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29 Nov 15, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey argues Infratil and the Wellington Council should take the risk of investing NZ$300 mln to extend the Wellington Airport, not the region's ratepayers and the nation's taxpayers in general
26 Nov 15, 12:54pm
Smith finally tables RMA reform after doing deal with Maori Party; National fails to get section 6 & 7 reform to focus on economic development
22 Nov 15, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey asks why the talkback lines aren't running hot over the NZ$11,700 subsidy paid each year to every one of the Remuera Golf Club's members (including John Key) by Auckland Council ratepayers
19 Nov 15, 9:41am
Bernard's Top 10: Ready for another taper tantrum?; Why steel prices are slumping; The strange decline of global trade; Will wages and jobs recover as the robots take over?; Techno-delfation may keep rates low; Clarke and Dawe
18 Nov 15, 12:47pm
Salvation Army survey finds 568 children living in cars, garages, campervans and motels in Auckland; it calls for Govt to build 1,000 new social houses a year for 10 years; wants housing for kids as right in law
15 Nov 15, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey finds more than a quarter of landlords have loans worth more than seven times income. No wonder the Reserve Bank may have to resort to limiting those multiples
12 Nov 15, 12:04pm
Bernard's Top 10: How climate change could reduce NZ GDP by 9% and Australian GDP by 53%; The problem with polls, politics and democracy; Mexico's sugar tax lobbying miracle; China's swiping consumers; Clarke and Dawe
11 Nov 15, 3:25pm
Reserve Bank Governor says won't be hiking OCR to 'lean against' over-valued Auckland housing market; says house building not keeping up with migration
11 Nov 15, 9:06am
RBNZ warns of growing risk of sharp correction in Auckland house prices; says now watching Hamilton, Tauranga too; says dairy debt manageable, but wants banks to do dairy stress tests; RBNZ collecting loan to income multiple data
9 Nov 15, 3:58pm
PM defends decision to block sale of Lochinver to Shanghai Pengxin; says decision not political; ministers made independent decisions; says public debate over foreign land sales not hurting National in polls
8 Nov 15, 11:56am
Labour says won't introduce Capital Gains Tax in first term; shelves NZ Power plan; Twyford eyes easier rules for medium density housing; targeted rates linked to Council bonds for infractructure
8 Nov 15, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey profiles an example of some New Zealand farmers who were able to break out of the commodity trap, thanks to some very special (and expensive) shoes
6 Nov 15, 10:08am
Treasury reports OBEGAL deficit of $545 mln in first quarter of financial year; better than $798 mln forecast in May; Income taxes bit better than forecast; GST lower than forecast
4 Nov 15, 1:13pm
Bernard's Top 10: How China uses 'soft' power in NZ; The real meaning of China's new 2 child policy; The case for Bernie Sanders; The birth of neuropolitics; Why middle-aged white Americans are dying much faster; Clarke and Dawe
4 Nov 15, 10:53am
Statistics NZ reports jobs fell 0.4% in Sept qtr and unemployment rate rose to 6.0% from 5.9% as participation rate also fell; jobs growth weaker than expected
3 Nov 15, 5:03pm
PM says Govt doing everything it can on Auckland prices as average value hits $918,153; says buyers can find houses under $400,000 on TradeMe; says Auckland lot like Vancouver and Sydney
2 Nov 15, 3:51pm
English launches 'blue skies' Productivity Commission review into Resource Management, Local Government and Land Transport Management Acts to transform urban planning and tackle housing affordability
1 Nov 15, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey argues the Reserve Bank should have given the unemployed and exporters the benefit of the doubt on inflation by cutting for a fourth time on October 29
29 Oct 15, 9:04am
RBNZ holds OCR at 2.75%; says "further reduction seems likely"; warns may need even lower rates if NZ$ rebounds further
28 Oct 15, 2:28pm
Bernard's Top 10; How Greenland is melting; NZ among the OECD's worst on environment; The global savings glut and (real) investment drought; Why NZ monetary policy is actually tightening; Clarke and Dawe
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