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23 Oct 16, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey calls on Auckland to adopt targeted rates and look at selling its Port operating company, while Wellington should allow congestion charging and multiply its infrastructure fund for a huge and needed road, pipe and house building programme
18 Oct 16, 3:05pm
English says NZ$1 bln capital cost and NZ$1.5 bln of operating costs for extra 1,800 prison beds reduces room for tax cuts; English, Key say no need for population policy and migration good for economy
18 Oct 16, 10:59am
Inflation drops to 0.2% in September qtr from 0.4% in June quarter, but slightly above economists' expectations; housing costs (excluding land) rose 2.0% in quarter and 6.3% for year; transport costs down 11% for year due to ACC, petrol
17 Oct 16, 10:28am
Greens propose tightening migration settings to achieve 1% population growth per year; Shaw wants to smooth out big swings in migration and reduce pressure on infrastructure, housing; Winston Peters accuses of Greens of hypocrisy
16 Oct 16, 5:02am
Just as our society has created an obesity-generating environment, it has also created a debt generating environment. Somehow, we have to change those social cues, writes Bernard Hickey
13 Oct 16, 1:36pm
Government increases Budget surplus to NZ$1.8 bln in 2015/16 from NZ$414 mln in 2014/15; English says rising surpluses give Govt options for debt repayment and tax cuts
11 Oct 16, 4:29pm
RBNZ's McDermott warns of low inflation figure likely in September quarter; says inflation likely to be at bottom end of 1-3% target range in December quarter; repeats September OCR comment that "further policy easing will be required"
11 Oct 16, 12:24pm
Key says would still recommend first home buyers go for apartments despite 35 projects failing to get off ground due to funding, cost issues; says consenting still strong; English points to ramping up of Govt building plans
10 Oct 16, 8:02am
Finance Minister signals significant ramping up of house building on Housing NZ Corp land in Auckland; says Govt will be major provider of "medium density, medium-priced" housing in Auckland; suggests Govt may spend on housing rather than tax cuts
9 Oct 16, 5:02am
New Zealand should encourage and welcome high-skilled migrants, and not treat students and temporary workers as commodities to be exploited, Bernard Hickey says
4 Oct 16, 10:02am
NZIER's QSBO finds business confidence improved to 2-year high in Sept qtr; but capacity utilisation measure falls and net 4% report cutting prices
25 Sep 16, 10:26pm
Country's biggest house builder says Auckland housing crisis requires major Government investment to fund housing, infrastructure; also calls for Council action and for MUDs to be considered; Housing NZ sees scope for 30,000 new Auckland homes
25 Sep 16, 9:53pm
Labour challenges Key view that "virtually 100%" of building consents turn into actual houses; Twyford cites Statistics NZ estimates of new dwellings being 800 a month or 13% lower than dwelling consents since 2014; Smith insists almost all will be built
25 Sep 16, 5:02am
Kiwis born since 1985 have largely missed out on the explosive gains in wealth and higher incomes seen since then. Now they are being set up to pay for baby-boomers' retirement without a big enough NZ Super Fund to help them, Bernard Hickey writes
23 Sep 16, 7:52pm
Bernard Hickey looks at whether to fix or float and how long to fix as the Reserve Bank looks to cut the OCR again later this year and as the banks refuse to pass on lower wholesale rates
22 Sep 16, 9:11am
RBNZ leaves Official Cash Rate on hold at 2.0% as expected; says "further policy easing will be required"; says a "decline in the exchange rate is needed"; says seeing signs LVR changes and tighter bank lending criteria are moderating housing market
20 Sep 16, 4:11pm
Smith says Government looking at becoming a party to Unitary Plan appeals to combat any delays in bringing new housing supply to Auckland market
18 Sep 16, 5:02am
Rules around body corporates need tightening before a whole new generation of Auckland apartment buyers are burnt by poor disclosure, inadequate maintenance and dodgy building quality
15 Sep 16, 11:01am
GDP grew 0.9% in June qtr; up 3.6% from June qtr of 2015; slightly below economists' forecasts; unchanged from revised-up March qtr; construction up 5% in June qtr while household consumption up 1.9%
13 Sep 16, 11:41am
PM says wary of policy action that could cause catastrophic slump in housing market; points to Australia; says Govt must protect home owners' equity; also wary of 2nd round of Anti Money Laundering controls as may increase agent/lawyer costs
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