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26 Aug 15, 12:34pm
Bernard's Top 10: QE 4?; China's new US$101 bln lending spree; Peak globalisation?; Is Mr Market right about China; Clarke and Dawe; John Oliver
26 Aug 15, 10:40am
English says Government has room to loosen fiscal policy if hard landing in China increases risk of recession; also says RBNZ has much more room to cut given OCR is at 3%
25 Aug 15, 12:47pm
John Key and Bill English don't see global stock rout or slowing Chinese economy leading to NZ recession; English says deficit next year possible; warns KiwiRail regularly costing NZ$200 mln/yr
24 Aug 15, 9:34pm
Company linked to Luigi Wewege appeals FMA decision to remove it from Financial Services Provider register; says use of Interest article showed FMA 'bias' and deprived firm of 'natural justice'
24 Aug 15, 7:10pm
PM says house buyers expecting unending capital gains in Auckland may get a surprise, just as stock investors have; says RBNZ should have said interest rates won't be low forever
23 Aug 15, 6:55am
Bernard Hickey asks why Aucklanders are so reluctant to let their Council borrow to invest when they themselves are borrowing and betting on Auckland's growth
19 Aug 15, 1:36pm
Bernard's Top 10: Jeremy Corbyn's idea of a 'People's Quantitative Easing'; Could TPP cut dairy access?; John Oliver on our flag debate
18 Aug 15, 9:47pm
Govt in talks with Landcorp about dairy conversion plans and its debt levels; English and McClay suggest Landcorp may need to sell dairy farms
17 Aug 15, 5:10pm
PM sees Govt moving to charging GST on services delivered online from overseas firms such as Apple and Netflix
16 Aug 15, 7:25am
China may have fired the first shots in a currency war that unbalances the automatic stabilisers that were just starting to power New Zealand's export rebound
12 Aug 15, 4:55pm
Bernard Hickey looks at whether to fix or float and how long to fix when the Reserve Bank is cutting interest rates and targeting Auckland property investors
12 Aug 15, 3:50pm
Finance Minister not worried by China's devaluation of yuan and talk of currency wars; also confident of good Chinese consumer demand; takes swipe at economists seeking to 'out-gloom' each other
12 Aug 15, 10:23am
Bernard's Top 10: Just wait until the Chinese start printing too; How moral hazard has globalised too; The Mike Hosking effect; A beggar-thy-neighbour race to the bottom
11 Aug 15, 11:29am
Finance Minister rejects calls for fiscal stimulus in the face of latest dairy slump; says GDP growth softening to 2.0-2.5%, but says automatic stabilisers of lower OCR and NZ$ is best response for now
10 Aug 15, 12:11pm
CEO Theo Spierings says 'drastic changes' to Globaldairytrade may be required after price slump to below "sustainable levels
9 Aug 15, 5:01am
Bernard Hickey looks at how a global savings glut and investment drought linked to ageing populations, inequality and fear about the GFC is affecting New Zealand
6 Aug 15, 4:39pm
PM John Key says non-Aucklanders tell him they would love more Chinese buyers; says Aucklanders like it when house prices are rising, but would prefer slower rises
6 Aug 15, 3:06pm
Labour's David Shearer targets high bank profits; says they need to 'back off' dairy farmers in debt trouble; criticises high credit card margins; says banks "making a mint out of New Zealanders"
5 Aug 15, 2:12pm
Bernard's Top 10:The winners and the losers in the 'Gig' economy; Will the NZ$ hit 50 USc?; The link between US rates and mortgages rates
5 Aug 15, 11:03am
Statistics NZ reports unemployment rate rose to 5.9% in June qtr from 5.8%; jobs growth of 0.3% weaker than 0.5% expected
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