25 Jun 17, 8:36am
Sifting through the RBNZ tea-leaves: As banks encourage 2-year mortgage rates, borrowers may find they come off to a higher OCR, hiked earlier and potentially higher than expected, Alex Tarrant argues
23 Jun 17, 3:42pm
Total combined assets of SBS Bank, The Co-operative Bank and TSB Bank push past $13 billion as strong residential mortgage lending growth continues
22 Jun 17, 9:03am
Reserve Bank leaves OCR on hold at 1.75%; Keeps comment that monetary policy will remain accommodative for a considerable period
22 Jun 17, 8:04am
David Hargreaves wonders, given the national obsession for housing, whether there could be better 'official' information available on market trends
15 Jun 17, 3:17pm
David Hargreaves wants to see a new Reserve Bank Governor who is thick-skinned and accepts that people will disagree with them
15 Jun 17, 3:07pm
Finance Minister Joyce says not getting involved in Reserve Bank Governor Wheeler's complaints about BNZ economist's criticism of Reserve Bank's monetary policy stance
14 Jun 17, 5:02am
Gareth Vaughan suggests that whoever is in government after the September 23 election, the RBNZ's unlikely to get a DTI tool and largely has itself to blame
13 Jun 17, 5:02am
The RBNZ floats the idea of macro-prudential tools such as LVR and DTI restrictions becoming permanent fixtures of the borrowing and lending landscape
9 Jun 17, 7:49am
The RBNZ says debt to income restrictions could prevent about 10,000 borrowers from buying a house, reduce house sales volumes by about 9%, trim house prices and credit growth by up to 5%, and shave 0.1% off GDP
7 Jun 17, 9:10am
Finance Minister Joyce renews existing RBNZ Policy Targets Agreement for when incoming acting Governor Spencer takes over from Wheeler in September
6 Jun 17, 2:22pm
Roger J Kerr looks at the choices large bond fund managers are facing, wondering how these will impact our long term interest rates
6 Jun 17, 2:04pm
If the NZD was a share price for our economy, it would be a firm 'buy' or 'hold' recommendation. But the question is, are all the gains now priced in, asks Roger J Kerr
3 Jun 17, 6:02am
Debt-to-income ratio limits might not have 'terribly big effects' on first home buyer sector, the RBNZ's macro-stability head tells interest.co.nz; But it depends on how tool is calibrated; Cost-benefit analysis 'not easy'
2 Jun 17, 2:40pm
NZ's largest general insurer wants insurers that aren't locally incorporated to be required to hold a certain amount of assets in NZ; Says there's room for the RBNZ to require insurers to disclose more 
2 Jun 17, 10:01am
Shock, horror, the RBNZ concludes banks' ability to attract household deposit funding is sensitive to the interest rates they offer savers
2 Jun 17, 9:44am
Big banks' net interest margins take a hit in the March quarter with cost-to-income ratios also under some pressure
1 Jun 17, 4:39pm
Kiwibank 'deconsolidates' bond issuing vehicle at a cost of $1.1 mln to resolve capital standoff with the RBNZ
1 Jun 17, 9:47am
The RBNZ notes small banks have doubled their share of new mortgage commitments since 2014, and that rapid lending growth carries risk
1 Jun 17, 8:29am
Reserve Bank's Auckland house price correction warning: Why 5% is an important threshold for stressed, highly leveraged home-owners; And why the RBNZ needs that DTI tool
31 May 17, 2:40pm
The RBNZ says a significant proportion of New Zealand borrowers are vulnerable to a material increase in mortgage rates, with Auckland borrowers appearing particularly vulnerable


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