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Bernard is a senior contributing editor of Until September 30, 2012 he was the managing editor. He worked for 18 years for Reuters, the FT Group and Fairfax as a financial journalist and editor. He is now the publisher of Hive News.
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Articles by Bernard Hickey

Key and National down in DigiPoll

National and Key down in DigiPoll, but still well ahead of Labour, which also fell; Key's word questioned over Slater's OIA to SIS; Labour would re-open Hillside and keep Invermay

'Fonterra of forestry' initiative unveiled

Chinese/Australian venture launches United Forestry to become 'Fonterra of forestry' so 14,000 smaller foresters can market NZ$30 bln 'wall of wood'

Annual net migration headed for 50,000

Net migration rises to 41,000 in year to July; highest since August 2003; Just a net 79 NZers left for Australia in July; Westpac, ANZ now sees net migration hitting 50,000

Key says Greens smoking pot on Budget

Key says Greens 'smoking pot' with budget surplus promise; Key says knew nothing of SIS briefing on Slater's OIA request because he was on holiday in Hawaii; Key's poll rating slumps

Bernard's Top 10 at 10

Why housing is eating the economy; What 10 year bunds under 1% means for everyone; Why 'Uncle House' wants to sell; Cartoons galore; Dilbert

Greens eye bigger Budget surpluses

Green Budget plan sees bigger forecasts and more debt repayment; SIS watchdog launches inquiry into OIA request for Slater; National up in Roy Morgan poll

Less budget headroom for tax cuts

Treasury sees lower budget surplus in 2014/15 due to slower economy; delays restart of NZ Super Fund contributions by a year to 2020/21; no tax cut plan before election

National faces death by a 1,000 Whaledumps

Financial market fears of National loss in election grow as Whaledump begins drip-feeding Slater's docs; English distances himself from Judith Collins; Key says Collins 'unwise'; Your view?

Govt getting Whaledump-ed

Hacker behind Hager book begins drip-feeding details from Slater's online discussions with National staffer Jason Ede and others; Key again backs Ede, Collins; PSA calls for Collins' sacking

The inflation culprits

​Bernard Hickey fingers the electricity and local government sectors as the inflation culprits underneath our painfully high interest rates and currency. He suggest the Reserve Bank reads them the riot act

Labour calls for Collins to go

Key defiant over Hager book and defends both Ede and Collins; Labour calls for Key to dump Collins over claims in book; Labour struggles in poll

National dismisses 'Dirty Politics' book

Joyce dismisses Hager's 'Dirty Politics' book as nothing new & wild conspiracy; Greens lay complaints to Police, others; Slater accuses Dotcom of hacking his email; Collins complains

Bernard's Top 10

The 'you die, I live' force behind China's capital flight; A dangerous zero-sum game for central banks; Show us the oil and money; Dilbert

Hager links Key to dirty tricks blogs

Nicky Hager book uses leaked emails to allege John Key's office is closely linked to dirty tricks campaigns with bloggers that attacks opponents

Pengxin will leave NZ, English says

Bill English says corporate farmers such as Shanghai Pengxin won't last in low returns farming business; Govt to build 8 new Auckland schools; Green plan for Christchurch

Labour appeals for pensioners' votes

Cunliffe offers free doctors visits and prescriptions to over 65s; NZ First offers NZ$1,000 per baby KiwiSaver; Peters' jokes fall flat; Seymour says ending Epsom zoning his last priority

A capital flood is coming

Bernard Hickey says capital flows from China into NZ land and assets are just a trickle. The relaxation of capital controls in China & arrival of Chinese banks in NZ may turn this into a flood

Labour exempts Australians from land ban

Labour exempts Australians from ban on foreigners buying land;  Craig sues his way onto TV3 leaders debate; Govt agrees to leave Rena on seabed

Greens unveil NZ$10.4 bln transport plan

Greens would spend NZ$10.4 bln on public transport; Cunliffe pledges to stop Lochinver sale; Labour eyes irrigation charges; McVicar to stand for Conservative; Dotcom riles up crowd

How to think about fixed vs floating

How to think about whether to fix or float and what bank economists are saying about interest rates and house prices. Fixing looks more attractive