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Bernard is a senior contributing editor of Until September 30, 2012 he was the managing editor. He worked for 18 years for Reuters, the FT Group and Fairfax as a financial journalist and editor. He is now the publisher of Hive News.
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Articles by Bernard Hickey

Key relaxed about dropping RMA reform

Key relaxed about effect of dropping major RMA reforms on new housing supply; says there are mixed views; Labour open to procedural reform; Smith delays new RMA until late 2015

English won't commit to surplus

English warns oil royalties and withholding taxes on bank deposits down; says 'wait and see' on whether Budget is in surplus by Oct; rejects call for lower OCR target

Key to rip up RMA reforms

PM says will have to "rip up" RMA reforms & go back to drawing board; denies 'tide is turning' talk and says most will say 'yeah, whatever'; Winston wants reform of RBNZ Act

A 'good' deflation debate

Bernard Hickey argues the Reserve Bank and Bill English should stop turning a blind eye to the breach of the bank's 1-3% inflation target, and actually have a debate about widening or lowering the target.

Winston wins Northland by-election

NZ First Leader Winston Peters wins Northland by-election with 4,012 vote majority; National will need Dunne, Maori or NZ First to pass RMA; Key's first loss

Bernard's Top 10

Will the maturing KiwiSaver money be leveraged up and pumped into rental property?; Diamonds aren't forever; Greece's April 20 brick wall; Clarke and Dawe; Dilbert

English sanguine about record high NZ$

English says record high NZ$ good for consumers, but hard for exporters; won't press RBNZ for OCR cut; defends social housing reforms; concerned about NZ$1.2 bln Housing NZ repair bill

How to seal in the tax moisture

Bernard Hickey says John Key is right to try to protect New Zealand's broad based and low rate tax base from an evaporation into the stateless cloud

Govt open to indexing tax thresholds

Government says open to ACT suggestion for indexation of income tax thresholds to CPI inflation to reduce 'bracket creep' that increases effective tax rates

GDP growth fastest since 2007

GDP grew 3.3% in 2014; driven by retailing, tourism and real estate services; in line with forecasts; no change to OCR outlook; Price deflator down 1.6% in 6 mths

Key denies Auckland housing crisis

PM says no housing crisis in Auckland; says Govt 'getting on top of it' despite MBIE analysis showing measures not improving 20k shortage; Little says Key out of touch

Bernard's Top 10 at 10

'Gold digger' real estate tours by Chinese investors; Scooby dooby doo and Janet Yellen; A monster margin call; Chinese prices and wages falling; Clarke and Dawe; Dilbert

English concerned about Auckland rents

Finance Minister warns Auckland rents and rising house prices a concern for Government; says RBNZ has tools to address interest-only loans to landlords

Guy lukewarm on meat Co-op plan

Primary Industries Minister cautious on chances for Meat Industry Excellence proposal for Fonterra-style industry Co-op getting off the ground; says industry splintered

Call for dairy conversion moratorium

Waikato Fed Farmers calls for debate on dairy conversion moratorium; Greens call for Landcorp to stop conversions of central plateau forests to dairy; Key backs Fed Farmers' efforts

Graeme Wheeler's petrol can

Everyone thinks Graeme Wheeler is afraid of cutting rates because it would pour petrol on Auckland's housing market. Everyone except Graeme Wheeler

Auckland housing not a factor in OCR

Wheeler says Auckland housing surge not a factor in OCR decision as RBNZ not seeing same 'wealth effect' on spending and CPI as 2006-07,; but still a concern for financial stability

Bernard's Top 10 at 10

Decade Zero for climate change; Australia's Inter-generational report; 'Bring back the unions'; Those bloody coffee pods; Clarke and Dawe; Dilbert

RBNZ sees flat rates until 2017

RBNZ holds OCR; forecasts 90 day bill rate unchanged at 3.7% until 2017; says strong downward correction needed for NZ$; But currency instead jumps almost a cent

Key accused of bullying the RBNZ

Little accuses Key of using 'megaphone diplomacy' on the RBNZ over OCR; Key accuses Labour of hypocrisy, but repeats rate hike 'not the right thing' for RBNZ to do