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Bernard is a senior contributing editor of Until September 30, 2012 he was the managing editor. He worked for 18 years for Reuters, the FT Group and Fairfax as a financial journalist and editor. He is now the publisher of Hive News.
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Articles by Bernard Hickey

Bernard's Top 10

How Europe is turning Japanese; Just restructure the euro-debt; World Bank's dire climate change warning; The Chinese general's tonne of cash; Dilbert

Goff calls for Key to resign over SIS

Goff, Norman call for Key to resign after Gwyn report on OIA dealings with Slater; Key denies any wrongdoing; Says Collins could return as minister

Key says deficit forecast possible

Key acknowledges Treasury may forecast budget deficit in December 16 HYEFU, but he remains confident of final surplus; Key confident of China growth and dairy demand

Little picks Robertson for Finance

New Labour Leader Andrew Little chooses Grant Robertson as Finance Spokesman; Little talks up wealth taxes on property investors and KiwiBuild, but talks down Capital Gains Tax

Disruption on the road ahead

Bernard Hickey asks why the Government is over-spending on motorways when new technologies could render them white elephants

Bernard's Top 10 at 10

Bill Gross' US$290 mln bonus for failing; Russell Brand and the Tory landlord; Taxing carbon and the end of the world; Germany's housing solution; A salmon cannon; Dilbert

Labour elects Little as leader

Labour Party elects Andrew Little as leader; clears way for Labour to drop Capital Gains Tax and later age of eligibility for NZ Super; union support gives Little tight win over Robertson

Amazingly disastrous Auckland

Bernard Hickey looks inside the RBNZ's Financial Stability Report & finds out just how much Auckland's housing market dictates NZ's finances

Bernard's Top 10

Britain's rise of the machines and 10 million missing jobs; Here comes Xi; Just study the ABs; London's sociopathic City bankers; Clarke and Dawe; Dilbert

RBNZ eyes house price 'speed limit'

RBNZ's Wheeler says wouldn't want to see house price inflation faster than household income growth of around 5%; repeats that NZ house price ratios are 65% above long term averages

Wheeler says Auckland now "not a bubble"

Wheeler says Auckland house price inflation of 8.5% now "not a bubble", but would have been at over 20% without LVRs; rejects talk LVRs hit first home buyers and regions much harder; calls for more Auckland housing supply

RBNZ keeps LVR handbrake on

RBNZ leaves high LVR speed limit in place for now because of risk of resurgence of house price inflation; warns of risks from dairy debt and China slowdown; Labour blames National for LVR staying

Rein in the rentiers too

Bernard Hickey argues the Reserve Bank should press on with tougher capital rules for loans to landlords with more than five properties

Tax receipts better than forecast

Budget position healthier than expected in first 3 mths of 2014/15, but English cautions achieving surplus target still challenging on low nominal GDP growth

Bernard's Top 10 at 10

China's demographic cliff; 'Print like there's no tomorrow to drag rates below zero'; Why the public is usually wrong; John Oliver vs John Key and Big Sugar; Dilbert

English flags new outsourcing reforms

English announces plans for 'social investment' reforms in Budget 2015 that may lead to wider Whanau Ora-style outsourcing of education, employment services to community groups

RBNZ delays rental property loan move again

RBNZ delays plan to require banks to hold more capital for mortgages to rental property investors with more than five properties until first half of 2015

Trapped in a low inflation vice

Councils, Govt trapped in political vice of low inflation expectations as they grapple with funding infrastructure investments, Bernard Hickey says

English reminds savers of no guarantee

English reminds term deposit savers there is no Government Guarantee and fends off Winston Peters' call for deposit insurance, but says in talks with Australia

RBNZ drops talk of future rate hikes

RBNZ drops comment on further rate hikes in dovish statement; warns again on high NZ$; currency and swaps fall further; economists react; Greens attack RBNZ