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Bernard is a senior contributing editor of Until September 30, 2012 he was the managing editor. He worked for 18 years for Reuters, the FT Group and Fairfax as a financial journalist and editor. He is now the publisher of Hive News.
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Articles by Bernard Hickey

The 10 numbers of 2014

Bernard Hickey picks out the Top 10 numbers of 2014 and looks at whether they mean the economy is as 'rock solid' as Bill English suggests

NZ GDP rises 1.0% in Sept qtr

GDP rose 1.0% in Sept qtr; slightly stronger than expected; farming and oil exploration grew strongly; GDP up 3.2% from year ago; Previous years revised down

Bernard's Top 10 at 10

How the boomers pulled up the ladder on the young; Of black swans, oil and the rubble of the rouble; America's dis-inflation shock; Clarke and Dawe; Dilbert

Treasury forecasts deficit in 2014/15

Treasury forecasts NZ$572 mln OBEGAL deficit for 2014/15; surplus of NZ$575 mln in 2015/16; English says will get to 2014/15 surplus anyway; 'won't slash and burn' to hit target

Is Wheeler's OCR too tight?

Bernard Hickey looks at whether the Reserve Bank Governor is running monetary policy too tight and how long before he decides surprisingly low inflation is actually structural rather than cyclical

RBNZ not planning more Macro-Pru

RBNZ scotches talk it may develop new Macro-Prudential measures to control Auckland house price inflation; says Auckland now just a big supply-side problem

RBNZ stays tight, NZ$ jumps 1c

RBNZ holds OCR as expected at 3.5%; reduces 90 day interest rate forecast track by 40 bps; warns again that NZ$ is unjustifiably high; NZ$ jumps 1 USc; Wheeler surprised

Budget deficit NZ$260 mln worse

Treasury reports budget deficit was NZ$260 mln worse than forecast; warns of low dairy payout and inflation impact

OECD rejects trickle down theory

OECD report finds NZ's inequality surge from 1985 to 2005 reduced GDP growth by 15.5%; English rejects "econometricians' magic"; Key blames Labour and Greens

Fonterra cuts payout forecast 60c/kg

Fonterra cuts payout forecast for 2014/15 to eight year low of $4.70/kg; National income seen down more than NZ$6 bln; NZ$ drops half a cent to 76.6 USc; Fonterra may top up dividend

Govt researching foreign buyer register

Land Information NZ looking at the practicalities of a Foreign Buyers Register; English downplays talk that corrupt money from China being laundered in Auckland property; Key relaxed

China wants to extradite corrupt officials living in NZ

Key says President Xi Jingping asked for NZ help to extradite number of corrupt Chinese officials living in NZ with ill-gotten gains; NZ in early talks on extradition treaty

'The Chinese buying has only just begun'

Juwai CEO says Chinese investment in NZ and other property markets to rise 15-20% a year in 2015 and 2016; relaxed about foreign buyers register; Peters says: 'I told you so'

How to think about fixed vs floating

Now that Auckland's housing market is taking off again, Bernard Hickey surveys the outlook for interest rates, house prices and possible Reserve Bank action

This could go 2 ways

Bernard Hickey looks at why Auckland's property market is getting a 2nd wind just as the high NZ$ kicks dairy farmers and fishermen in the guts

Bernard's Top 10

Britain's new Google Tax; Why petrol taxes should rise to offset lower oil prices; 'Kamikaze Kuroda' and the NZ$; A NZ$6/kg dairy break-even?; Dilbert; Clarke and Dawe

RBNZ could use LVRs again-English

English says Reserve Bank could use high LVR limit again or other Macro-Prudential tools to slow Auckland housing boom again, but supply remains key; Notes Australian moves on foreign buyers

2015 Budget to focus on child poverty

Key and Tolley say Budget 2015 will focus on ways to reduce entrenched poverty for 100,000 children; focus on reducing housing, transport, childcare and debt costs

Wheeler re-assesses inflation targeting

RBNZ's Wheeler looks at success of inflation targeting after 25 years; restates that NZ$ unjustifiably high; says Macro-Prudential policy needed to prevent asset booms

Break the land bankers

Bernard Hickey argues the Govt & Auckland Council should try harder to change the expectations of land bankers about constantly rising prices