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31 Jul 16, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey argues a much hairier target for this and future Governments would be to enable the building of the 131,000 extra houses in Auckland that the Unitary Plan creators say is needed over the next 7 years
24 Jul 16, 7:02am
Bernard Hickey is praying along with the Reserve Bank and the Government that the Unitary Plan now before the Auckland Council will not blow up in everyone's faces
21 Jul 16, 9:09am
RBNZ says inflation outlook has weakened due to 6% rise in NZ$ since June 9; says 'decline in exchange rate needed' as it's making it hard for RBNZ to meet inflation target; says likely further easing required
19 Jul 16, 9:14am
RBNZ acts to urgently tighten lending to investors; proposes 60% LVR limit for rental property investors nation-wide from Sept 1; also plans to tighten LVR lending above 80% for other borrowers
18 Jul 16, 10:52am
CPI up 0.4% in June quarter and up 0.4% from a year ago; Economists had expected around 0.5% for both; RBNZ had forecast 0.6%; Auckland rents up 3.5% and Auckland new house costs up 7.6% from year ago
17 Jul 16, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey challenges the knee-jerk idea that a big fall in Auckland house prices would automatically kill the economy and destroy the banks
13 Jul 16, 12:47pm
RBNZ's McDermott talks about monetary policy decisions, but is quiet on current conditions; says RBNZ using committees more in OCR decisions; says regularly researching drivers of surprisingly low inflation
12 Jul 16, 10:17am
Key says via phone call from London that decision to stop taking dividend from Housing NZ as 'a bit semantic'; says commentators increasingly accept Govt's 'comprehensive' housing plan'; says Labour plan not new or startling
11 Jul 16, 10:30am
RBNZ's Spencer toughens call for review of migration settings; English says RBNZ doesn't have detailed understanding of tax and migration policy, and may have missed recent moves
10 Jul 16, 2:57pm
Little says 50% of 100,000 Kiwibuild houses would be in Auckland; apartments priced under NZ$500,000; Labour plans Affordable Housing UDA to fast-track city developments; Labour would extend 2 year bright line test to 5 years
10 Jul 16, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey says politicians of all colours failed the Arthur Grimes test this week because they favoured the short term interests of speculators and developers over the longer term interests of families living in their own homes
9 Jul 16, 12:19pm
Andrew Little announces second tranche of Labour's Housing policy; plans to build add net extra 1,000 state houses each year; return housing assessment to Housing NZ from WINZ; Housing would stop paying dividends; use funds to build houses instead
8 Jul 16, 6:16pm
Key doubles down on instruction to RBNZ to move faster on LVRs, despite RBNZ speech saying it will only tighten LVR rules by end of 2016; Key also rejects RBNZ suggestion for migration review
7 Jul 16, 1:08pm
Andew Little launches first tranche of Labour housing policy; would spend $60 mln over 4 yrs to provide emergency housing for 5,100 homeless people; plan is for NGOs to buy or build houses
5 Jul 16, 2:33pm
Key says expects RBNZ to take extra measures to limit lending to rental property investors in Auckland and other high growth areas; RBNZ to speak on Thursday on housing market and Macro-Prudential policy
5 Jul 16, 1:21pm
Labour Leader Andrew Little flags plans for new demand-side and supply-side measures to address Auckland housing crisis on weekend; will require modest borrowing in short term; big house building programme likely; negative gearing in focus
5 Jul 16, 12:43pm
Finance Minister says traditional links between NZ$ and interest rates not holding; says previous OCR cuts didn't affect currency; says TWI-OCR linkage not mechanical
5 Jul 16, 10:02am
Crown accounts show OBEGAL surplus of $2.304 bln for 11 months to May; Treasury says Govt on track for Budget forecast of $668 mln surplus for full 2015/16 year
4 Jul 16, 6:58pm
PM says Arthur Grimes' call to build 150,000 new houses in Auckland to produce a 'supply shock' that drives prices down 40% is a 'crazy idea'; says home owners don't want equity values to fall; says it would hurt banks
4 Jul 16, 10:57am
Building Minister says Cabinet considering granting compulsory acquisition powers for Urban Development Authorities; initially says could be used to combat land-bankers, but then back-tracks; Reaction mixed
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