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2 Aug 15, 5:01am
Bernard Hickey says rather than just debating foreign buying of houses we should be having a tougher debate about migration
31 Jul 15, 12:54pm
Bernard's Top 10: A star system for landlords and tenants; NZ's crazy-high migration; Moral hazard and the death of trust; Why some don't care about the price of assets
28 Jul 15, 1:44pm
Finance Minister agrees $2.40/kg payout would be "disastrous"; says RBNZ and Govt in talks with banks to 'go easy' on farmers
28 Jul 15, 1:22pm
Andrew Little says Labour opposes TPP unless it allows future Governments to ban foreign buyers of land and houses
27 Jul 15, 10:10am
PM rules out ban on foreign buyers of property due to FTAs and TPP, but says Govt considering land tax on foreign buyers or stamp duty; Unitary Plan modelling suggests massive housing supply shortfall
26 Jul 15, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey explains how Councils could ease RMA and other restrictions to kick-start economic growth, and in exchange get a cut from Government of the fruits of that growth
23 Jul 15, 9:03am
RBNZ cuts OCR 25 bps and says "some further easing seems likely"; says further fall in NZ$ still necessary; cuts GDP growth view to 2.5% from 3%
22 Jul 15, 1:52pm
Bernard's Top 10: Why Chinese families want to buy homes in NZ; How agents are marketing a Queen St apartment; The 'Nanjing Road' of Auckland; Hot money flows out of China surge in 2015
22 Jul 15, 7:31am
Council re-submits Auckland Unitary Plan to Independent Hearings Plan with rules allowing higher density housing closer to CBD; includes removing rule banning redevelopment of all pre-1944 homes
21 Jul 15, 10:14am
Local Govt NZ releases funding review report proposing 'special economic zones' where Councils share in fruits of growth; road user charges, visitor levies and fuel taxes also proposed
20 Jul 15, 9:38am
PM John Key denies non-resident buyers a major factor in Auckland house prices; says Labour's revelation of data on Chinese sounding names shows desperation; won't work politically
19 Jul 15, 5:01am
Bernard Hickey argues a 15% stamp duty on non-resident buyers and/or a 1% Auckland Investor Levy would be sensible policy options, if New Zealand could only debate the issue sensibly
17 Jul 15, 11:32am
Labour proposes giving small businesses option of 'Pay As You Earn' tax instead of provisional tax; Greens, NZ First keen too; Joyce says Govt already looking at it
16 Jul 15, 10:56am
Statistics NZ reports Consumer Price Index rose 0.4% in June qtr vs 0.3% fall March qtr after 8.8% rise in petrol prices; annual inflation up to 0.3% from 0.1%
15 Jul 15, 10:46am
Bernard's Top 10: Be very afraid of the Cascadia Subduction Zone; Why the Euro zone is a roach motel run by a loan shark; John Oliver; Clarke and Dawe
14 Jul 15, 9:14am
Steven Joyce says Govt will collate and publish data on where foreign buyers are coming from after new rules on reporting investment property buying kick in from Oct 1
12 Jul 15, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey says the Government should use its strong balance sheet and low borrowing costs to make millions of dollars in social investments that save everyone billions in the long run
11 Jul 15, 10:17am
Labour releases leaked data from Auckland real estate firm showing 39.5% of house sales from Feb to April were sold to buyers with Chinese names; not clear if residents or not
9 Jul 15, 7:33pm
Treasury looked at imposing 1% tax on capital value of Auckland rental property ahead of Budget 2015; also looked at mortgage interest levy and disallowing interest as a tax deduction for landlords
9 Jul 15, 1:06pm
Nick Smith announces all rental properties that can be insulated have to be insulated by July 2019; smoke alarms compulsory from July 2016; Govt decides against WOF; will beef up enforcement instead
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