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bank funding costs

Big banks' implicit govt guarantee on the line

Loss of implicit government guarantee could cost big 4 Australasian banks A$1b annually, Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts say

Covered bonds 'gold reserves in a crisis'

BNZ CFO Adrienne Duarte on how the bank's avoiding a NAB group Australia versus New Zealand funding debate

'Dollar-in-dollar-out culture here to stay'

CFO Adrienne Duarte says BNZ continues to attract deposit money in faster than it's lending money out

ASB notes to pay 6.65% interest rate

Up to $400m worth of ASB debt securities with 'similar risks to shares without the growth opportunity' to pay 6.65% pa for 5 years

KPMG highlights 'cut throat' mortgage competition

RBNZ's high LVR 'speed limits' have ramped up mortgage market competition between banks with poaching of rivals' customers 'growing in vigour', KPMG says

Banks' net cash outflow with customers

NZ's big 5 banks lending more money than they're taking in through deposits for 1st time in 4 years

ANZ NZ raises NZ$400 mln

ANZ NZ borrows $400 mln in 5-year bond issue as it rains domestic bond offers

Bond 'tap' from Westpac NZ

Westpac seeks up to NZ$500 mln in 'tap' of existing bond due to mature in September 2018

What about the savers?

A rising OCR should see bank deposit rates rise but banks already flush with cash may mean increases aren't as big as they could be

Sobering RBNZ message for borrowers & savers

RBNZ Governor Graeme Wheeler sees mortgage costs 'biting'; Bank funding access 'easy, pricing low.' So depositors shouldn't hold their breath for higher interest rates