bank funding costs

13 Dec 16, 4:30pm
Combined profit, net interest margins and dividends fall across New Zealand's big 5 banks as 3 post quarterly mortgage growth of more than $1 billion
16 Nov 16, 10:05am
ASB delivers strong September quarter as home loan growth surges, although asset quality deteriorates
8 Nov 16, 9:39am
Westpac NZ CEO David McLean says attracting crucial deposit funding in this low interest rate world is 'hard', RBNZ's monetary policy is 'losing its effect'
3 Nov 16, 11:29am
ASB to pay 5.25% on 'complex financial products that are not suitable for many investors'
26 Oct 16, 10:45am
ASB seeking to borrow up to NZ$400m through 'issue of complex financial products that are not suitable for many investors'
12 Oct 16, 12:02pm
Bank funding costs down more than 26% since 2014, KPMG says in quarterly FIPS, boosting net interest margins
10 Oct 16, 10:11am
Rabobank's perpetual, resettable NZ$900 mln 2007 bond issue has turned out a lot better for the bank than for investors
7 Oct 16, 9:32pm
NAB's Andrew Thorburn sets out the case for why mortgage rates don't necessarily follow official interest rates lower
27 Sep 16, 12:42pm
ANZ NZ in €1 billion (about NZ$1.55 billion) seven-year covered bond issue
15 Sep 16, 11:59am
ANZ removes the term deposit premium it used to justify passing on only 5 basis points to floating rate borrowers. But it retains all the margin grab on the mortgage side
2 Sep 16, 10:17am
Lending growth, driven by home loans, rises strongly at the Co-operative Bank, SBS Bank & TSB Bank
29 Aug 16, 10:21am
CEO Paul Brock says Kiwibank's still finding ways to compete for deposits in low interest rate world; Core banking system upgrade halfway there
29 Aug 16, 10:16am
Big banks' profits and funding costs down in June quarter as loan provisions and costs rise
24 Aug 16, 4:02pm
Westpac NZ sees June quarter net interest margin slide, cost of funds drop, and cost to income ratio rise
23 Aug 16, 4:30pm
BNZ June quarter funding costs, net interest margin fall, cost to income ratio rises
17 Aug 16, 9:59am
ANZ NZ provision for credit impairment and capital both rise, dividend drops
11 Aug 16, 4:26pm
ASB June quarter net interest income and profit up, cost-to-income ratio and cost of funds down
11 Aug 16, 12:10pm
The era of monetary policy based on inflation targeting is drawing to a shuddering halt. But nobody seems to know what to replace it with
9 Aug 16, 11:58am
NZ Bankers' Association baulking at government plans for 'tiny impost' of approved issuer levy on offshore funding costs
8 Aug 16, 3:03pm
BNZ economists now see Reserve Bank cutting rates this week and signposting two more cuts; anything less and the NZ dollar will rise and the RBNZ's credibility 'will be brought into question'


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