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David Cunliffe

Collins resigns after 'gunning' for Feeley

Judith Collins resigns after revelation of Slater email saying she was "gunning for Feeley"; Collins denies campaigning to oust SFO Director; Key says Collins had to go; Hotchin link?

Cunliffe seen winner on points in debate

Cunliffe seen winning on points in first leaders debate with Key, who seemed flat and rattled; Your view?; Collins denies plot to roll Key and calls Winston a liar

Labour down in Digipoll

Winston Peters firming up as Kingmaker; Key says Peters may have big shopping list; Eyes ahead to leaders debate; Peters slams Chinese land-bankers; Labour down in Digipoll

NZ First, Conservative surge in poll

NZ First up 1.7% to 6.3%, Conservative up 2.1% to 4.6% in 3News poll after 'Dirty Politics'; National down 2.5% to 45%; Labour launches KiwiBuild policy

Most want foreign buying limits - poll

Poll shows most want foreign buying limits; Survey finds over third say 'Dirty Politics' will affect their vote; Assange to help Dotcom on Sept 15

Do first home buyer subsidies work?

National would double first home buyer subisidies; Labour says it would just pump up prices; Labour trims election promises; Labour sets climate, transport policies

Key and National down in DigiPoll

National and Key down in DigiPoll, but still well ahead of Labour, which also fell; Key's word questioned over Slater's OIA to SIS; Labour would re-open Hillside and keep Invermay

Key says Greens smoking pot on Budget

Key says Greens 'smoking pot' with budget surplus promise; Key says knew nothing of SIS briefing on Slater's OIA request because he was on holiday in Hawaii; Key's poll rating slumps

Greens eye bigger Budget surpluses

Green Budget plan sees bigger forecasts and more debt repayment; SIS watchdog launches inquiry into OIA request for Slater; National up in Roy Morgan poll

National faces death by a 1,000 Whaledumps

Financial market fears of National loss in election grow as Whaledump begins drip-feeding Slater's docs; English distances himself from Judith Collins; Key says Collins 'unwise'; Your view?