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1 May 16, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey points out a 1% land tax on all property owners would now allow a 5.5% cut in personal tax rates or a 10% GST rate. So why won't John Key do another big tax switch?
28 Apr 16, 7:21pm
Documents show John Key's personal lawyer successfully lobbied him and Revenue Minister Todd McClay to stop IRD review of Foreign Trust regime, despite IRD concerns Foreign Trusts may hurt NZ's reputation
28 Apr 16, 9:20am
RBNZ holds OCR at 2.25%; says further easing may be required; notes revival of house price inflation in Auckland; wants lower currency; but NZ$ jumps almost 1 USc to 69.2 USc after decision
27 Apr 16, 1:36pm
Bernard's Top 10: Could Airbnb accommodate all the new tourists and collect bed taxes?; China's new baby boom; Watch out for driverless trucks; 'Let's just give away money'; John Oliver on MUDs; Clarke and Dawe on the Budget
27 Apr 16, 10:36am
Key denies land tax for foreigners would break 'no new taxes' promise; says supply still best way to deal with Auckland housing issue; says first home buyers should buy apartments first; Seymour attacks 'third new tax'
26 Apr 16, 9:57am
Key repeats idea floated in July last year that a land tax on non-residents would not conflict with FTAs; says no decision made; says land tax common overseas; Twyford says Key tinkering and outright ban better
24 Apr 16, 5:02am
The Reserve Bank needs to signal a progression of new lending controls that would kick in as interest rates fall to reset the expectations of landlords and lever itself out from between a rock and another rock
21 Apr 16, 9:40am
Documents show English pushed RBNZ board last year to toughen scrutiny of Graeme Wheeler's performance; focus on inflation and financial stability performance relative to PTA; letter sent and extra meetings called for
20 Apr 16, 2:06pm
Bernard's Top 10: Helicopter Money and us; The New Nothingness; Inequality and life expectancy; Will NZ power prices fall 66%? Europe and America's broken social contract; Clarke and Dawe with Lou Poles; John Oliver on the right to vote
18 Apr 16, 10:49am
Statistics NZ reports CPI rose 0.2% in March qtr; up 0.4% from yr ago; broadly in line with forecasts; Petrol fell 7.7%; Cigarettes up 9.4%; Auckland rents up 3.2% vs yr ago
17 Apr 16, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey says the Govt's storing up an enormous social and financial liability by allowing Auckland's housing supply crisis to remain unsolved; says Bill English should apply the actuaries in his social investment programme to Auckland housing
14 Apr 16, 1:08pm
Bernard's Top 10: Uber for lawyers; How fat was blamed for sugar's crimes; Ever been hunted by a drone?; Japan's end game; A self-directed debt jubilee?; Central bank mistakes and consequences; Clarke and Dawe; John Oliver
13 Apr 16, 1:31pm
PM says IRD will eliminate or reduce use-of-money interest for most provisional taxpayers; businesses with less than $5 mln turnover can 'pay as you go' from April 2018
13 Apr 16, 12:18pm
Key, English reject calls for new demand side measures to cool Auckland housing after shock surge in March; Govt continuing on with current supply-side strategy
12 Apr 16, 12:55pm
Labour Leader Andrew Little says will release his tax records; calls on John Key to copy David Cameron and release his tax records; Key says no need to as he is 'totally above board'; Little says Shewan review a whitewash; should be done by Judge
11 Apr 16, 9:32am
After a week of pressure over Panama Papers, Key says an independent expert will review NZ's overseas trust disclosure rules; Labour wants full inquiry; Peters wants full Commission; ICIJ sees more NZ names to come
10 Apr 16, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey says the quiet removal of the guarantee for Kiwibank savers should remind all savers about the lack of a deposit guarantee and prompt regulators and the industry to run a public education campaign about NZ''s lack of a deposit guarantee
8 Apr 16, 10:28am
Treasury reports NZ$398 mln surplus in eight months to Feb; NZ$730 mln better than expected and NZ$667 mln better than last year; GST, corporate tax and PAYE higher than forecast; spending in line with forecasts
7 Apr 16, 4:58pm
Revenue Minister and Finance Minister blame Labour, Green and NZ First attacks for any reputational damage over 'Panama Papers' publicity around overseas trusts and say overseas critics 'just plain wrong'
7 Apr 16, 12:55pm
Bernard's Top 10: Our 100% pure tax haven; The original Panama Papers in the Pacific; We were warned again and again; Mossack Fonseca, Panama and NZ's new best friends; Behind the Panama Papers; Clarke and Dawe; John Oliver
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