:17pm
TOP's Geoff Simmons argues National & Labour are out to lunch when it comes to addressing the housing crisis and says TOP has the answers
16 Aug 17, 4:15pm
It's all very well talking about removing loan to value lending limits, but we need to hear what the Government would do if house prices started to rise quickly again
15 Aug 17, 12:10pm
English and Ardern raise concerns with RBNZ's loan-to-value ratio limits, and debt-to-income ratio work, while 'respecting' RBNZ independence
14 Aug 17, 4:02pm
Economists are pushing out the timeframe for interest rate rises, while ANZ economists say they are tempted to 'flat-line' their future interest rate projections
14 Aug 17, 11:04am
David Hargreaves suggests the real estate industry is singling out the wrong target by urging exemptions from the RBNZ’s LVR rules for first home buyers
12 Aug 17, 8:42am
We review how much New Zealand households have in financial assets, the components, and how they are growing (or not). The levels may surprise you
11 Aug 17, 8:58am
A very quick defence of RBNZ Governor Graeme Wheeler's five year term - in his own words; Just keep in mind output and employment growth averaged 3% a year and house price growth moderated
10 Aug 17, 12:17pm
David Hargreaves on RBNZ Governor Graeme Wheeler's final curtain call
10 Aug 17, 9:46am
Live-streamed video from the August 2017 RBNZ press conference with Governor Graeme Wheeler
10 Aug 17, 9:09am
Reserve Bank leaves Official Cash Rate unchanged at 1.75%; still forecasting interest rate rises from late 2019 onwards; dollar gains slightly
9 Aug 17, 2:58pm
CEO Barbara Chapman says ASB has 'found no evidence of any problems' in probe of its anti-money laundering compliance processes in wake of Aussie parent's woes
7 Aug 17, 3:17pm
Influential RBNZ Survey of expectations shows anticipated inflation of 2.09% in two years time, down from 2.17% in May and close to the RBNZ's explicit target of 2%
7 Aug 17, 8:11am
What will the RBNZ do and say in Governor Graeme Wheeler's swansong OCR review and Monetary Policy Statement?
5 Aug 17, 10:35am
We track the changes in the way banks have allocated their lending and review the big influences that have driven it. The trend only works as long as house prices keep rising


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