bank funding costs

15 Sep 16, 11:59am
ANZ removes the term deposit premium it used to justify passing on only 5 basis points to floating rate borrowers. But it retains all the margin grab on the mortgage side
2 Sep 16, 10:17am
Lending growth, driven by home loans, rises strongly at the Co-operative Bank, SBS Bank & TSB Bank
29 Aug 16, 10:21am
CEO Paul Brock says Kiwibank's still finding ways to compete for deposits in low interest rate world; Core banking system upgrade halfway there
29 Aug 16, 10:16am
Big banks' profits and funding costs down in June quarter as loan provisions and costs rise
24 Aug 16, 4:02pm
Westpac NZ sees June quarter net interest margin slide, cost of funds drop, and cost to income ratio rise
23 Aug 16, 4:30pm
BNZ June quarter funding costs, net interest margin fall, cost to income ratio rises
17 Aug 16, 9:59am
ANZ NZ provision for credit impairment and capital both rise, dividend drops
11 Aug 16, 4:26pm
ASB June quarter net interest income and profit up, cost-to-income ratio and cost of funds down
11 Aug 16, 12:10pm
The era of monetary policy based on inflation targeting is drawing to a shuddering halt. But nobody seems to know what to replace it with
9 Aug 16, 11:58am
NZ Bankers' Association baulking at government plans for 'tiny impost' of approved issuer levy on offshore funding costs
8 Aug 16, 3:03pm
BNZ economists now see Reserve Bank cutting rates this week and signposting two more cuts; anything less and the NZ dollar will rise and the RBNZ's credibility 'will be brought into question'
8 Aug 16, 9:48am
It is not home owners who suffer when banks divert OCR cuts to protect their profit margins, it is small business and farmers who pay the costs. We describe bank funding motivations
3 Aug 16, 1:21pm
Mind the funding gap; Like their Kiwi subsidiaries, Australia's big banks are seeing lending growth outstrip retail funding growth
2 Aug 16, 12:02pm
ANZ economists lay out the reasons why not all of an expected cut in interest rates by the RBNZ next week will be passed on to borrowers and depositors
28 Jul 16, 10:26am
NZ banks' net interest margins coming under some pressure but not falling as far as funding costs
8 Jul 16, 7:50am
S&P fires warning over potential downgrade of Australia's AAA credit rating, catches big 4 Australasian banks in the crossfire
29 Jun 16, 10:18am
Andrew Cornell says the worst case Brexit knock-on effect for the global economy and banking industry would be a large-scale retraction of globalisation and a retreat into simplistic nationalism
28 Jun 16, 10:48am
Australasia's major banks' pre-funding seen alleviating any Brexit-derived problems in overseas wholesale funding markets
24 Jun 16, 5:21pm
Westpac chief economist Dominick Stephens ponders what Brexit might mean for NZ, now sees August OCR cut as much more likely
15 Jun 16, 4:59pm
European institutional investors keen on NZ bank bonds ahead of UK vote on EU membership


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