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27 May 15, 1:31pm
Bernard's Top 10: 'Roger, Ruth and Me'; Where did the productivity growth go?; Our (still) over-valued currency; When the robots start fishing; Dilbert; John Oliver and the end of the world
26 May 15, 1:18pm
Finance Minister says he hasn't heard young people being worried about NZ Super affordability; Only Labour seems worried; Says 57% increase in SuperGold Card transport subsidies fair; may go on Waiheke trips
25 May 15, 9:38pm
PM rejects Andrew Little's claim the Government is being irresponsible by refusing to acknowledge issue with affordability of NZ Super or allow a debate
24 May 15, 6:04am
Bill English and John Key are taking money off the rich and giving it to the poor in Budget 2015 as part of National's investment-led approach to cut welfare spending over the very long run
22 May 15, 3:56pm
Bernard's Top 10: 'An incredible orgy of spending' (on art); The weight of (China's) money is coming; Don't worry about the robots; Clarke and Dawe on tit for tat politics; Dilbert
22 May 15, 11:26am
Labour's Andrew Little says rising cost of NZ Super 'scares the bejeesus out of me'; says unfair that those working over 65 get NZ Super when asked about means testing; but still committed to 65 retirement age
21 May 15, 2:00pm
Treasury forecasts NZ$176 million Budget surplus for 2015/16; Govt dumps NZ$1,000 kick start for new KiwiSaver members; Benefits and Working For Family payments nudged up
20 May 15, 8:09pm
Housing Minister details audit of hundreds of Government land holdings found many vacant reserves, Defence, Education and MSD land; Govt eyes sale for housing developments
19 May 15, 1:37pm
English and Smith hint at new moves in Budget 2015 to free up more Govt land in Auckland; possibly encourating competition for councils in consenting; Child poverty measures downplayed
18 May 15, 6:56pm
PM says tax and transactions data from non-resident property buyers may be shared with Chinese authorities on 'Operation Foxhunt' for corrupt officials overseas
18 May 15, 10:11am
PM says new two year 'bright line' test for property traders is not a Capital Gains Tax; denies Auckland property a bubble; denies move was knee-jerk response to polling; Labour says PM forced to 'eat his words'
17 May 15, 11:48am
PM Key announces Budget 2015 changes to crack down on property traders selling within two years
17 May 15, 5:03am
Bernard Hickey congratulates the Reserve Bank on its more targeted and more regional LVR policy, but says it needs more help from the Government on the demand side
13 May 15, 4:17pm
RBNZ agrees on need for better data on foreign buyers; Labour says LVR restrictions on Auckland landlords clears way for foreign cash buyers to scoop up properties; Wheeler downplays rent fears
13 May 15, 9:06am
RBNZ announces LVR restrictions for Auckland rental property investors; they must have at least 30% deposit; LVR relaxed outside of Auckland
11 May 15, 10:50am
Treasury reports Budget deficit NZ$856 mln better than forecast in 9 mths to March, but only due to early returns from corporates and SOEs; English says still on track for 2014/15 deficit
11 May 15, 10:05am
Smith announces 10-20 year delay to rules on assessing and fixing quake-prone buidings; Expected cost almost halved to NZ$777 mln; Auckland, Dunedin big winners
10 May 15, 5:03am
Bernard Hickey explains why Auckland landlords will be celebrating a week of fantastic news for house prices and everyone else will be grinding their teeth
7 May 15, 1:07pm
Bernard's Top 10: So what replaces TV news?; Thank goodness for NZ's minimum wage; Bubble in Auckland? What bubble?; The Hollywood model of work; Dilbert
6 May 15, 11:01am
NZ unemployment higher than expected at 5.8% in March quarter, unchanged from upwardly revised 5.8%; annual jobs growth strong at 3.2%; participation up to new record high 69.6%
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