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Have rising residential property values left you better or worse off financially?

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Jim Reardon

New law helps Westpac covered bond

Covered bond law passed by Parliament in December boosted pricing and demand for Westpac's covered bond issue, treasurer says

Big Westpac NZ covered bond issue

Westpac borrows €750 mln (about NZ$1.2 bln) in five-year covered bond issue after strong investor demand

Westpac Treasurer 'over the moon'

Westpac raises NZ$800 mln in bond issue at tightest five year bank pricing in NZ since the GFC

Westpac moves to soothe MPs fears

Westpac says unsecured depositors in bank with maximum 10% covered bond issuance would still be made whole in 'catastrophic default event'

Funding cost rises not hurting banks

Gareth Vaughan gives 8 reasons why the big banks aren't feeling much of a squeeze from rising funding costs

Huge demand for Westpac NZ debt

Westpac 3-yr bond pulls in NZ$750m as 3 banks raise NZ$1.25 billion between them through domestic debt issues in under a week

Funding cost rises fail to bite NZ banks

The Reserve Bank says banks cutting fixed-term mortgage rates suggests they have comfort around funding cost pressures

Westpac's quake cover pool rejig

Westpac pulled up to NZ$80m of Chch mortgages from covered bond pool after Feb quake

Westpac issues covered bonds

Westpac 2nd New Zealand bank to issue covered bonds, raises 1 billion euros (NZ$1.74 billion)

Westpac delays covered bond issue

Westpac postpones 1b euros (NZ$1.8b) covered bond issue, blames Middle East turmoil