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Have rising residential property values left you better or worse off financially?


John Scott

Families feeling the pinch hardest

Half of New Zealanders worried about their financial futures given on-going economic strife here and abroad; families feeling it hardest

STDs, STINKRS, and the GST club

Amanda Morrall on love, money and the ugly financial aftermath if things go wrong. Your experience?

Amanda's Take Five for Monday

Positive credit reporting; Pensions come to those who wait, till 80; Do financial advisors encourage bad behaviour?; Dow Jones 101; Goodbye welfare states

'Doubtful consumers will deliver this Xmas'

Dun & Bradstreet says Grinch may hit retailers this Xmas with 'unusually conservative attitude' among consumers to credit. Your experiences?

How not to catch a financial STD

New credit rating freezes can limit sexually transmitted debt drama and help good borrowers get a better deal. Your experience?

Interest rate hike squeeze looms

Interest rate hike would hit the pocket of 40% of the population, Dun & Bradstreet says

How to check your credit rating

Amanda Morrall ponders her credit rating; Looks at proposed revamp of credit ratings in NZ

Almost 1 in 3 expect credit difficulties

Many Kiwis using credit in 'ways that may eventually harm them' says Dun & Bradstreet

Economy 'not yet recovering'

New Zealand economy 'trending sideways' rather than recovering says credit reporting agency boss

D&B's recipe for fewer bankruptcies

More intrusive credit reporting including credit scores to help drive 'more responsible lending'