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6 May 15, 11:01am
NZ unemployment higher than expected at 5.8% in March quarter, unchanged from upwardly revised 5.8%; annual jobs growth strong at 3.2%; participation up to new record high 69.6%
5 May 15, 3:27pm
Nick Smith says Hobsonville Point asked for even bigger price hikes for 'affordable' homes; says may have to hike KiwiSaver HomeStart subsidy threshold of NZ$550,000 within a year
5 May 15, 12:55pm
Housing Minister warns Auckland Council not to overplay its hand on granting approval for greenfields Special Housing Areas; tells Council to use development contributions to pay for infrastructure
4 May 15, 9:42pm
Key says Australia's foreign buyer restrictions haven't worked; downplays risk of NZ being odd one out after Victorian move to impose taxes on foreign buyers
3 May 15, 5:03am
Bernard Hickey says the Government and Auckland Council need to agree on funding big new water and rail infrastructure to have any hope of addressing Auckland's housing shortage crisis
1 May 15, 12:51pm
Finance Minister signals bigger Budget deficit for 2014/15 in pre-Budget speech; says Treasury also sees smaller surplus for 2015/16 due to low inflation; says Govt won't slash spending in response
30 Apr 15, 9:05am
RBNZ leaves OCR at 3.5% as expected, but says may lower rates if demand weakens; removes talk of future hike
29 Apr 15, 11:16am
Bernard's Top 10: How Air NZ makes a killing on domestic routes; Means testing the family home for the pension; China set for money printing; Clarke and Dawe; John Oliver on global inflation; Dilbert
28 Apr 15, 12:36pm
English says election result last year ended debate on Capital Gains Tax; IRD may get more funds to crack down on property traders
26 Apr 15, 6:04am
Now the Capital Gains Tax debate is a poisoned well, Bernard Hickey points to other ideas that could solve the Reserve Bank's financial stability concerns and fix the Govt's fiscal problems
23 Apr 15, 1:02pm
RBNZ's McDermott says OCR cut possible if wage and price setting pressures settle at lower levels; RBNZ also watching for signs of weaker demand due to dairy price slump and high NZ$
22 Apr 15, 10:36am
Bernard's Top 10: When will the central banks have to cancel the bonds they bought?; Labour swaps Keynes for Piketty; The negative yields fallout; John Oliver; Clarke and Dawe; Dilbert
20 Apr 15, 8:35pm
PM Key says Government sending letters to owners of 14 Special Housing Areas in Auckland that they must develop the land, or lose the Special Housing Area status
20 Apr 15, 11:05am
Stats NZ says Consumer Price Index fell 0.3% in March quarter
19 Apr 15, 7:00am
Bernard Hickey looks at Grant Spencer's desperate plea for some 'mates' to slow Auckland house price inflation and how the Government simply ignored it
14 Apr 15, 10:21am
Bernard Hickey looks at how to think about whether to fix or float, how long to fix and what the Reserve Bank may do about house prices
13 Apr 15, 9:45am
PM denies Auckland housing crisis or bubble; Not planning to reduce migration; says doing enough on supply; says 'many, many, many' affordable homes for sale
12 Apr 15, 5:00am
Bernard Hickey argues Auckland's housing market has officially disembarked from the rest of the country. He looks at how to pull it back to shore before it hits the rocks
10 Apr 15, 10:01am
Treasury reports Budget back in deficit for 8 months to Feb, but NZ$343 mln lower than forecast on higher taxes and lower spending than expected
9 Apr 15, 11:43am
Bernard's Top 10: Auckland housing a 'property ponzi scheme'?; Will the workers ever unite again?; Peak steel demand in China; Andrew Niccol and the drones; Clarke and Dawe; Dilbert
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