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Should the Reserve Bank remove its "speed limit" on banks' high loan to value ratio (LVR) home lending?

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Russel Norman

'Blame the Greens, not the Chinese'

Bill English says Green 'anti-sprawl' planning policies more to blame for expensive housing than buying by Chinese investors, 'which is small and only anecdotal'

Govt banking services tender by end June

MBIE proposes 3 sub-categories in 1st tender of government banking services since the 1980s

English warns 'anti-sprawl' councils

Finance Minister Bill English warns 'anti-sprawl' council planners to help boost housing supply or face blame for high NZ$ and interest rates; Govt defends electricity price jumps

Green plan for low interest solar loans

Green Solar Power policy proposes low interest Government loans for home owners to buy solar panels; National says policy 'magic money'

'Listen to the Productivity Commission'

Greens' Russel Norman says IAG's Lumley buy may lead to higher insurance premiums, wants competition law strengthened

Interesties awards for 2013

Our annual awards are back; Featuring John Key, Jimmy Spithill, Olly Newland, Len Brown, Messrs Loan & Money, ASB x 2, a security guard, Shinzo Abe, Bitcoin, Waymad & more

RBNZ exempts new house construction from LVRs

RBNZ says newly constructed houses exempt from 'speed limits' on banks' high loan-to-value ratio lending; Kiwibank unveils 4.99% floating rate for new owner-occupied construction

Asset sales to net $4.6-$5 bln

Finance Minister officially reveals that Govt's asset sales proceeds will fall short of targets

Bill English 'politician of the year'

Finance Minister Bill English, 'a quiet achiever who will deliver the Govt’s promised surplus', is the politician of year according to Trans Tasman Political Alert; Your view?

Wheeler wants housing inflation closer to 2%

RBNZ Governor Wheeler says wants house price inflation to drop towards 2%; Spencer says LVR limit hitting both investors and first home buyers