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bank funding costs

Banks growing assets faster than GDP

Banks' total assets push to new record high, return on equity rising, funding costs falling, but interest margins under pressure, KPMG survey shows

New law helps Westpac covered bond

Covered bond law passed by Parliament in December boosted pricing and demand for Westpac's covered bond issue, treasurer says

Big Westpac NZ covered bond issue

Westpac borrows €750 mln (about NZ$1.2 bln) in five-year covered bond issue after strong investor demand

Bank funding nirvana

RBNZ highlights good times continuing to roll for banks on funding front; Not such good news for depositors

'No smoking gun from Mrs Watanabe'

RBNZ sees impact of Christchurch insurance related payouts on term deposits wearing off with banks likely to require more offshore funding

ASB raises $400 mln

ASB borrows $400 mln at 6.65% in 'complex' 10-year debt issue

Big banks' implicit govt guarantee on the line

Loss of implicit government guarantee could cost big 4 Australasian banks A$1b annually, Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts say

Covered bonds 'gold reserves in a crisis'

BNZ CFO Adrienne Duarte on how the bank's avoiding a NAB group Australia versus New Zealand funding debate

'Dollar-in-dollar-out culture here to stay'

CFO Adrienne Duarte says BNZ continues to attract deposit money in faster than it's lending money out

ASB notes to pay 6.65% interest rate

Up to $400m worth of ASB debt securities with 'similar risks to shares without the growth opportunity' to pay 6.65% pa for 5 years