bank funding costs

11 Apr 17, 5:02pm
Latest euro covered bond issue from Westpac NZ prices at tightest margin over swap by a NZ bank to date, Treasurer 'pleased with reception and pricing'
5 Mar 17, 5:09pm
We look at the detail of where banks source their funds, how that has changed over time, and what they pay for this money
1 Mar 17, 5:22pm
Westpac NZ details errors in residential mortgage LVR calculations, ramps up bond issues
28 Feb 17, 9:47am
Strong December quarter lending and deposit growth for BNZ
21 Feb 17, 12:09pm
Credit rating agency warns of impact from banks' tightening commercial property lending standards as Auckland Unitary Plan opens increased building options
21 Feb 17, 9:59am
Expense growth outstrips income growth at Kiwibank as net interest margin and funding costs fall
20 Feb 17, 10:12am
ANZ NZ December quarter income and profit increase, cost of funds and expenses fall
17 Feb 17, 7:48am
KPMG's annual FIPS says bank bosses are questioning whether the beginnings of a structural change in the way Kiwis invest is hitting their deposit funding
8 Feb 17, 9:37am
John Bolton on how retail banks make money and why mortgage rates are increasing  
26 Jan 17, 1:58pm
Morgan Stanley analysts see competition, the impact of lower interest rates & term deposit margin squeeze as the main threats to bank earnings in 2017
25 Jan 17, 5:07pm
We check the claims by bankers that mortgage rates are rising because of 'funding pressures'. We find some justification, but recent holiday hikes seem more about margin boosting
13 Dec 16, 4:30pm
Combined profit, net interest margins and dividends fall across New Zealand's big 5 banks as 3 post quarterly mortgage growth of more than $1 billion
16 Nov 16, 10:05am
ASB delivers strong September quarter as home loan growth surges, although asset quality deteriorates
8 Nov 16, 9:39am
Westpac NZ CEO David McLean says attracting crucial deposit funding in this low interest rate world is 'hard', RBNZ's monetary policy is 'losing its effect'
3 Nov 16, 11:29am
ASB to pay 5.25% on 'complex financial products that are not suitable for many investors'
26 Oct 16, 10:45am
ASB seeking to borrow up to NZ$400m through 'issue of complex financial products that are not suitable for many investors'
12 Oct 16, 12:02pm
Bank funding costs down more than 26% since 2014, KPMG says in quarterly FIPS, boosting net interest margins
10 Oct 16, 10:11am
Rabobank's perpetual, resettable NZ$900 mln 2007 bond issue has turned out a lot better for the bank than for investors
7 Oct 16, 9:32pm
NAB's Andrew Thorburn sets out the case for why mortgage rates don't necessarily follow official interest rates lower
27 Sep 16, 12:42pm
ANZ NZ in €1 billion (about NZ$1.55 billion) seven-year covered bond issue


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