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Russel Norman

Norman to stand down as Green Co-Leader

Norman to stand down at Green Co-Leader after 9 years; says time for a change and to spend time with 3 kids under 4; National MP Mike Sabin resigns

RBNZ not planning more Macro-Pru

RBNZ scotches talk it may develop new Macro-Prudential measures to control Auckland house price inflation; says Auckland now just a big supply-side problem

Goff calls for Key to resign over SIS

Goff, Norman call for Key to resign after Gwyn report on OIA dealings with Slater; Key denies any wrongdoing; Says Collins could return as minister

English reminds savers of no guarantee

English reminds term deposit savers there is no Government Guarantee and fends off Winston Peters' call for deposit insurance, but says in talks with Australia

Labour in chaos as Cunliffe lashes out

Key eyes new reforms to reduce child poverty; rejects 'Koru lounge talk' of using outright majority to 'veer to the right'; Labour in chaos as Cunliffe staggers on and lashes out

National in complete control

National wins first outright majority under MMP; Key in talks with United Future, ACT and Maori; RMA and labour law reforms likely; Labour in disarray; Ede resigns

National wins 2014 Election

National wins third term with existing support partners; Labour-Green lose 3 seats; Conservative and Internet Mana fail to get in; Cunliffe vows to stay on; See tweets of the night

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This is where the parties stand on Kiwisaver.

Party Policies - Income Tax

This is where the parties stand on Income Tax.

Party Policies - GST

This is where the parties stand on GST