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Treasury's 'rockstar' warning

New Zealand economy needs to avoid becoming a 'one hit wonder'

Govt cuts borrowing by NZ$5 bln

Govt to cut borrowing by net NZ$5bln in 2013/14; GDP growth up to 3.6% in 2014/15; Budget set for 2014/15 surplus; powder dry for election

Asset sales to net $4.6-$5 bln

Finance Minister officially reveals that Govt's asset sales proceeds will fall short of targets

Low price tip for Meridian

Meridian shares tipped to be priced at or just above the $1.50 bottom price in the range

Meridian offer 'success' assured

The institutional share offer for Meridian Energy closes today amid reports of strong interest

'Invest in Meridian'

Independent researcher Morningstar says Meridian shares are fairly priced and will appeal to long term investors

Meridian the cash-cow

The Government is taking no chances and has ensured that a cash-belching Meridian Energy offer will succeed

Meridian's 13.4% yield carrot

Meridian Energy set to raise possibly slightly less than $2 billion

Less than $1 upfront for Meridian?

Big increase in number of shares on issue will have big impact on price investors pay for Meridian Energy shares

Meridian hard-sell starts

Energy company to list on October 29; Options for Air NZ and Genesis under consideration