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10 Feb 16, 11:48am
Bernard's Top 10: The problem with CoCos; Deutsche Bank's astonishingly high leverage; How long will China's currency reserves last?; The problem of China's unpaid migrant workers; Get rid of the big notes; Clarke and Dawe on Europe's debt crisis
9 Feb 16, 7:41pm
English sees no need to change Policy Targets Agreement around inflation; says RBNZ not trying to shift goal-posts; says happy to see debate over measuring inflation and targeting inflation, but no plans for change now
7 Feb 16, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey suggests removing cash and adopting a blockchain-type system for transactions and savings accounts that is set up and hosted by the central bank to combat deflation, tax evasion and crime
3 Feb 16, 1:04pm
Governor says will interpret 1-3% inflation target flexibly in defiant speech; says won’t be ‘mechanistic’ about cutting rates just because CPI inflation below 1-3% target; Auckland still a financial stability risk
3 Feb 16, 11:11am
PM says 15% dairy price fall this year linked to lower oil prices, which helps consumers; says RBNZ will be monitoring dairy prices; says no need to exclude foreign land buying from TPP as NZ can still impose big taxes on buyers, but no plans to for now
1 Feb 16, 11:10am
Statistics NZ reports record high net migration in 2015 year; seasonally adjusted net migration 5,500 in Dec, down from 6,200 in Nov; Net migration from Australia at 800 in 2015; highest since Oct 1991; Tourism up 10% in 2015
31 Jan 16, 5:02am
The Big Short reminds us all what hubris about over-valued housing looks like. Bernard Hickey looks at whether Auckland's property perma-bulls are as guilty now as the US ones were in 2005-06
29 Jan 16, 12:32pm
Bernard's Top 10: The losers are revolting; China's capital flight; The big invoicing scam; China's impossible trinity vs US$3 trln of reserves; The winner-takes-all economy; How Robots will drive interest rates lower; Clarke and Dawe
28 Jan 16, 9:03am
RBNZ holds OCR at 2.5% as expected; says “some further easing may be required” as headline inflation track is now lower than forecast in Dec; says Auckland still a financial stability risk
27 Jan 16, 12:38pm
Key announces earlier starts to Auckland City Rail Link project and East-West motorway connecting Penrose to Onehunga; extra NZ$115 mln planned for regional roads
26 Jan 16, 10:00am
Treasury reports budget deficit for five months to November of NZ$1.64 bln; deficit NZ$383 mln worse than expected after corporate tax disappoints and interest earnings less than expected
25 Jan 16, 10:35am
PM says report showing Auckland 4th least affordable in world reflects demand for Auckland as international city; Govt 'pulling all the levers it can'; first home buyers can still get on ladder; was just the same under Labour
24 Jan 16, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey looks at an unsettling prediction that the new winner-takes-all economy of robots and algorithms may actually be a net destroyer of jobs
21 Jan 16, 11:45am
Labour Finance Spokesman says Dec qtr deflation data making a farce of NZ monetary policy; calls for re-think of pure inflation targeting; repeats call to broaden target to include job creation; HSBC says RBNZ credibility in question
20 Jan 16, 10:48am
Statistics NZ reports CPI fell 0.5% in qtr and rose 0.1% from year ago; lower than forecasts; food and petrol price falls main drivers; housing costs up 2.5%; Auckland rents up 3.3%
20 Jan 16, 10:15am
Bernard's Top 10 at 10: The story behind 'The Big Short'; Why China's credit-fueled boom is not working; How China's capital could exit US$50,000 at a time; The 'big switch' in China is not working; Maybe the Luddites were right this time; Clarke and Dawe
19 Jan 16, 10:01am
NZIER's QSBO shows rebound from four year lows in December quarter; businesses increase hiring and a few push through price increases; capacity utilisation rises to second highest on record
20 Dec 15, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey picks out the five most important numbers for the New Zealand economy in 2015 that explain the dairy slump, the housing boom and an amazing jump in tourism
17 Dec 15, 7:58pm
Auckland Council releases maps proposing new more dense housing developments on public transport routes & near town centres; hopes it can close shortfall of up to 100k houses on previous zoning rules
17 Dec 15, 10:52am
GDP up 0.9% in Sept qtr and up 2.3% from year ago as services, cow culling surge; Real Gross National Disposable Income per capita down 0.4% for year after 1.8% rise in population and weaker terms of trade
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