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22 Dec 16, 10:48am
GDP grew 1.1% in Sept qtr; Economists had forecast around 0.8%; Annual growth 3.5%; Construction, tourism, transport strong; farming weak
18 Dec 16, 3:27pm
English names his first Cabinet; Bridges and Adams promoted; No successors yet to McCully and Parata in Foreign Affairs and Education as they will stay until May 1; Goldsmith and Upston promoted to Cabinet
18 Dec 16, 5:02am
Here are the big three numbers that dominated the surprises in the political economy of 2016, and the questions they raise for 2017
15 Dec 16, 2:22pm
Simon Bridges announces Government has commited to spend NZ$1.4 billion to NZ$2 billion to fully restore road and rail corridor along coastal route through Kaikoura; may take 12 months to reopen
13 Dec 16, 4:22pm
New PM to name Cabinet on Sunday with swearing in planned for Tuesday; Sam Lotu-liga says will step down at next election; Ministers seen in play include McCully, Parata and Smith; MBIE up for grabs
12 Dec 16, 2:11pm
New PM Bill English talks up infrastructure, housing and ensuring benefits of growth widely shared in first news conference after being elected National leader; sworn in as PM with Paula Bennett deputy
11 Dec 16, 5:02am
Bill English should refocus economic policy on increasing GDP per hour worked, rather than just total GDP
8 Dec 16, 1:42pm
Treasury sees surpluses rising to NZ$8.5 bln by 2021; English increases capital spending allowance by NZ$5.4 bln over 4 years; Borrowing programme increased; Debt repayment and quake rebuild priority over tax cuts
8 Dec 16, 12:10pm
Growing number of National MPs publicly declaring support for Bill English as PM; outcome of Monday vote may be fait accompli later today; Paula Bennett seen most likely choice as deputy; Collins focused on back-benchers
6 Dec 16, 11:29am
English and Coleman to contest bid for National Party leadership in Caucus vote next Monday; English's hopes for quick and cohesive leadership change dashed; Coleman wants 'generational change'; English says NZ Super options open
5 Dec 16, 1:59pm
Key says will vote for English as National leader in December 12 caucus vote; says National can win 4th and 5th terms with English as leader; Key says wants quieter life with family; eyes board positions in Australasia or Asia
4 Dec 16, 5:02am
The PM doesn’t trust the Treasury’s forecasts for the very long term and the very short term, but he thinks we should rely on the medium term one that says we can afford tax cuts, extra social spending, the quake rebuilds and debt repayment
30 Nov 16, 4:57pm
RBNZ wary of increasing use by banks of wholesale offshore funding to fill gap left by falling growth of local deposits; says banks raising deposit and mortgage rates to help fill gap; see long term rates having bottomed out
30 Nov 16, 4:05pm
RBNZ says Kaikoura quakes could cost NZ$3-8 billion, including up to NZ$3 bln of Govt spend and up to NZ$5 bln of insurance; still confident on economy; says insurers can handle claims
30 Nov 16, 9:18am
RBNZ warns in Financial Stability Report that housing imbalances remain; Wheeler says won't use Debt To Income multiple restriction 'at this time'; RBNZ notes rising use by banks of 'hot' overseas funds
28 Nov 16, 11:47am
Finance Minister says rise in long term interest rates since Trump's election sign of normalisation of rates and inflation; should signal to home buyers rates have bottomed out; also will help rebalance NZ$ lower
28 Nov 16, 11:31am
PM says Treasury's forecasts of blow-out in debt by 2060 without NZ Superannuation changes "a load of nonsense"; says Treasury couldn't get forecasts right 44 days before Budget 'let alone 44 years out'; also downplays weak productivity
27 Nov 16, 5:02am
Like any building with concrete cancer, trust in a big society-wide idea can seem very solid right up until the moment of collapse
24 Nov 16, 10:03am
Bill English and Paula Bennett plan to sell up to 2,500 state houses in Christchurch to community housing provider; includes house John Key grew up in; Housing NZ to retain up to 3,900 homes in Christchurch
23 Nov 16, 1:23pm
Ministers announce cap for Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme in 2016/17 raised by 1,000 to 10,500; say allows horticulture and wine exporters to keep growing; Winston Peters rails against National's "immigration madness"
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