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Bernard is a senior contributing editor of Until September 30, 2012 he was the managing editor. He worked for 18 years for Reuters, the FT Group and Fairfax as a financial journalist and editor. He is now the publisher of Hive News.
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Articles by Bernard Hickey

Labour plans fast leadership vote

Labour plans leadership vote through late October, early November; result on Nov 18; full review due after vote; meanwhile, caucus eats itself via Twitter

Bernard's Top 10 at 10

Should scientists be the 'conscience of society'?; Does our economy reward psychopaths?; Clarke and Dawe on a wardrobe malfunction story; Dilbert

English welcomes NZ$ fall

Finance Minister welcomes NZ$ fall as reducing headwind for exporters; says RBNZ will be happy to see it continuing to fall; sees not much inflation for consumers; likes Key's 'Goldilocks' forecast

Key gives green light for RBNZ intervention

Key says 'Goldilocks' level for NZ$ around 65 USc; agrees with RBNZ that NZ$ over-valued; agrees intervention "would be logical"; doesn't know if RBNZ has intervened

Key does deals with Dunne, Seymour

National agrees confidence and supply deals with United Future and ACT; Dunne to stay as Internal Affairs minister; Seymour gets lesser role; Bennett set for new ministry

'Green is good'

Bernard Hickey points to a shift in thinking by big global business and investors from 'Greed is good' to 'Green is good'

Cunliffe resigns as Labour leader

David Cunliffe resigns as Labour leader, but will contest wider leadership vote by party members, caucus and unions; Labour set for debilitating leadership fight

Bernard's Top 10 at 10

Why the world faces endemic deflationary forces; How America's 'Dirty Politics' created 'Partyism'; China's balance sheet recession; John Oliver on Steven Joyce; Dilbert

Fonterra cuts payout forecast to NZ$5.30/kg

Fonterra cuts milk payout forecast to NZ$5.30/kg, but lifts dividend range forecast; depends on 30% rebound; Fonterra denies conspiracy to delay result to help National

Labour in chaos as Cunliffe lashes out

Key eyes new reforms to reduce child poverty; rejects 'Koru lounge talk' of using outright majority to 'veer to the right'; Labour in chaos as Cunliffe staggers on and lashes out

National in complete control

National wins first outright majority under MMP; Key in talks with United Future, ACT and Maori; RMA and labour law reforms likely; Labour in disarray; Ede resigns

Lift your horizons

Bernard Hickey asks if voters and investors use long enough time horizons to make decisions

National wins 2014 Election

National wins third term with existing support partners; Labour-Green lose 3 seats; Conservative and Internet Mana fail to get in; Cunliffe vows to stay on; See tweets of the night

What Winston or Colin might demand

Final poll of polls show National may need support of Winston Peters or Colin Craig to secure third term; Foreign ownership register and RMA reforms up for grabs

Polls show National likely to win

National in poll position to win with support of either Winston Peters or Colin Craig; Final leaders debate inconclusive; Craig's PR person quits and calls him 'manipulative'

Bernard's Top 10 at 10

'At some point this is going to snap'; Corporates stash the cash; The madness of share buy-backs; The flawed shareholder-driven model; Dilbert

NZ First up to 8% in Roy Morgan poll

National, NZ First up in Roy Morgan poll; Support for Winston as PM up to 9.1%; National eyes new welfare reforms; US owner blocks access to high country tourism business

Dotcom bombs his 'Moment of Truth'

Dotcom fails to reveal proof Key conspired with Hollywood; Key denies Snowden claim of mass surveillance on Southern Cross Cable; Harawira may lose to Davis 

Russel pitches for Interest voters

Russel Norman talks about quantitative easing and argues for a capital gains tax, irrigation charges, swimmable rivers and a carbon tax in this Election Double Shot with Bernard Hickey

Labour wants Sovereign Wealth Fund

Labour plans new "NZ Inc" Sovereign Wealth Fund; KiwiShare for SOEs; Funded by NZ$100 mln/yr in SOE dividends and higher oil, gas royalties; Key rejects GCSB claim