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27 Jun 16, 3:05pm
Shewan Inquiry into foreign trusts recommends stronger initial registration rules and need for annual returns with distribution details; Revenue Minister plans to stop 'excessive payments' by local units to foreign parents
27 Jun 16, 10:29am
PM doesn't see OCR cut on August 11 more likely after Brexit vote; says RBNZ still forecasting 3%-plus growth; Wheeler still has buffer, but Brexit no reason to cut by itself, he says; New FTA needed with UK post Brexit
26 Jun 16, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey argues the case for the Government to rapidly ramp up its program of building and selling affordable apartments on Crown land
24 Jun 16, 2:10pm
Bernard's Top 10: Is a US recession coming?; NZ's awful productivity performance; Our just as awful export sector; Why are consumers so worried about the future?; Clarke and Dawe; John Oliver on Brexit
20 Jun 16, 10:35am
PM says Govt looking at creating urban development authorities to allow developers to build both horizontal infrastructure and buildings and then recover money through development contributions; Chinese developers interested, he says
19 Jun 16, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey details a scenario where a $1.5 mln median house price is possible for Auckland by 2018 and sets out five ways to stop that happening
13 Jun 16, 10:18am
PM cites changing societal norms of later families, more people wanting to rent to explain falling home ownership rate; says RBNZ best placed to target rental property investors; won't use crisis or bubble words for Auckland
12 Jun 16, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey says the Government should listen to Treasury's advice that a surge of low skilled migrants could stunt productivity and wage growth
9 Jun 16, 1:05pm
RBNZ's Wheeler signals tougher loan to value ratio controls for investors 'towards the end of the year, or before that'; says debt to income controls a longer term prospect; confirms already in talks with English
9 Jun 16, 9:11am
RBNZ leaves OCR 2.25% as most local economists expected; Wheeler says NZ$ 'higher than appropriate'; says Auckland house prices 'very high' and more housing supply needed'; says 'further policy easing may be required'
7 Jun 16, 5:03pm
Treasury warning Govt that surge in temporary work visa arrivals and working foreign students lowering skill levels of migrants and pressuring productivity and wages; Peters calls for sharp cuts in migration; Little eyes changes; Key denies issue
7 Jun 16, 12:23pm
English warns highly indebted home buyers about risks of higher interest rates and lower net migration; says ANZ's tightening of lending criteria suggests market near 'risky level'; doesn't want US, Irish-style slump
5 Jun 16, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey argues Auckland's leaders need to aim more for growth per capita rather than just growth for the sake of it. The current low-to-no productivity growth model isn't working for most in the city and that's bad for New Zealand
3 Jun 16, 5:14pm
ANZ tightens lending criteria for rental propery investors; lowers maximum LVR levels; stops lending to investors buying sections, apartments off the plan; removes combined collateral exemption for Auckland investors so no new loans above 70% LVR
2 Jun 16, 12:31pm
Smith puts out National Policy Statement that requires high growth Councils to open up 15% more land than is forecast to be required; NPS to be in place by Oct and back up Unitary Plan; Smith sees Commissioner for Auckland not needed
31 May 16, 4:22pm
Labour and Green parties sign first ever Memorandum of Understanding to work together to change Government
31 May 16, 2:37pm
Justice Minister confirms Govt accelerating 2nd round of Anti Money Laundering rules to include real estate agents, solicitors and lawyers by mid 2017; move follows Panama Papers publicity
31 May 16, 11:49am
Smith says National Policy Statement on urban land development set for release on Thursday; Could be operative by October; Smith defends developer contributions and dismisses proposal for targeted rates to service infrastructure bonds
29 May 16, 5:00am
The Budget showed the Government was still jumping at debt shadows when it needed to be breaking Auckland's housing infrastructure log-jam by borrowing at record-low interest rates
27 May 16, 3:57pm
Key says the National Policy Statement on urban land use will direct Auckland Council to release land if it fails to meet targets
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