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7 Oct 15, 1:31pm
Bernard's Top 10: Here comes the deflation from Emerging Asia; Why money printing could make deflation worse; Why abolishing cash could solve the 0% problem; Maine's amazing lobster boom; A glorious disco mashup; Clarke and Dawe
7 Oct 15, 11:03am
MFAT says TPP effectively prevents future ban on foreign buying of property; TPP rules also apply to non-TPP countries such as China; TPP also doubles threshold for Overseas Investment Act rules; Labour worried
6 Oct 15, 5:04pm
Bernard Hickey looks at whether to fix or float and how long to fix when the Reserve Bank is cutting interest rates and targeting Auckland property investors
6 Oct 15, 10:00am
NZIER QSBO shows confidence about economy at lowest since March 2011, but businesses confident about themselves; Inflation pressures at 16 yr low; Net 6% of firms cut prices
6 Oct 15, 7:50am
TPP deal finally done; PM says deal eliminates tariffs for 93% of NZ exports to US, Japan, Canada, Mexico and Peru; Dairy companies disappointed with deal; Beef tariffs removed; drug costs to rise
5 Oct 15, 10:17am
Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement near completion; Drug patents and auto parts access deals said done; dairy access for NZ still in the air; News conference delayed to 1 pm NZT
4 Oct 15, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey argues the Reserve Bank needs to adopt a Bank of England style monetary policy making committee with expert external members able to argue in public
30 Sep 15, 12:29pm
Bernard's Top 10: Will ageing populations rekindle wage inflation and solve inequality?; China's massive money supply growth and the potential for capital flight to global property; Clarke and Dawe
30 Sep 15, 9:59am
Property Institute CEO says English's Auckland housing crash warning 'unhelpful' and equivalent to 'reading chicken entrails'; says Auckland nothing like US market; Auckland prices go up, but don't slump, he says
29 Sep 15, 5:20pm
English bemoans effects of Council planning and infrastructure decisions on housing affordability and inequality; wants more clarity for Councils on infrastructure incentives
28 Sep 15, 8:09pm
High Court rules in favour of Vivier appeal of FMA deregistration from Financial Services Provider Register; FMA criticised for using 'scanty' information; Court rules FMA breached Vivier's natural justice rights
27 Sep 15, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey calls for a Productivity Commission Inquiry into whether record high migration actually improves per-capita GDP in the long run. The latest data suggests it's not working for the economy or the Government
24 Sep 15, 2:56pm
Finance Minister says inevitable that NZ Super Fund will make big losses at some point; criticises fund for wanting billions more to manage; says NZ Super gap will be filled by 15 yrs of spending restraint
23 Sep 15, 12:55pm
Bernard's Top 10: China fires up its real estate bubble machine again; Have Sydney and Auckland's housing markets peaked?; Who makes the most from a can of infant formula? Clarke and Dawe; John Oliver
22 Sep 15, 1:48pm
Smith looking at extending exemptions for registered builders to self-certify some types of building work; also looking at new building guarantee scheme to deal with liability on self-certified work
21 Sep 15, 7:28pm
PM says record high net migration a "vote of confidence" in NZ; says housing issues "can take care of themselves"; effect on unemployment and wages "debateable."
20 Sep 15, 5:00am
Bernard Hickey looks ahead to the election of 2029 to see what the backlash of a generational change in power might look like
17 Sep 15, 11:11am
Statistics NZ reports GDP rose 0.4% in June qtr from March qtr; less than consensus and RBNZ forecast for 0.6% growth; weak exports drag; transport and warehousing also softest since 2009
17 Sep 15, 10:26am
Government blocks sale of Lochinver to Shanghai Pengxin on grounds any benefits aren't substantial and identifiable
16 Sep 15, 1:55pm
Bernard's Top 10: The real sharing economy is dead; How Tony Abbott imploded; What a Fed rate hike would mean; Keating vs Hewson (rap duet style); Clarke and Dawe; John Oliver
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