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Have rising residential property values left you better or worse off financially?


John Kensington

'Every quarter is a record quarter'

New Zealand bank assets rise to record high as some banks feel margin squeeze

Are alleyway branches the future?

How bank branches will become customer interface sales & application education centres; Branch concierges tipped with the 'misuse' of branches seen

Implicit govt guarantee for SOEs gone?

Solid Energy debt restructure 'one of the most significant banking sector events of recent years'

RBNZ 'not a big soft cuddly teddy bear'

NZ banks, feeling the RBNZ now only consults to communicate policy changes, perhaps didn't know how good they had it, KPMG suggests

Non-banks eye high LVR lending

 'Degree of optimism' in finance company sector despite increasing competition from banks, KPMG says

New competition for banks seen

New entrants to both the home loan & insurance markets expected as RBNZ restrictions on low equity residential mortgage lending begin; Plus analysis of latest FIPS report

'Banks will find ways around it'

KPMG suggests if the RBNZ does impose restrictions on high LVR home loans, banks will find ways around them

'Voluntary' bank interest rate cuts seen

Banks voluntarily cutting customers' interest rates in order to avoid bidding war with rivals and keep good customers, KPMG says. What are you seeing?

Opportunities for finance companies

'Demand driven' opportunities for finance companies are out there in three sectors, but are there any takers?

'Banks ready for CFR increase'

Big banks under more pressure on their overseas funding reliance from credit rating agencies than the RBNZ, KPMG says